‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 16 Expectations: Will It Be A Happy Ending?


Queen of Tears is a K-drama that has slowly risen in the ranks of people’s favorites with the passing weeks. I know we have a running joke amongst Dramaworld fans that watching Korean dramas is like watching 16 mini-films (full features, of course), but Queen of Tears is actually that, with each episode running an hour and 25 minutes. The show follows a simple formula. It’s a romance, yes, but it’s more importantly a family drama that humanizes the rich. I guess that’s the one big trend South Korea hasn’t adapted to. The “eat the rich” mentality comes across as slightly more Western (despite the occasional “Parasite”) as I think about it a little further. What I mean to say is that K-dramas always have a way of making the uber-rich look sympathetic. I guess it’s because everybody dreams of becoming a “Chaebol” or marrying one, no? I guess that’s what makes Queen of Tears such a hit. Additionally, it’s a role reversal where the woman is the heir and the man is a small-town, hardworking multitasker who can win anyone over with his charm. The show follows married couple Hyun-Woo and Hae-In, whose marriage fails because of certain familial issues. However, as the show progresses, we learn that their love for each other is eternal, and whatever obstacle comes their way, they’re able to face it together. I suppose the show thrives on misunderstandings, and finally, it’s time to forget them all for a big happy ending. 

There are a few questions left unanswered for the final episode. We’re all waiting to see Seul-Hee get what she deserves. Additionally, despite Eun-Sung and her going through a rough patch right now, we can imagine that before their downfall, they will probably reconcile. Or maybe Eun-Sung will cut ties with her for good. They’re both pretty evil, so there’s really no sympathy for either of them from us as viewers. Of course, we can expect a lot of drama from the finale episode, but we’re also expecting some romance because it’s the piping chemistry that we’re here for! Given the circumstances, there are some things we know are sure to happen, but of course, most of what I’m saying here is speculation. 

Until episode 15, the big question was if Hae-In would survive. Will she live longer than 3 months? Now, we have an answer to that. She’s had the surgery, and she’s all good, but the second big (and handsome) problem still remains. Eun-Sung is still dedicated to making Hae-In his, but I don’t understand how long he thought he could keep her from learning the truth about Hyun-Woo. Did he really think she’d never get her memory back? Or did he hope it would be too late for her to go back on whatever they’ve experienced together by then? I really don’t know. Anyway, as we know, by the end of episode 15, Hae-In’s memories return to her, and she rushes to Hyun-Woo. Will they finally meet? 

Well, we know that Eun-Sung’s car doesn’t have Hae-In in it when he hits Hyun-Woo, so where does she disappear? Does she step onto the bus? Does she get away to find something? Or does Eun-Sung have someone else get her? That’s most likely. We know from the preview that he did actually hit Hyun-Woo. Or at least, we know that Hyun-Woo is certainly injured. This is honestly psychopathic behavior at this point, but how can we expect any less from a villain played by Park Sunghoon? From the preview, we also see a scene in the past that may relate to Hae-In’s elder brother who died, involving Eun-Sung and his mother. Did they do something to him? Was it their plan all along? Maybe Eun-Sung was friends with the boy? How is it that all the kids somehow knew each other back in the day? Because it’s another staple in the K-drama world. 

Hyun-Woo is going to get surgery apparently; hopefully there’ll be no more memory loss, amirite? The preview seems to be giving away a dramatic fight scene where Hyun-Woo finds himself alone on a snowy mountain. We can imagine Eun-Sung will kidnap Hae-In and lock her up as if she’s Rapunzel and he’s Mother Gothel. The preview does make it look like Hyun-Woo is going to die trying to protect Hae-In, but we’re sure it’s going to be a happy ending for these two. 

On a lighter note, we know Beom-Ja has confessed her feelings in front of all of Yongdu-ri, so we can imagine she’s going to get married for the fourth time. In terms of the company, with Eun-Sung hitting Hyun-Woo with his car and all (or kidnapping Hae-In; either way, it’s a crime), he’s going to be removed as the chairman. That role may either go to Hae-In or Hyun-Woo. With Soo-Cheol and his wife, we know that he was beaten up badly, but Da-Hee’s finally admitted she loves him, so they’re going to be happily together. The families now get along really well too, so we can imagine they’re going to have at least one big happy family dinner together in the last episode. 

We can imagine that Eun-Sung and his mother will finally get caught for every wrong thing they did together. Hae-In has already found the video of Seul-Hee poisoning her grandfather, so it’s only a matter of time for it to come out. I’m still stuck on the connection between Hyun-Woo, Hae-In, and Eun-Sung and Hae-In’s brother’s death. With everything that the two families have been through, it’s only fair that they finally get their happy ending. I suppose after everything, Hae-In’s dreams for her department stores will finally be realized, and Hyun-Woo and she will take over Queens Group, making it the successful conglomerate everyone loves to talk about again. The show is called Queen of Tears, so I would recommend keeping your tissues ready for whatever is coming. 

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Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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