‘Heartbeat’ Season 2: Is The K-Drama Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


Heartbeat Season 2 doesn’t seem likely, and despite the loopholes and vague explanations of the series, we don’t have the urge to witness a continuation of the narrative unless there are some major changes. A second season hasn’t been announced at the time of writing this article, but for our love of Korean dramas, which supersedes most of its disappointments, we would like to think about what another season of the narrative could mean. The problem is that while Heartbeat Season 1 was decent, we don’t see it having a lasting impact. Therefore, if a Season 2 were to be made, it may need to take a vastly different approach.

First and foremost, the lead actors have to have chemistry. We refuse to invest ourselves in another story where we don’t see the love, no matter how good the actors are. Moving on from that, the second season may take Woo Hyeol and In Hae’s love story forward or introduce a completely different tale set in that universe. In the case of the former, there is still so much left to explore. The first and foremost question would be whether the lovers’ story has ended or if Woo Hyeol is indeed alive. It would be nice if we got a clear reason as to how that happened instead of just something vague like “force of feelings.”

Woo Hyeol was stabbed with a Hawthorne and silver dagger after all, so we doubt a few drops of love actually brought him back to life. We may also be told whether Do Sik really took Woo Hyeol’s blood or not. He doesn’t seem to have, and in such a case, should we think of him as a vampire ally right now? Would that sit well with his ancestors, who we suspect may have used vampires as some sort of guinea pigs? Maybe we will get some more backstory about Woo Hyeol, his friends, and about their painful pasts, similar to what we saw in Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938. That would mean that In Hae will not have a lot to do in Season 2, but we don’t hate the idea because of the aforementioned lack of chemistry.

Additionally, considering that Heartbeat was not the most original script out there, maybe there will also be a bit of time travel, something that will explain why Hae Won felt that “inexplicable connection” to the mansion. That part was too weird. It may have been better if the writers had written her character better and just said that she was Woo Hyeol’s “first love while In Hae would be his last.” After all, Woo Hyeol met Hae Sun when his heart wasn’t beating yet. We are also thinking of his friends, Sang Hae and Dong Seop. They seem to be on track financially for now, but there is no telling what they might end up doing, especially Sang Hae, since we don’t know how he is using the money left behind by Woo Hyeol. We would also love to see more of Rose.

Characters like Rose don’t get the screen time that they should. But wouldn’t it be cool if Woo Hyeol got entangled with a Council of Ruling Vampires as Edward Cullen did in New Moon? After all, there must be someone Yang Nam has to answer to. He can’t be the lord of the supernatural world just because he is a millennia old. The narrative of Heartbeat Season 2 could once again begin with some trouble he cooked up. The sum total of our opinion, in case Woo Hyeol is alive and season 2 focuses on him again, is that we want there to be a better exploration of the world of vampires. Maybe throw in some werewolves and witches into the mix, and why not do a crossover with the Tale of the Nine-Tailed characters? The clash of Lee Yeon and Woo Hyeol’s vanity would make for some nice comedy.

In the scenario that Woo Hyeol and In Hae are not the leads of Heartbeat Season 2, of course, their personalities will be reversed with the new leads. The girl will be the hopeless romantic, while the guy will either be a grump or a rake who feels blessed with his endless life and enjoys it as much as he can until he falls in love and “actually starts living for real.” In this case, since Korean dramas love childhood connections, maybe the girl would have bitten him when she was a child, just like In Hae bit Woo Hyeol. This is important because it establishes the connection between the leads as it did in Heartbeat Season 1. Taking it a step further, maybe the new vampire will have some past flings wriggle their way into the picture. This series did not hesitate in painting the love rivals as actual vamps, so imagine the destruction they can wreck if they come with supernatural powers. Do Sik may discover a past vampire-hunting connection and step into the picture as a savior. On that note, maybe he should also find a girlfriend instead of being such a troublesome second lead.

Going on a completely different tangent, we are wondering how someone like Lee Junho would be as a vampire. He has the looks for it, and the aura can clearly be constructed. However, what if the man is the human in Season 2? Lee Junho will go from playing the President of the King Hotel to the keeper of the guesthouse, which we feel will remain central to the story even in Season 2. We are dying to see how he looks with messy hair, and that would work if he were managing an unsuccessful hotel or guesthouse in Heartbeat Season 2. Please make it happen.

It would be ideal for Season 2 of Heartbeat to come out at least 2–3 years after Season 1. This gives people time to forget that season 1 wasn’t the best and also brings them into a more forgiving space for whatever season 2 has to offer. The story and the franchise are salvageable if only the writers put their hearts into them this time.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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