‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4, Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Miller?


In the first episode of Jack Ryan Season 4, we were introduced to the key players of an international operation: Chao Fah and Domingo Chavez. They were planning to create a route between Myanmar and Mexico, which would go via Lagos to smuggle illegal substances into the United States of America. This led to the assassination of Nigeria’s President, with the blame falling on the CIA. Naturally, Ryan was called in to look into the situation and find out what the connection was between the attack, the CIA, and former director Miller. Ryan made a judgment call and shut down all the shell companies linked to Miller, thereby causing Chavez’s deal with Chao Fah to go south. This prompted Chavez to pay Ryan a private visit, where he told him to reactivate the account, Pluto, as he was using that to take down the Silver Lotus Triad and the cartel.

Spoilers Alert

Domingo Chavez Has A Chat With Jack Ryan

The day after getting the threat from Chavez, Ryan employs Patrick Klinghoffer to go through Miller’s documents. Chao Fah and Soe Wai safely make it back to Myanmar, and Fah reports to Tin Tun about the debacle. Fah and Tun have yet another debate on how they are conducting this whole operation, which concludes with Tun accusing Fah of not having the stomach to deal with the violence while Fah accuses Tun of only caring about numbers and not the human cost. Back in the USA, Ryan finds out that Chavez is tied to Pluto and tells Patrick to extract all the information and give it to him. When Ryan gets to his car, he finds out that someone has written “Fork Park,” which is a location in Langley. When Ryan gets there, he finds out that Chavez is waiting there for him.

Ryan tells Chavez that the money that he was using via Pluto is gone. That said, he tells Chavez that Miller is involved in all this. Going by Chavez’s reaction, he wasn’t aware of this until Ryan brought it up. Now, going by Chavez’s reputation, he doesn’t need Ryan’s help. But Ryan needs to know everything that Chavez knows in order to unearth everything that Miller did before his exit from the CIA. Chavez talks about Chao Fah, how he himself got into the cartel through his cousin Marin, and more. Chavez says that Chao Fah is the one who revealed the connection between the CIA and the Triad. And since he thinks that Miller is behind all the betrayals he has faced, he wants to confront him. Fah reunites with his family and then goes to meet Dr. Thaung and create an alibi for the day they almost escaped from Myanmar. He then makes an anonymous call to assemble a strike team to take out Miller.

Jack Ryan Decides To Take The Fall For Elizabeth Wright

Greer meets Miller and tries to get him talking about Operation Pluto because Ryan needs to know the extent of the damage that he has caused to the CIA and the country. But as soon as Miller hears that name, he shuts down and threatens Greer by saying that if he brings up that name again, he and Ryan are going to take the fall for everything that has happened via Pluto. Ryan calls up Mike November, who is swimming with the elderly while looking extremely jacked (pun totally intended) because he needs his help. Miller calls up Tuttle (who apparently has a wife and a daughter) and informs him that Ryan and Greer are looking into Operation Pluto. Miller returns to his home, goes through some data on his laptop, and notes down some numbers. Then he calls up Chao Fah, who is evidently angry at him for doing such a poor job of handling this whole situation. Miller blames Chavez for going dark, and he states that Ryan is responsible for stopping the flow of money. Fah tells Miller that “his people” want Miller to take the fall for the error. So if Miller wants to stay alive, he needs to escape.

Unbeknownst to Miller, Chavez has been listening to this whole conversation while sitting in a dark corner of his room. He asks Miller a ton of questions, but Miller doesn’t answer a single one of them. He just says that he’s going to make things right, which is just another way of saying that he is going to save himself and leave Chavez to fend for himself. Chavez reminds Miller of the men who laid down their lives for him and ordered him to contact Jack Ryan and help him with whatever he needs. Miller relays the information to Tuttle that Jack Ryan is officially tailing them. Ryan tells Wright everything he knows about Chavez. Wright feels that the President should know all about this, and they dump it on him through some boring-as-hell exposition. Once that’s over, Ryan basically tells the President to put the blame for the oversight regarding Pluto on him so that Wright’s ascension to the position of the director of the CIA isn’t hampered. Then, the President advises Wright to meet the current President of Nigeria, Okoli, as he is being blamed by the local warlord for using the CIA to kill his predecessor. 

What Happened To Miller?

Ryan gets a message from Miller to meet him at Waterfront Park, which means that he is following the orders given to him by Chavez. But given how he has informed Tuttle about Ryan’s involvement in this case, it can be a trip. That’s why Ryan requests Chavez to be at the meeting. Chavez refuses because he thinks he’s going to kill Miller if he sees his face once again. So, Ryan meets Miller on his own, who tells Ryan to reactivate Pluto. Ryan says that that’s not happening. Miller says that Chavez has no idea what he’s doing and that he himself has been carrying out this whole operation because he has protection from his higher-ups. Ryan points out that, despite all that protection and resources, Miller is still failing. A quick glimpse of Greer shows that Ryan is not completely alone. Miller states that everything that he has done has been for the betterment of the country. He even calls Ryan a zealot because he wishes to die with America, while Miller wants to make it thrive. This doesn’t convince Ryan to reactivate Pluto, and that causes Miller to make a run for it.

Well, technically, Miller runs because Ryan points out that there’s a good chance that Miller is being monitored by his superiors. So, he is a dead man if he helps Ryan or if he doesn’t help Ryan. That’s why he runs. Wright invites Ade to join her on the trip to Nigeria as an advisor. With that out of the way, Wright appears before the Senators to be sworn in as the director of the CIA. She gives a passionate speech about patriotism and nationalism, the usual. The scene cuts to the deal, and it’s revealed that Chavez has been listening to the whole conversation, too and is planning to deal with Miller himself. Fearing the worst, Ryan and Greer go after Miller. At the end of Jack Ryan Season 4, episode 2, we see that neither Ryan, Greer, nor Chavez manage to get to Miller. Tuttle does. He kills Miller and makes it look like a death by suicide. When Ryan and Greer arrive, Chavez says that whoever has killed Miller is going to come for him next. My best guess is that Miller is dead because Tuttle suspects that he did reveal something to Ryan. In addition to that, whoever is giving the orders to Tuttle clearly suspects Miller of ruining the deal between the Triads and the cartel. So, regardless of his allegiance to the terrorists or the CIA, he had to take the fall, and that’s what happened. If Ryan, Greer, or Chavez wants to survive, they’ve to check the corners of the room because Tuttle can and will sneak up on them and kill them.

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