‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Tuttle Meet Greer?


Prime Video launched the first two episodes of Jack Ryan‘s final season. It followed the illegal trafficking happening between Myanmar, Nigeria, and Mexico. Ryan suspected that it was a CIA inside job, or at least someone on the inside, who had facilitated the assassination in Nigeria, thereby empowering the Silver Lotus Triad in Myanmar and the cartel in Mexico. When Ryan shut down one of the shell accounts that were being used to fund the operation, the former director of the CIA, Miller, and a covert operative, Domingo Chavez, came out of the woodwork. Since Chavez felt betrayed after learning that Miller was using him for his own nefarious purposes, he tried to go after him and find out the truth. However, before he could do so, the person tasked with doing the dirty work, Tuttle, got to Miller.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Elizabeth Wright Finds Out What Is Happening In Nigeria

Episode 3 of Jack Ryan Season 4 opens with Nigeria in unrest, which is being caused by the warlord Ekon Ameh, as he apparently wants to kill the current President, Okoli. Wright, who is on her way there along with Adebayo’ Ade’ Osoji, tries to learn more about Ade. And Ade explains that he was certainly born in Nigeria, but he wasn’t raised because Mormon Missionaries arrived there to help those who were affected by the constant civil wars, looting, and plundering. It was because of them that Ade managed to get out of Nigeria, go to the USA, and get educated. Probably in an attempt to judge Ade’s political acumen, Wright asks him to explain the situation in Nigeria by treating her like a politician. He basically says that Ekon Ameh is a supporter of the assassinated President Udo, and he wants to uphold his progressive ideals by taking control of Nigeria. Meanwhile, Okoli is slightly more conservative, and he wants to take Nigeria to its “old” roots. Ade also points out that Nigeria is a hub for opportunities. So, he is aware of the fact that she’s not going to meet Okoli just to clear the CIA’s name but also to create the USA’s stronghold there. Wright doesn’t confirm or deny Ade’s allegations as she is distracted by the news that Miller is dead. In Myanmar, Chao Fah is beckoned by Tin Tun to examine the latest shipment, even though Chao Fah isn’t all that interested in doing it. When he finds out that the shipment involves women who have been smuggled into Myanmar, he gets visibly upset. But he pretends to be nonchalant about it and orders Tin Tun to clean up the girls in a safe and secure place, not out in the open.

Soe Wai explicitly expresses his anger and cryptically tells Chao Fah that if things go wrong, he’s going to prioritize his sister. Chao Fah sarcastically admires his qualities and tells him to get in the car. Mike November arrives at Ryan’s house, thereby mildly surprising Greer. They talk a little about where Chavez is, and they come to the conclusion that he’s probably heading toward Chao Fah. Chavez shows up at his uncle’s house to get what he needs. Since he thinks that Marquéz, Marin, and the rest of the cartel are coming after him, he advises his uncle to leave the house because if they want to kill him, they’d want to kill his uncle too. Ryan heads over to the White House to talk about Miller and his involvement in this international affair. He suggests President Bachler accept his resignation so that he can create some distance between Wright and himself, as he is constantly being targeted by enemies and the senators. Bachler asks for a replacement, and Ryan suggests Greer’s name. Although this is a professional win for Greer, it takes a toll on his personal life as this decision forces him to attend his son’s football match for a brief amount of time only. At the Presidential Palace in Lagos, Wright learns that, despite the unrest outside, Ekon and Okoli are on the same side because they want to nab Udo’s assassin with Wright’s help.

Chao Fah Kills Soe Wai

Mike November tracks Chavez down and advises him to stay put so that Ryan can catch up. Kyi Fah talks to Chao Fah about their escape plan, and he tells her that that’s not possible for the time being because everyone’s eyes are on them. Wright gets in touch with Greer to look into Udo’s assassination and conveys the information to Okoli. When Wright advises Okoli to reach some sort of compromise in order to avoid an assassination attempt on him, he alleges that Wright is speaking on the CIA’s behalf to establish the USA’s position in this dubious situation. Wright assures Okoli that she doesn’t have any such intentions on her mind, at least not at the moment. Patrick finds out about the activity from Bizhub during the Nigeria operation because that’s what Tuttle used to conduct the assassination and tells Greer about it. Okay, before moving forward, I just want to point out that a deputy director of the CIA is this hands-on? Even before Greer took on the job, Ryan’s methods seemed really off and dramatic for the sake of being dramatic. Both Greer and Ryan talk to Patrick like they’re their friend, and it feels like the show is trying to make it look like the CIA is a very friendly place where there’s no sense of hierarchy. It’s an organization that spies on its own people most of the time. Why is this show making it look like a regular IT office? 

Anyway, Mike tells Ryan that he’s at Chavez’s uncle’s place in Central California, and Ryan drives all the way to that location. In the meantime, Greer visits Bizhub and gets spotted by Tuttle. Do you see what I’m talking about? If he would’ve sent some guy to do this job, he could’ve got this part of the investigation done without raising any alarms. The writers should’ve at least tried to make it look like the CIA is doing a good job of making things tough for the villains. Coming back to the “plot,” Ryan meets Chavez, Chavez’s uncle, and Domingo. They drink some Coronas (the beer, not the virus). The following day, Chavez reveals his plan, which is to burn down every single one of Chao Fah’s business to send him the signal that they should meet. Ryan tries to update Cathy about this but fails to get through to her because she’s busy in a meeting with Zeyara Lemos, who is talking about tackling the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar that has been caused by drugs and women trafficking. Cathy is convinced that she should take the might of the WHO to Myanmar and help fulfill Zeyara’s dream. Talking about Myanmar, Soe Wai tells Chao Fah that he knows about Chao’s plans to leave this criminal business, and he advises Chao to leave on his own instead of dragging Kyu and Bennu with him. Chao doesn’t lie about his escape plan and asks Soe to come away with his sister and niece. Soe refuses for some weird reason because, even though he’s determined to safeguard Kyu, he doesn’t want to take Chao’s path. Maybe he thinks only Tin Tun and the Triad can keep Kyu safe, and he can’t see Chao doing the same for her. Well, that’s stupid, and Chao kills him.

Why Did Tuttle Meet Greer?

Chavez goes to Morales and delivers the money that he had promised. In exchange, he wants him to call Marquéz. Morales says that Marquéz is a no-go, which means that Marin is still in charge of the operation with the Silver Lotus Triad. So, Chavez orders Morales to help him get into the port through which all the stuff between Myanmar and Mexico is being delivered. Morales knows this is a one-way ticket. But he believes that if he can see this one through, he can use the money that Chavez has given him to live a crime-free life. We briefly see Ade and Wright having a conversation about sacrifice and realism before going to Yucatán State Police headquarters, where Ryan, Chavez, Mike, and the rest of the squad are arming up to hit Marin. And then, they proceed to hit the port in question. This gets Marin’s attention, and he comes straight to the port to see what’s going on. Ryan, Chavez, and Mike use this opportunity to corner him and ask him about the marketplace where he’s supposed to meet Chao Fah. When Marin fails to reveal any information, Chavez uses a pretty unique torture technique where he puts Marin’s head in a wheel that produces cellophane in a cyclical fashion so as to tightly wrap stuff up. Realizing that he’s going to die by asphyxiation, Marin gives up the location of the marketplace, i.e., Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Greer “discreetly meets Patrick at a coffee shop to tell him to see if there’s any connection between Miller and Bizhub. Chao Fah frames Soe Wai as the mole. Greer tries to apologize to his son for leaving his football game like that, but it doesn’t work. Ryan tells Wright that he’s traveling to Dubrovnik to get to Chao Fah. Chavez, who has unlocked Marin’s phone, finds Chao Fah’s number in it, thereby getting direct access to him. At the end of episode 3 of Jack Ryan Season 3, Bill Tuttle pays Greer a visit at his house and essentially warns him at gunpoint to stop looking into the connection between Myanmar, Nigeria, Mexico, and the USA. Greer tries to act tough. But as soon as Tuttle reveals that he knows his family’s address, he is forced to act docile for the moment. That said, going by the expression on Greer’s face, he is even more determined to dig deeper into this whole mess. I don’t know if it’s stupidity or overconfidence, but by showing his face, Tuttle has given Greer something to direct all his concentration at. Even if the information that he finds is fake, he can decipher it all and find how Tuttle is related to this whole operation. Well, if you ask me, it’s some grade-A dumb writing in order to move the plot forward.

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