‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4, Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Greer Survive Tuttle’s Attack?


In the third episode of Jack Ryan Season 4, Chao Fah found himself in a bit of a conundrum as his brother-in-law, Soe Wai, accused him of betraying the Silver Lotus Triad. So, Chao had to kill Soe and frame him as the mole. Ryan resigned from his post and assigned James Greer to do the job of the Deputy Director of the CIA. Greer’s attempts at digging into the connection between the Nigerian assassination, Bizhub, and Miller brought him into Bill Tuttle’s crosshairs, thereby putting his and his family’s lives in danger. Mike November managed to track down Domingo Chavez, and he, as well as Jack Ryan, joined his mission to burn through the cartel’s operation to get to Chao Fah. After some creative torture, Marin gave away the location of the marketplace where he was supposed to meet Chao. And Wright learned that Ekon Ameh (the warlord) and President Okoli weren’t at odds with each other. Instead, they wanted to find Udo’s killer.

Spoilers Alert

Katarina Finds A Way Into the Marketplace

Mike brings Chavez and Jack to a hotel that probably doubles as a brothel. Mike calls for Katarina, and she appears (by the way, it seems like Katarina is purposefully teasing Mike, or they were in a relationship earlier, or Mike was a regular customer at Katarina’s place). Mike reveals that he’s there to meet an individual named Olafsky. Katarina says that she can’t help her and directs Mike in Levan Zubkov’s general direction. Patrick finds some connection between Miller, Bizhub (the place Tuttle operates from), and Bethesda and reports that to James Greer. Senator Henshaw and Senator Jennings accuse Wright of acting just like Jack Ryan, thereby forcing Wright to change her methods when it comes to dealing with national and international interests. 

Tin Tun informs Chao Fah that he has to go to Geneva, while Tin Tun will go to the marketplace in Dubrovnik in Chao Fah’s place. So, that means Ryan, Mike, and Chavez’s attempts to meet Chao Fah are apparently pointless. But since they are unaware of this development, they soldier on by getting Zubkov. Obviously, Zubkov refuses to help the trio. However, when Chavez brings out the knife, Zubkov agrees to do what he is asked to do. Greer tracks down someone called Dominic and hits a dead end. Mike, Jack, Chavez, and Zubkov meet Katarina, who tells them that she’s going to help them get into the marketplace, but only if the CIA helps her and her girls to disappear. Katarina says that Zubkov can take one of them into the marketplace, and she can take the rest. When Jack asks why she’s taking such a huge risk, she says that she doesn’t want to die at the hands of men like Olafsky.

Jack Ryan And Domingo Chavez Begin The Fireworks

Wright and Ade have returned to Washington and are conversing about the politics around the CIA and the USA’s international relations. After beating around the bush for a little while, Ade tells Wright to do whatever Henshaw is telling her to do. The way Ade tells Wright to do Henshaw’s bidding without even listening to what Henshaw has told Wright to do raises suspicions that maybe Ade’s intentions aren’t correct. Mike, Jack, Chavez, and Zubkov recce the marketplace from afar. Chao Fah arrives in Geneva, while Tin Tun goes to Croatia. In Geneva, it’s revealed that the person that Tin Tun and Chao Fah have been consulting with this whole time is Zeyara. That means her whole humanitarian nonsense is a complete hoax, she is behind the attacks in Nigeria, and she definitely has something up her sleeve for the USA. It’s possible that her meeting with Cathy could be a trap as well because Zeyara knows Cathy is close to Jack Ryan.

We see Cathy and Jack texting each other, which is a pretty ominous sign. Greer tracks down Dominic once again and finds out that he’s hospitalized. We see that Tuttle has been following Greer all this time, and he gets the confirmation to attack Greer. Greer calls Patrick and tells him that he has hit a dead end while looking into the connection between Bethesda and Miller. When Patrick asks for some more information about why he’s heading to a boys-and-girls club, Greer simply says he doesn’t have the time to explain, which is weird because the exposition is so unclear that this is one of the many times it did need some clarity. Anyway, Tuttle attacks Greer, and Greer hilariously tumbles into the river to avoid getting killed. Zeyara chats with Chao Fah about vision and power, and she promises him that when they return to Myanmar, Chao Fah is going to be in control of the whole operation and not Tin Tun. Zubkov gets Mike November into the marketplace through the front door, and Katarina gets Ryan and Chavez in through the back door, guns blazing.

Does Greer Survive Tuttle’s Attack?

Zubkov makes one last attempt not to go into some kind of bidding room, but since Olafsky is in there, November forces Zubkov to use his pass and get him in. That’s when November realizes that Tin Tun has come in to take Chao Fah’s place, thereby making their whole endeavor a bit of a dud. But Mike is in no mood to give up, as he sees Tin Tun selling some kind of a trigger. He pretends to be a stupid buyer and starts wasting everyone’s time so that Jack Ryan and Domingo Chavez can get to where they are. When Mike runs out of excuses, he simply starts punching, which forces Olafsky’s men to nab him and Zubkov. Jack and Chavez show up with their big guns, and the shooting starts. Mike finally reveals that he was only playing dumb to corner Olafsky and holds him hostage. He knows he has plot armor. We see that Olafsky had several chances to straight-up shoot both Zubkov and Mike, but he didn’t. The show doesn’t give us a good reason for why he or his men stop being so trigger-happy. Hence, plot armor. Ryan and Chavez finally get to November, Olafsky, and Zubkov. Ryan asks Olafsky what the trigger does, and he says something vague about changing the world. Olafsky begins threatening Zubkov and his family, and November shoots Olafsky dead, thereby ensuring Zubkov and his family’s safety. Then they make a run towards the cliff and jump into the water to escape. Katarina picks them up and takes them to safety.

Chao Fah receives a selfie of Chavez and Olafsky, which he shows to Zeyara, causing her to assume that Chavez will be coming for them next. Patrick visits Greer, who is alive and well, in a hospital in Bethesda. They try to identify Tuttle but fail. Wright pays Greer a visit too, and Greer gives a recap. Finally, he explains that the signatory for the shell companies is that kid, Dominic, who is in a coma. It means that somebody was using him to hide the actual conspirator while also “generously” paying the kid’s hospital bills, whose mother, BTW, is unaware that her kid is in that state. Greer says that they need to help Ryan uncover everything that’s going on, but Wright refuses because she is in two minds about following Senator Henshaw’s orders or doing what she wants to do.

At the end of Jack Ryan Season 4, episode 4, we see Mike, Jack, and Chavez in Zubkov’s yacht somewhere in the Adriatic Sea. Chavez notices small amounts being deposited into Marin’s account by Chao Fah. Jack figures that the money that has been deposited has 12 digits, which are coordinates to a certain location, which is left undisclosed for next week’s episode. My best guess is that it’s Myanmar because that’s where Chao Fah is going, especially after the debacle in Dubrovnik. I am guessing Zeyara will be there as well, and so will Cathy. So, this can be a trap for Jack and his team or Chao Fah’s one chance to escape with his family.

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