‘Karmma Calling’ Season 2 Theories: Will Karma Be With Ahaan Or Vedang?


The opening of Karmma Calling season 1 showed Ahaan and Karma getting engaged, and this was set a few weeks or months ahead of the events of season 1. That means that Karma’s real identity has not been revealed and that Ahaan and her patch up. Karma must have had quite the journey because the ending of season 1 indicated that she had multiple battles to fight, all at once. A guess would be that Karmma Calling season 2 would trace Karma’s journey till the fiasco of her engagement, so let us try to theorize what happens to Karma’s enemies. 

Spoiler Alert

Why is Karma’s identity not revealed?

The current dangers against Karma are Ambika Mehra (the real Karma Talwar), Krish, Sameer, and Dolly. Let us start with Ambika. She must have attacked Sameer because if he revealed Karma’s real identity, Ambika wouldn’t have anything to blackmail her with. It is unclear whether she killed Sameer or not, but that would be the most logical thing for her to do. Kidnapping him is just not sustainable since he would have to be released at some point, and that would just ruin Ambika’s plans. Sameer is most likely dead, and Ambika must be on her way to blackmail Karma for money. This means that Ambika has an equal stake in protecting Karma’s identity, and she might prove to be an unlikely ally for Karma in taking care of the other problems until Karma finds a solution to deal with Ambika and remove her from her life effectively. 

The other threat is Dolly. She has woken up from her coma, but she might not have her memory intact. That postpones the danger for a while, but if she remembers everything, there is the possibility of a misunderstanding. Since Sameer was the one who attacked her, maybe Dolly blames Indrani for the attack. She doesn’t know that Sameer had lied to her about it, so Dolly may have effectively turned into Indrani’s enemy. She will certainly talk about this to Kaushal, and he might fan the flames to keep Dolly apart from Indrani because it is simply more convenient for him. However, Dolly would want revenge, and if she ever threatens to reveal the Kotharis’ past, Kaushal may kill Dolly himself. If this is the arc planned for the show and for Dolly, then this is not Karma’s problem anymore since Dolly may not tell Indrani the truth for the sake of revenge. 

Finally, there is Krish to deal with. He clearly has feelings for Ahaan, but his plans are not limited to him. Whatever he is thinking about includes Yana. Maybe they had been in cahoots since the beginning, or it could be a recent development after they started dating. At the beginning of season 1, Yana looked quite happy with her job. But in the end, she exhibited disdain for the way she was treated by her bosses. This would imply that she is not the good friend to Karma that she has been pretending to be since the disdain for the rich must extend to her. Yana may actively help Krish in driving a wedge between Ahaan and Karma. It is unlikely that Karma will be unaware of it for long. She will figure it out eventually and use Yana and Krish’s plans against them. 

Why is Zane getting involved with Krish?

Zane has been shown as one of the good guys in Karmma Calling season 1, and while his intentions are acceptable, he has come across as a little overenthusiastic. Maybe that is his personality, or maybe he is playing a double game. It is likely that Zane was also involved in Satyajit’s downfall, and since then, things may have soured between him and the Kotharis. He is using Karma to make sure that she takes them down while he stays safe. It was definitely overkill when he tried to install a camera in her house. Karma should be just as vigilant about him as she is about others. His betrayal could be the ‘cosmic punishment’ reserved for her that she talks about so much. Zane has gotten involved with Krish. Was he just giving in to the moment, or was he really on Karma’s side, without any sense of boundaries for himself? That remains to be seen. 

Will Karma be with Ahaan or Vedang?

Karma’s feelings are quite torn between Ahaan and Vedang. She was not lying when she said that she had started falling in love with Ahaan. He may be privileged and spoiled, but he was a good man who was always trying to do the right thing. Karma may have truly ended up with him if her father had not been sent to prison or if Indrani and Satyajit had not had an affair. Ahaan was respectful and kind, and he made an effort to be accountable for his actions, which is why Karma had said that he was not like his parents. Also, Zane was correct when he pointed out that Ahaan was innocent of his parents’ crimes. Karma was punishing him for nothing, and perhaps this is why Karma kept saying that her sins would catch up to her because she was wrong in deceiving him.

Meanwhile, Vedang was Karma’s childhood friend. They had grown up together until the day they separated because of circumstances. Karma still remembered the friendship, and it is the reason she is fond of Vedang. If this was a Korean drama, Vedang would have been Karma’s first love. Karma is not in love with Vedang, and she tries to keep him out of her life so that he doesn’t get involved with her revenge. But Vedang is already in love with her. In Karmma Calling season 2, Karma would have to keep Vedang at a greater distance, and she would also have to assess just how far she is willing to go for her revenge and if it is enough for her to ignore her love.

However, there is an interesting detail in the series. When Ahaan’s body was found at the beginning of the season, the look on Karma’s face was not that of someone who had lost her loved one. Either she knew about the murder, or Ahaan is not as good a person as he has been presenting himself, and Karma discovers that, removing any guilt she may feel about her involvement with him. Season 2 of Karmma Calling has a lot to offer, and it should grace our screens very soon.

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