‘Love & Death’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Betty Gore Plan On Killing Candy?


After the events of “Love & Death” Episode 2, Allan was not sure if he wanted to carry on seeing Candy or not. Allan had told Candy that because of their extramarital affair, he was not able to give a lot of time to his family. In “Love & Death,” Episode 3, Allan came to the realization that, of late, he had been emotionally unavailable whenever his wife and children needed him. We had seen that Candy was always feeling insecure and jealous since the last episode, and Allan’s want to prioritize his family just triggered her even more. Candy’s ego got hurt, and though Allan hadn’t explicitly asked her to not meet him, she took that decision herself and stomped out of the scene in anger. Candy was stuck in a very weird space: she knew that she would never be able to replace Betty in Allan’s life, but she wanted the same level of importance, and when she didn’t get that, she got frustrated and felt helpless. Later, Candy told Sherry that she had felt rejected, and more than anything else, that was something that really hurt her and bruised her ego. Sherry told Candy that it was better for everyone if she moved on and stopped meeting Allan and though Candy knew that it was the best possible advice, she just couldn’t stop thinking about Allan, and the words he said kept revolving in her mind.

In “Love & Death” Episode 3, Betty felt that there was some kind of cell growth happening inside her body, but the doctors told her that it was not cancerous in nature. It felt like Betty got disappointed when the doctors told her that she was fine, and she kept on consulting different doctors, hoping that someone would tell her that her condition was critical. Maybe Betty, at this point in time, wanted attention, or maybe she felt invalidated when her claims were refuted by medical experts. Candy came to meet Betty around this time to ask her how she was doing. It was probably the first time that Betty felt that something was going on between her husband and Candy. Betty went inside the house, and she saw Allan talking to Candy from her window. There was something strange about their body language, and there was a sense of unease and tension that made Betty have doubts about the loyalty of her husband.

Spoilers Alert

How Did Pat Find Out About The Affair?

Candy wanted to work on her marriage, and she had expressed to Allan before that she wanted to try out the Marriage Encounter Course and see if it helped her cause. Pat always thought that things like Marriage Encounter were merely cults and were of no good. But he realized that Candy really wanted to try it out, so he agreed to accompany her. Surprisingly, attending the course helped Candy and Pat, and though they didn’t complete the tasks and did their homework as seriously as Allan and Betty had, it still helped them break the ice and talk about their feelings and what they thought was lacking in their relationship. Pat became more aware of what was happening around him, and he stopped spending endless hours watching television. He realized that most of the issues could be resolved if two people just sat down and truthfully talked to each other and made it known what they were feeling on the inside. It felt like soon their relationship would be on track when another hurdle came their way and made Pat release what he had lost by taking things for granted. Pat found a love letter that Allan had written for Candy in “Love & Death” Episode 3. Pat went to Sherry to ask her how long it had been going on and Sherry lied to Pat and told him that it was just a passing fling that had ended a long time ago. Pat requested Sherry to not tell Candy anything about it, as he wanted to confront her in his own way. But Sherry did call and inform Candy once she came back from the religious trip that Pat knew everything about her and Allan.

Though finding out about his wife’s extramarital affair totally shattered Pat, it also gave him an opportunity to start afresh and make amends in his relationship. Pat was a good human being, and he didn’t blame Candy for going out with another man. Instead, Pat blamed himself for not being there for his wife when she needed him, and he felt that he wasn’t able to give her the life she desired. He knew that he had fallen short of her expectations, and he wanted to make up for it. He proposed that they go on a trip to a nearby island and try to fill the gaps that had been created in their relationship.

How Did Betty Gore Plan On Killing Candy?

When Candy and Pat came back from their trip, they felt rejuvenated and became more hopeful that they would make their marriage work. It was June 13, 1980, and Candy didn’t have an iota of hint that her life was going to change that day forever. Candy already had a hectic day ahead of her, and from the Bible camp graduation to narrating a parable for the children, she had to do a zillion things. Candy’s daughter Jenny was quite close to Allan and Betty’s daughter Alisa, and both the girls often stayed at each other’s houses. Alisa wanted to stay over, and because she had early morning swimming classes, Candy decided to go over to Betty’s and bring her swimming suit. Candy reached Betty’s house, and out of nowhere, Betty asked her if she was having an affair with her husband. Candy was taken aback by the sudden attack, and she didn’t know what to tell Betty. Candy realized that she could not hide the truth any longer, and she told Betty that she did have an affair with her husband but lied that it had ended a long time ago. Betty didn’t say anything, and she went inside her house and asked Candy to stay there for a moment. 

Towards the end of “Love & Death” Episode 3, Betty comes out to her living room holding an ax in her hand, and Candy was petrified at seeing her in such a fit of rage. By the looks of it, Betty did have the intention to kill Candy, but by reading the real-life case it is based on, we came to know that it was Candy instead who ended up killing Betty and called it an act of self-defense in a court of law. There were people who thought that Candy’s narrative was flawed and that she had not killed Betty in self-defense. It would be interesting to see what stance the makers take and whether they believe in the narrative created by the sole witness, who was also the perpetrator in this case, or whether they have doubts about it. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Candy was speaking the truth and what exactly went on in Candy’s mind when she was slaughtering her fellow committee member, and if she actually felt remorseful for what she had done.

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