‘American Horror Story: Delicate’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Does Anna Kill Siobhan?


Well, that was a bummer! Imagine waiting for American Horror Story: Delicate’s finale to make up for the eight episodes we’ve been patient through and getting something that looks like it was thrown together at the last minute. At the end of the day, Halley Feiffer’s season on the otherwise fantastic show amounts to nothing more than an incoherent mess no one asked for. At least Anna’s got her grip tight on that Oscar as her water breaks on the stage. And apparently, being kicked out of the house hasn’t kept Dex from showing up right on cue.

Spoiler Alert

Does Anna deliver the baby?

I’ll get to that. But first, let me tell you how Anna and Siobhan first bonded at the IVF support group. I mean, yeah that one woman going on about how she will basically live alone and broke now that she’s given everything to IVF isn’t exactly poetic. But aren’t support groups meant for the kind of breakdowns you don’t want to have outside of a safe space? Anna and Siobhan share their first-ever laugh over the poor woman. And Siobhan’s quick to give her new friend New York’s hottest fertility doctor Dr. Hill’s digits. So that’s how this whole mess came to be. And now Anna’s being very poorly driven to the hospital by none other than Ivy while Dex loses his mind in the back with Anna. Here’s where we bid a final goodbye to Kamal. She’s way too pretty to be killed by a trigger-happy Ivy, but a girl’s got to shut a few men up, I guess? You hardly feel as bad for Dex, though, who gets his hand chomped off by whatever’s coming out of Anna. You kind of even relish how his manipulative mouth’s shut forever with that very hand, courtesy of Ivy. She also makes for a rather menacing birthing instructor as Anna pushes her little monster out and the women in black sing their Satanic anthem. Anna’s a mom! But wait, not so quick. She made a deal with the cult. She can cradle that Oscar all she wants, but she’s not about to power-talk her way out of losing her baby. She’d definitely be paralyzed from the waist down by Siobhan’s freakishly sharp nail, though. 

Is Dex Siobhan’s son?

You thought your friends were mean. Wait till you hear what the sisterhood of “Delicates” (that’s Siobhan’s name for them) has to tell Anna about why she was picked. She’s selfish, ambitious, entitled, conceited, vain, and exhausting—which, even though partly said to bully her, are the reasons she’s one of them. The ominous monster nursery is where they concoct these gourmet black magic potions and stuff, you know, like the B12, the progesterone repository, and the lipstick that pulled Anna to their side. But there’s a lot more in store for Anna to be traumatized over. Siobhan being into the most depraved men out there wouldn’t have been an issue for Anna if one of the men didn’t happen to be Dex’s dad. (Wait, so that’s who Dex saw his dad frolicking around with?) But it gets a lot more gross when you learn that Siobhan’s Dex’s birth mother. That definitely takes the most vicious MIL award. What’s worse? In this Satanic Freudian nightmare, Anna’s baby came from Siobhan’s eggs and Dex’s you-know-what. Apparently, this is the best recipe for the best monster baby. Yikes!

What does Siobhan want from all this?

Anna’s mistake was wanting it all. Success, love, motherhood—you know the stuff. With her monster baby with weird claws being kept away from her, Anna can’t help but sign up to be satanic sisters with the Delicates. Siobhan does Ivy rather dirty, though. Ivy’s centuries of loyalty amount to nothing because she killed her son, Dex. Siobhan has even bigger news to tell Anna after offing Ivy. She’s managed to save her son’s most precious part—his reproductive organs. Good God! They’re actually trying to create a matriarchal utopia if you can believe it. With their super-strong monster babies taking over the world and killing the men who’ve messed it up enough, Siobhan and her crew mean to “fix the world.” Are villains ever going to have some unique motives? Geez!

Does Anna kill Siobhan?

If you think about it, Anna never really stood a chance against the cult. It’s hard to say why they picked her, but they did choose this path for her when she was a baby. When her mother died, they were also quick to send Nicolette to mold Anna the way they wanted her to grow up. They made sure that she would grow up to be this way. A woman who wants to have her cake and eat it too. And Anna’s decision to join the Delicates is also predictable for Siobhan. What’s she going to do? Leave her baby with these killer women? Anna’s face says enough about how horrifying that thing looks. But I doubt that she expected that nursing him would be so painful. Those claws scratching her up are the beauty of motherhood, according to Siobhan. This scene’s effective birth control.

During American Horror Story: Delicate‘s ending, Anna’s almost given up hope of ever getting out of this mess when her dead boo’s dead ex’s spirit shows up to invite her into a chant meant for goddess Hestia. Seriously? Adeline’s spirit could’ve done this all along and chosen to let things get this far. Adeline and Anna’s chant to Hestia in the ending sequence of the finale gives Siobhan a very ridiculous death. We’re supposed to believe that this ancient witch, with all the powers in the world, is weak against a chant. Siobhan rapidly ages and withers away to leave that rad witch hat for Anna. Things have turned to normal, including Anna’s baby. But as Anna grabs both the baby and the Oscar in her arms, the ghostly satanic chant says there’ll be a day of reckoning. Are we possibly going to get a very un-AHS, multiple-season-spanning story? There was even talk of Ivy having killed Anna’s twin sister. So there’s got to be an end to what Delicate has knowingly left loose. Even if not in season 13, the cult might hunt Anna down in a random episode of American Horror Stories, the anthology spinoff. For now, Anna seems to have actually won them both. Oscar and the baby. 

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