‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 1, Episode 9: Recap & Ending – A Prison Turned Into A War Zone


Episode 9 of Mayor of Kingstown is about contrast. At one end, our protagonist, Mike McLusky, is having a relaxing time with Iris in a cabin in the woods. While on the other end of Kingstown, the prisoners have brought mayhem and turned the prison into a war zone. Episode 9 finally introduces the payback we have all been waiting for. Unfortunately, the casualties are severe.

When Brain Meets Brawn

In Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8, the prisoners teamed up against the prison guards and retaliated. The leader of the Crips, P-Dog, killed Tim Weaver in a mess, while Tim’s cousin, Samuel “Sam,” was stabbed to death in the women’s prison by a prisoner named Cherry.

Through CCTV footage, Sergeant Ed convinced Warden Mills that P-Dog exchanged murder weapon with a white inmate. Hence, when it came to revenge, the prisoners happily crossed the racial lines and talked about justice for themselves. Though Ed tried to explain the metaphor, Warden Mills neglected the warning and refused to impose another lockdown. Finally, Captain Moore told Mills about a prisoner’s letter that Sam mailed in Episode 1, which is the cause of all the tension. Hence, Mills asked Ed to move P-Dog to the county where homicide detectives could interrogate him and investigate the murder of Tim and Sam.

Ed had his own personal vendetta against P-Dog because he killed Tim. Thus, Ed decided to humiliate P-Dog in the worst possible manner and treat him in the most inhumane way. The officers cuffed P-Dog to a hand truck, strapped his mouth, and moved him out of his cell.

At the exact moment, detectives Ian Ferguson and Kyle McLusky arrived at the prison to transfer Milo Sunter to the D.A’s office. In Episode 8, Assistant D.A. Evelyn Foley requested the police chief to let her interrogate Milo about revealing the locations of James Parker’s victims.

P-Dog knew that Ed would try to move him again, and thus he had already planned a revolt. P-Dog and other prisoners thrashed or killed prison guards in the facility. But, they were just wild men with big arms, and that’s where Milo stepped in. Milo not only disclosed the location of the weapon locker room but also helped P-Dog unlock the doors before the correctional guards could control the situation. As soon as P-Dog and other gang members got hold of the guns, they captured the entire prison.

The War Zone

With Milo’s help, the prisoners unlocked the entire prison and took guards by surprise. Ed, Moore, and other correctional officers raised their arms against the prisoners, but they were outnumbered. Ed and Moore were surrounded by P-Dog and his men in a corridor where P-Dog finally took his revenge.

In the chaos, Milo saw an opportunity. In Episode 8, Milo’s lawyer told Mike that Milo would never be able to leave prison. But he finally found a way. Milo was seen wearing a prison guard uniform in the teaser clip, which might help him escape the prison. Mike’s nemesis was roaming freely, but Mike’s brother Kyle and his friend Ian got stuck in a war zone situation. Kyle and Ian avoided the frenzy shooters and tried to escape through the sewers, but there was no way out.

In the women’s prison, the guards escorted Miriam and other officers out of the facility when Miriam finally witnessed a blast inside the prison. It was the same day that Miriam told her son, Kyle, that he would become a father to a son in not more than 2 months. Kyle understood his mother’s warnings and decided to take the job with MSP. But before he could escape the shadows of Kingstown, he got locked up in prison with angry prisoners around him. Now only Mike could help and control the situation, but where is the Mayor of Kingstown?

tension in the prison
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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 9 Ending

In Episode 2, after Mitch’s murder, Mike has a conversation with Kyle about leaving Kingstown and attending a cooking school. Later, Mike shared his love for cooking with his only friend, Deverin “Bunny” Washington. The two gazed at the starry night and entertained the possibility of a life without violence, gang war, and prison tension.

In Episode 9, Mike finally put his cooking skills to use and cooked breakfast for Iris. Even Iris complimented him and told Mike that he should be a chef. Mike smiled without revealing much, because, in the back of his head, he knew how many times he had thought about pursuing his dreams. But responsibilities and unfinished business weighed him down. In previous episodes, Miriam explained that Mike always despised Kingstown, and being a part of the incarceration business started by his father was never Mike’s choice of career. But Mitch’s death and all the things that came along with it forced Mike to stay.

After the attack on Ed, Tim, and Moore, Mike may lose his connection with the guards inside the prison. Even if the army controls the prison situation, they will not allow the favors that Mike used to carry on. This means the Mayor of Kingstown, the bridge between the two worlds, will lose his job or existence. It will also mean that Mike will be free to leave Kingstown and go wherever he wants to go.

However, before dreaming so much, Mike has one last job to do, i.e., save Kyle from the prison and contain the chaos.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 10: Expectations

Mike is clearly falling for Iris, but we do not yet know whether she can be trusted or not. Iris has been through a lot, and Mike does understand her pain, but at some point, Milo explains that Mike loves broken angels. Hence, the whole intimacy with Iris can be Milo’s trap too, and only Episode 10 will reveal better.

In the Season Finale teaser clip, Mike tells the authorities that the prisoners want payback. They helped prison guards by killing Kenny Miles, a child killer. In exchange, they demanded some favors, which Ed and the other officers refused to fulfill. Hence, P-Dog and Carlos Jimenez fortified the prison and called it their own “lawless land.”

Mike enters the prison to facilitate a truce between prisoners and officers. But P-Dog wants to send a message. With army tanks and soldiers surrounding the prison boundary, Mike knows how it will end. The season may end in death and destruction, but we still don’t know how it will change Mike’s life. Better or worse? Episode 10 will explore this further.

Mayor of Kingstown‘ Episode 9 is streaming on Paramount+.

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