‘Marvel’s Modok’ Season 1 Summary & Review – Extremely Loud Writing


Animated Series, Marvel’s Modok Season 1, is the last production coming out of Marvel Television. Recently, Marvel has folded its whole operation under the umbrella of Marvel Studios. Being the last series, Modok was highly anticipated but does the narrative do any justice to this closure? Let’s find out.

‘Marvel’s Modok’ Season 1 Summary

Without much ado, the series establishes a mutated George Tarleton, disgraced by his fellow classmates for having a big mutated head. His mother convinces him that someday, he is going to change the world.

35 years later, we see the supervillain, Modok (George Tarleton) fighting against his nemesis the Avengers. He has founded his own crime organization called A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) where he creates tech to kill humans and cause destruction.

However, his evil intentions are not backed by the limited funds, and A.I.M on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to spend time with his family, and lower the financial burden of his organization, Modok sells off some shares to a tech giant company, GRUMBL headed by Austin Van Der Sleet. But soon, Austin takes control of the lab, leaving Modok with little authority.

The following episodes try to showcase his struggle to regain control over A.I.M while trying to balance his broken marriage and distanced kids. In the meantime, various supervillains, and heroes attack his peace, making him grumble.

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The Review

It is only during the beginning and the end when Marvel’s Modok finally connects to the original comics. In the meantime, it plays out as a situational adult comedy trying to make sense. Undoubtedly, stop motion graphics exhibit nostalgia but loud characters and humiliating jokes work against the narrative.

There are many inside-Marvel jokes in the series that could be enjoyed by the dedicated fans, but for a new person, checking out the series, unaware of Marvel’s deep comic history would find it no better than an adult POGO cartoon.

The visually stunning stop motion graphics are a total stand-out, giving it an edge. Some scenes, like the fight with Iron Man and the climax sequence, are unique and well-depicted. But the series fails due to its noisy writing. In a world of multi-layered characters, and a gaping storyline, Marvel’s Modok is mostly a parody. However, when it connects to the original comic books, in the end, drifting away from forced humor, the series actually becomes quite intriguing. One could only imagine, why didn’t they transverse this path earlier?

Being an adult comedy series, I don’t recommend it all. The loud narrative could knock your nerves, without giving you anything to ponder. And Disney Marvel is going strong with its original series like WandaVision and Falcon, thus, watching Marvel’s Modok doesn’t make any sense. Unfortunately, the concluding series from Marvel Television turns out to be a grave disappointment.

Marvel’s Modok Season 1 is a 2021 Stop Motion Adult Animated Series based on Marvel Comics. It follows the character of supervillain George Tarleton, popularly known as Modok. The series has been created by Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt for Hulu.

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