‘Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild’ Summary & Ending, Explained


Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is an animated fantasy film that marks the debut of director Steve Yamamoto. The film is based on the Capcom roleplay game series “Monster Hunter” that employs hunters who survive and thrive in the fantasy world by slaying ferocious monsters and fulfilling tasks assigned to them by different individuals on the road. The loot acquired through labor helps them build their character and level it up for wilder expeditions.

The animated film follows a similar plot. However, a heroic story is integrated into the fantasy world that demands hunters to kill monsters to save humanity and maintain a balance in nature.

Plot Summary

A Fleet of ships traces the path of a walking volcano monster, Zorah Magdaros, that can level cities with a wag of its tail. Inside one vessel, a group of young hunters discusses their enthusiasm to terminate the monster. However, a silent observer, Aiden warns them not to underestimate the powers of an Elder Dragon.

Aiden narrates his journey, and the plot moves back in time where Aiden is an orphaned lad living a carefree village life in Timben. Aiden earns his bread by fulfilling tasks for the village people, which usually required slaying monsters that threatened folks or their farms. But these minor tasks are his preparation towards an ultimate goal to become an ace Guild Hunter someday.

The opportunity strikes when on his hunt for a Velocidrome, Aiden is saved by a guild hunter, Julius.

Julius arrives at Timben to request the village people to evacuate and warn them about an upcoming threat. Timben lies in the path of an Elder Dragon, the most powerful of the monster kind, who periodically migrates to new lands. During their relocation, also called the Elder Crossing, the Elder Dragons leave a path of destruction in their wake. Julius pleads with the village head, Elder Daazel, to vacate the village immediately. However, a determined Aiden decides to safeguard the settlement. He requests Julius to attack the dragon to compel it to change its course. After a bit of conflict, Julius gives in. He calls out to other guild hunters in the vicinity to help him combat the monster.

‘Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild’ Ending Explained

With the help of Ravi, the blacksmith, Julius, and his troupe constructed a ballista called Dragoator. The specially designed catapult was integrated with Congalala stomach for steam housing and Deviljho bones for the bow. It was their last hope against the Elder Dragon and to compel it to change its course.

When Lunastra attacked the guild hunters in the final combat, Dragoator failed to deliver the desired impact. In contrast, Ravi and Mae lost their lives in the battle. To save the village, Aiden blew up the wooden dam with the help of Nadia’s ammunition. The water flooded the town and drenched the Lunastra, carrying it far from the village. The following morning, Julius, Nadia, and Aiden paid their tributes to Ravi and Mae. They sacrificed their lives for the cause. Elder Daazel planned to rebuild the settlement around the flowing river. Julius and Nadia left the village, and Aiden decided to upgrade his hunting skills and become an Ace hunter someday. In the end, Julius took him under his wings and made him his cadet.

At present, Aiden is a guild hunter who was summoned to Port Tanzia to join a fleet to find the cause of the more frequent Elder Crossings. The next target is Zorah Magdaros, and Aiden buckles up for the next colossal combat.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is a 2021 Animated Fantasy Film directed by debut director Steve Yamamoto. The film is based on the roleplay game series of the same name developed by Capcom.

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