‘Moving’ Episodes 8 And 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: Are Doosik And Mihyun Captured?


This is what you call chemistry. Jo In Jung and Han Hyo Joo talked about the most mundane things while playing their characters, Doosik and Mihyun, and still managed to convey the tension and the longing that make a love story what it is. Moving Episodes 9 and 10 showed the long-overdue love story of Doosik and Mihyun, and it is far better than that of Huisoo and Bongseok. We don’t care if it is an unfair comparison because the latter pair are still children, but it is what it is, since relationships seem to be the focal point of the narrative of Moving. This is going to be a long series, and we like how the plot has been packaged into neat little chapters and is being released accordingly. This is what happens with Doosik and Mihyun, as seen in the recap.

Spoiler Alert

How do Mihyun and Doosik fall in love?

A bit of the story starts in 1987, progresses into 1992, and the bulk of it takes place in 1994. The first two years are primarily about giving us a look at the kind of people that Mihyun and Doosik are and why their boss decided that they would make a great match. In 1987, Doosik tried to save the passengers of a plane that was about to explode. He was not sent on that mission but went anyway because he was unable to see such an unnecessary loss of human life. Even when he practices shooting, he tries to perfect an aim that would give the victim a chance to survive. Chief Min Youngjun calls him and Mihyun “useless humanists.”

In 1992, during what was termed Operation Seagull, Mihyun made a critical decision to let some of their targets escape. She did not agree with the orders to kill each and every one of them; therefore, despite knowing that her career could be derailed, she let the targets escape and disguised it as a mistake on her part. As expected, she was delegated to a desk job and not given a chance to rise up in the ranks to become a field agent until 1994, which is when her love story happened. But the critical reason why her boss set her up with Doosik is because, on that mission, Doosik was on standby to take care of anything that might go wrong. But he had not done that, which means that he was already in contact with Mihyun and this was their plan, or that he saw what she did and agreed with her. That established a fundamental similarity in them—a likeness of core values, which is often the foundation for any form of lasting love to exist between two individuals. Chief Youngjun may be borderline evil, but he is a fair judge of character. That is what makes him so formidable.

In 1994, which we will be calling the ‘present day’ for the rest of the article, the Chief tells Mihyun that he wants her to get a psychological read on Doosik to see if he would be up for a mission. The reason for her selection, as told by the Chief, is that she is pretty. Basically, he wants her to be a honey trap, though he doesn’t use that exact term. Mihyun agrees, having no other choice. We wish we had her or even Doosik’s game when it came to dating the person we liked. There is no doubt why Mihyun’s hair was open when she got into the lift with Doosik when she usually kept it tied up in a neat little ponytail. In fact, she made sure that he saw her at the same places so that he would remember her and, should he ever seek her out, he would know where to look. Even the place was near the coffee machine in the office, facilitating a kind of semi-date without making the pressure of the situation too obvious.

Doosik seemingly falls for it, and it is really underrated how accepting some lies by the other person is such a sweet part of dating. We are talking about white lies like a lack of coin change, an interest in drinking coffee, or things like that. Otherwise, the man is sweet and honest, and he reveals that he knows about Mihyun being a plant from the Chief. Mihyun had already guessed that he might be aware of it. Another reason why these two make sense as a couple is because they don’t underestimate each other’s intelligence. That one thing can go a long way in any relationship. Mihyun and Doosik decide to continue seeing each other, and we are surprised that the ladyfingers-mentos joke has been around since 1994. Namsan Donkatsu is also not a name that Mihyun came up with on a whim. That is the place she used to go with Doosik on dates. This makes us think that in the future, when Mihyun is living with her son, Doosik might still be alive, and the name of the place is Mihyun’s clue for him to find her.

Are Doosik And Mihyun Captured?

In the present day, as their relationship progresses, we realize that the father and son don’t just share a similar power; they share similar feelings as well. Much like Bongseok starts flying when he is close to Huisoo, Doosik starts flying when he kisses Mihyun. She is amused by that right after, she is shocked at finding out what his power is. Her Chief had continually asked her whether Doosik had told her his secret, and Mihyun understood that this was what he meant. As a show of her faith and a way of putting herself out there, she even reveals her incredible sense of sight, sound, and taste to Doosik. Looking at these two people makes us wonder what all Bongseok is capable of; he has been shown as rather simple this whole time. Such exceptional parents had to have given birth to an equally exceptional child in the interest of eugenics. If you know the joke, you know it.

Meanwhile, Mihyun continues to deny to the Chief that she has made any progress with Doosik, but he knows it is a lie. We finally learned how. He had been keeping an eye on both their interactions through hidden cameras and listening devices for the longest time, and he knew that they had fallen in love for real. His entire purpose in wanting to bring them together was so that Doosik would have a reason to come back to the agency, and he doesn’t take flight the moment some of their ideologies start clashing. Doosik is sent on a mission, probably to kill the North Korean leader, but something goes wrong.

The leader dies 15 days before an important summit between the two countries, but his death is said to be due to a cardiac arrest rather than an assassination. The agency needed the news to be different, and the fact that Doosik hasn’t returned is making things look bad, with a lot of unanswered questions in the background. The agency starts keeping an eye on Mihyun since Doosik is likely to come back for her, and true to their suspicions, at the end of Moving episode 9, he returns and is right outside her window. Mihyun has so much to tell him about the Chief’s intentions and the danger that he is in, but at that moment, nothing is more important than the realization that they love each other. Before they can make sense of their next step, the snipers are aimed at Doosik, and the other agents storm into Mihyun’s house to arrest her and him.

Final Thoughts

We got a look at some of the players from the past in Moving Episode 9 and no doubt they will make an appearance in future episodes. We don’t think these lovers will be separated because Bongseok was born after 2000, so they must run away together. However, we don’t know if there is a period of separation for these lovebirds or whether they beat all the odds right away. The coming episodes of Moving will give us those answers.

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