‘My Demon’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Gu Won Dead?


Breakup episodes usually cover one person’s perspective, and that is Do Hee in the fifteenth episode of My Demon. This episode was a given, and it is surprising how the writers managed to make Ms. Shin and Bok Gyu’s story so soulful instead of just comedic.

Spoiler Alert

Is Gu Won Still Around Do Hee?

When normal people want to get over their ex, they block their number and avoid the places their ex is likely to be at. But most people break up because they don’t want to continue their love story. That is not the case with Gu Won. He broke up for Do Hee’s welfare, and that means that he will keep a watch over her to make sure that she is always happy and healthy. Do Hee can still feel Gu Won’s presence around her, and in her heart, she knows that he is there with her. Yet they cannot be together at all. It is not just Do Hee who is feeling his absence. People in the office say that the place feels empty without him around. Even his followers (gangsters) have opened a restaurant to legitimize themselves, but they are heartbroken because they cannot tell him this. Park Bok Gyu is the new CEO of the Foundation, but he misses his old boss. He said that he would be leaving to give Do Hee some space so that she wouldn’t find him again.

When Gu Won was speaking with Ga Young, she said that her nature was that of a scorpion, and eventually she would have stung or hurt the person she was with, which is why she wants to start afresh. That reminds Gu Won of himself. In Ga Young’s story, Gu Won thought of himself as the scorpion. The scorpion was not deceiving the frog when it promised not to bite it, but that is what ended up happening because it was intrinsic to its nature. Similarly, Gu Won may have the best intentions, but it was in his nature to be the devil, someone against humans. This is surprising because Gu Won had previously remarked that demons were originally thought to be the protectors of mankind. Maybe Gu Won’s conclusion is because of the past, because it was his faith that he believed had killed Wolsim, and in the present day, it was his job that had killed Do Hee’s parents. What choice did he have other than removing himself from her life?

Meanwhile, Do Hee completely immerses herself in work. She tells Seok Hoon that Gu Won left because their contract expired, but he knows better. Do Hee is working on reinstating the committee that Noh Suk Min had fired. She knows that it is what her father and Madam Ju wanted. Do Hee wonders whether Cheon Suk only took her in because of her remorse, but Seok Hoon recounts when Cheon Suk said that she did not plan on loving Do Hee, but the more she did, the more she hurt herself. It is unclear whether this was a comfort to Do Hee or not. On one hand, Cheon Suk loved her, and their relationship was not fake. On the other hand, the love was never free of guilt and was painful, which Do Hee couldn’t help blaming herself for despite knowing that it wasn’t her fault. Maybe it was a lifetime of guilt that made her think that way.

Do Hee is advised by Ms. Shin to not run away from her emotions. She speaks from her experience that fighting one’s emotions only prolongs their presence and changes a person in ways they may not like. Therefore, taking her advice, Do Hee goes to Gu Won’s office. She meets Bok Gyu and tells him how she never got a chance to thank Gu Won or even apologize to him for everything he had done for her. Additionally, she regrets knowing so little about him. During the majority of their relationship, Do Hee told Gu Won everything about herself, but all she knew about Gu Won was his past love story, a blip in his long life. Bok Gyu gives Do Hee the pendant and tells her to keep it in his memory.

Is Gu Won Dead?

When Do Hee sleeps with the pendant on, she remembers her past life. She remembers when she was Wolsim and how she wanted nothing but to take her own life. Gu Won had come into her life at such a time and given her a reason to live with his faith and love. This whole time, Gu Won blamed himself for Wolsim’s death, not knowing that he was the reason that she was alive. When Do Hee realizes this, she rushes to meet Gu Won, but she is kidnapped by Suk Min, who is still alive. The investigation had been called off because he was presumed dead, and Suk Min had disfigured his own face so that Gu Won couldn’t trace him. This is what he meant when he said that he would find refuge in hell. At this point, there is no reasoning with Suk Min. He wants to kill Do Hee and Gu Won for revenge, but he has likely been preparing for this for a long time. Suk Min doesn’t believe that Gu Won has left Do Hee, and he continues to harm her so that she will call him. But when Gu Won doesn’t come, he gets ready to kill her, only to have the knife pulled away from him. Gu Won is in a murderous rage, and he is prepared to kill Suk Min, which also suits the man just fine because that would strip Gu Won of his powers, and he would perish since demons were not allowed to kill humans. Do Hee managed to stop Gu Won, but she also gets in the way of a bullet aimed at him, terribly injuring her.

Demons are also not allowed to resurrect people, but at the end of My Demon episode 15, Gu Won brings Do Hee back to life, thereby ending his own. Gu Won disintegrates in front of Do Hee. If this is the end, it would be sad, which is not the vibe of the series. Gu Won is likely alive or will be alive and come back as a human. It could be one of those anomalies created by humans and their interconnected feelings. Right before this whole thing, Gu Won had gone to collect a soul for a contract. Maybe he made some changes at that time, which would ensure that he returns alive. After all, God did refer to some ‘choice’ he made, and we don’t know what that is.

Final Thoughts

Do Hee is going to be the chairwoman of the company, and there is nothing standing in her way. She also says that she is going to make a deal with Gu Won. Since she can’t feel him anywhere, what deal is she going to make, and with whom? These better lead to a happy ending.

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