‘Now And Then’ Episode 2 And 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happened To Daniela?


At the end of Episode 1, Daniela was discovered dead, and the bag of 5 million dollars was missing. “Now And Then” Episodes 2 and 3 reveal more secrets about the night of Alejandro’s death. Meanwhile, Ana, Pedro, Sophia, and Marcos face their own demons from the past.

‘Now And Then’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending

The Past

Sullivan and Flora find out that contrary to what the five kids told them about taking a taxi home, there is no record of that ride. Alejandro couldn’t have fit in the driver’s seat without pushing it back, which means that he wasn’t driving. We are shown that the reason why the police cannot find Alejandro’s cell phone is that Ana took it out of Alejandro’s pocket after he died. After the incident, all five of them go to Marcos’s home, where he tells his father about it all. Ana takes Pedro away from the others and tells him that she was the one who added the drugs, which ultimately led to Alejandro’s death. Flora and Sullivan get a location on Alejandro’s cell phone.

The Present

Ana, Pedro, Sophia, and Marcos attend Daniela’s funeral. Marcos introduces Sophia to his fiancée, Isabel. Sergeant Flora is also present and keeps an eye on them. Back at Daniela’s home, Sophia talks to Daniela’s son, Hugo, who knows nothing about the money. This is when Ana realizes that the money has been paid by everyone, including her husband, Pedro, despite her telling him to not pay. We are then shown Silvia Bartomeu, Marcos’s lawyer, watching Daniela taking the money out of the car in which she had left it. This is how she came to know that the blackmailer was Daniela, as she revealed in Episode 1. After returning home, Ana asks Pedro where he got the money from. He answers that he took it from the campaign fund. Ana is completely annoyed.

Back at the police station, Flora finds tape number 35 missing, although it is very much visible in the crime scene photo. [This means that someone must have taken it from her place during the search]. [It also means that Daniela had indeed made a copy of the tape 20 years ago.] Flora summons Marcos and his lawyer, Silvia, and they interrogate them about his whereabouts on the night of Daniela’s murder. When questioned about the tape and whether he took it, he denies it. Flora decides to check-in at the hotel where Sophia stayed but finds out that there’s no record of her staying there. She then asks for the security footage for the last few days and finds out that Sophia never entered the hotel. After Marcos dropped her off there on the night of Daniela’s murder and left, Sophia walked somewhere else. This is news to Marcos as well.

Pedro and Ana arrive at Alejandro’s place, which is where Pedro grew up. After finding out that he is having a tough time running his campaign, Alejandro’s father gives him a check for five million dollars out of goodwill to make use of. However, it was not the five million but the safe where the money was kept that mattered to Pedro. At this point, there is a crucial revelation. Pedro had been in love with Alejandro since both were young, but Alejandro was with Ana. [It is fate that Pedro and Ana are married to each other, both of whom love Alejandro].

Sophia is staying at the International Inn. There she is followed by a guy who has been sent after her by the person from whom she took the one million. After a lot of running, she manages to escape and heads to Marcos’s place. Marcos, who has just returned after receiving his father’s wrath for taking the million dollars and being called by the police, something that has harmed his father’s reputation big time, is taken aback to see Sophia at his home. His fiancée, Isabel, received her. Sophia confronts Marcos about not telling him the truth about her whereabouts.

Pedro’s campaign handler and friend Ernesto calls him and tells him that two million dollars are missing from the campaign fund. Pedro is distraught and arrives at his office, where Ernesto is already present. Pedro doesn’t want anyone to find out and so tells Ernesto to leave the fund as it is. Ernesto can see that Pedro is tense about something. They kiss. Pedro returns home and breaks down in front of Ana.

“Now And Then” Episode 2 ends with Pedro arriving at his home to check the safe. Marcos feels terrible for what Sophia is going through. Sophia receives another text from the anonymous sender. This person is tracking her and even has her video clip. Flora dives deeper into the evidence that can shed light on how the two deaths are linked. And lastly, we see Daniela’s son Hugo with a bag full of cash driving off. 

‘Now And Then’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending

The Past

The police recovered Alejandro’s cell phone from the bottom of a lake, a few miles away from the accident. They recover messages from Ana, who is then called for an investigation. Alejandro’s parents are called to the police station, where their son has been held for the possession of drugs. However, Alejandro took the blame for Marcos, and the drugs belonged to him. Then again, at the beach party, Alejandro, after realizing that he was under some kind of influence, blamed Marcos and had a fight with him. This fight is probably the reason why Alejandro had a ruptured vessel in his eye. Marcos must have inadvertently punched him. It was at this party too that Pedro tried to kiss Alejandro, but he pushed Pedro away. One of the tapes of Daniela reveals to Flora and Sullivan that Daniela was at the funeral of the girl who died in the accident and hooked up with her husband because of that guilt. Alejandro’s father finds a diary in his son’s room and realizes that he never wanted to become a swimmer and hated it. But he didn’t say anything to his father. Sullivan and Flora listen to the 911 call of Jessica Thompson, the woman who died in the accident, and find out that there were other people than Alejandro at the spot where the accident occurred.

The Present

Pedro steals cash from the safe in the middle of the night and returns to his home. He tells Ana that he is on the verge of finding a solution to the missing funds problem but doesn’t tell her about the bag of stolen money that he wraps in a bedsheet and the sheet in one of the dirty laundry baskets. Just then, Ana comes in and tells him that they have been called by their son Luis’s school. Apparently, he hit a girl and will be suspended. After coming back home, Pedro receives a message from Ernesto saying that he has informed the police about the missing fun money. This gets Pedro all tense up, and he goes to get the money he hid in the basket, only to find that the bag isn’t there. His son tells him that he threw them into the trash can outside. Pedro rushed out to check the trash can, but the trash van had already collected their trash and left. He follows the van to the dumping site but, naturally, is unable to find the bag in the huge heap. Pedro meets Ernesto in their office and tells him that he was the one who took the fund money.

Ana decides to visit her mother, someone with whom she has always had a strained relationship. She wants to sell her portion of the inheritance and get the money so that she can return it to the campaign fund. She is successful in it and returns home to tell Pedro, who has just returned from his office (after telling Ernesto the truth). Marcos doesn’t want Sophia to stay at his place, but Isabel insists. Isabel has also booked a dinner for the three of them. His credit cards are blocked thanks to his father, who wants him to get rid of Sophia (Isabel told him about her). Meanwhile, test results of the fingerprints at Daniela’s house reveal that Sophia had gone there too. Sophia is taken to question, and Isabel asks Marcos about it. Isabel has found out that Sophia was Marcos’s ex-girlfriend and wants to know more about it, but Marcos assures her that there is nothing between them. Whatever he and Sophia had was a long time ago.

Flora investigates Sophia, who tells her that the morning after their reunion, Daniela invited her to her place. She lies to Flora about having “a great time” as Sophia and Daniela had some kind of disagreement over something, as we are shown. Sophia is also told that Hugo was the son of Jessica Thompson, the very woman who died in the accident all those years ago. But she doesn’t know anything about it, or so she says. Later on, Flora is given the texts that were there on Daniela’s phone, i.e., the ones with the money and the instructions.

Marcos, Isabel, and Sophia are having dinner at the restaurant. There Sophia comes across Bernie in the restroom, the man from whom she took the one million. He is seemingly going to kill her when she tells him that she has a plan to get him his money back and a lot more. After this, she leaves the restroom and joins Marcos and Isabel at the table. Not intending to stay at the restaurant any longer, Sophia takes them to another pub to drink. “Now And Then” Episode 3 ends with all three of them getting drunk, and returning to Marcos and Isabel’s apartment. Isabel is asleep, and Marcos and Sophia end up making love yet again. Flora is waiting in her car outside Marcos’s apartment.

What’s Next For Marcos, Sophia, Pedro, And Ana?

Sophia and Marcos are both on Flora’s radar since they were among the last few people Daniela met before being killed. On the other hand, Alejandro’s father has been trying to contact Pedro after finding a lot of the money missing from his safe. Ana doesn’t know anything about this. And there is Hugo, of whom we saw nothing after Episode 2 ended. So “Now And Then” Episode 4 will probably both untangle and complicate things for Flora and as well as for us. What waits to be seen is how Sergeant Flora manages to join the dots that are in front of her as well as find the missing ones.

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