‘Now And Then’ Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained – What Happened To Jessica Thompson?


“Now And Then” Episode 4 brings Sergeant Flora closer to her suspects. Pedro and Ana are all creeped up with the consequences of Pedro’s “money heist.” Marcos’s father offers Sophia money to leave and not return. Flora receives an unexpected call.

The Past

Flora arrives at Sullivan’s home with a snap from surveillance footage that shows a taxi near Marcos Herrero’s residence early in the morning following the night Alejandro died. They call the taxi driver for interrogation, who tells them that he gave a ride to a group of people in their 20s. He also says that he will be able to recognize them. He recognizes Daniela’s face from among the pictures shown to him. Later, when Flora expresses her rage for such “rich kids” who think that they can get away with anything, Sullivan realizes that there is more to her. He asks her about it, and she reveals that her elder brother killed himself after he was wrongfully convicted of rape by a group of rich kids. Later, all the suspects are lined up, including Marcos, Ana, Sophia, Daniela, and Pedro, and the driver is made to recognize the ones he gave the ride to. This time, he doesn’t recognize them. It becomes clear to Flora that he has been bought by Marcos’s family lawyer, Silvia Bartomeu. This is when Flora and Sullivan are called upon by the medical examiner, Dr. Susan. She tells them that Jessica Thompson has two ruptures, the second of which didn’t occur during the crash but after it. This proves that she didn’t die due to the impact. We are then taken to the night of the accident, where we see a fatally injured Jessica Thompson trying to talk to the emergency services when a hand pulls the phone out of her hands and, in the process, pushes the shard of metal deeper into her neck, killing her immediately. [It was the hand of a male, so it can be either Pedro or Marcos, or so it seems.

The Present

A picture of Pedro at the dumping site among the garbage bags has gone viral. It has turned into a meme as well. And this ultimately takes a toll on his campaign for mayor, with numerous columns being published about it in the newspapers. Back home, Ana has organized a party on the occasion of their son Luis’s birthday. Rodrigo arrives and tells them about the robbery that took place at his house the previous night. Ana notices that Pedro is visibly shaken and asks him later if he has done it. Pedro gives it all up to Ana, including the dumping site incident. Ana tells him that they will talk further about it later and then return to the party. Sometime later, Pedro notices Marwen and his family arrive at the party. Francis is one of the most regular columnists who write against Pedro, and it is Ana who has invited them. But Ana, unbeknownst to Pedro, intends to use Marwen to better promote her husband than Ernesto, something to which Marwen agrees. Ultimately, Marwen shoots a promotional ad for Pedro.

Back at Marcos’s place, Sophia’s phone rings, and Sophia isn’t around. Marcos checks it and finds Hugo, Daniela’s son, calling. He doesn’t pick it up but confronts Sophia about hiding it from him. She says that she, being a lawyer, is helping Hugo handle his mother’s inheritance. Sophia doesn’t believe a single thing Marcos says, and she leaves.

Meanwhile, the warrant Flora requested to install audio devices inside Marcos’ home is denied. She then decides to pay Marcos’ wife Isabel a personal visit and tells her about the accident and Daniela’s murder. Filled with doubts, Isabel agrees to help and allows her to install the audio devices. It is decided that on that very night, while Isabel and Marcos will be at the latter’s father’s place for a family dinner, Flora will have her window to install the devices. 

After arriving at their parents’ place, Marcos finds out that Sophia has also been invited by Isabel. Midway through dinner, Sophia excuses herself for the restroom and goes upstairs [probably to look for a safe or anything from where she can get the money and return it to Bernie]. Marcos’s father also arrives upstairs, intending to have a chat with Sophia. She offers Sophia one million dollars to leave their family alone. This annoys Sophia a lot, and she decides to leave the place. Marcos also confronts his father after Sophia tells him about it. Finally, Marcos decides to leave too.

Meanwhile, Isabel texts Flora that she has to hurry up with whatever she is doing because they are returning home. Flora manages to complete her work in the nick of time before Marcos, Isabel, and Sophia are back. The next morning, Marcos approaches Sophia, saying that he needs her help as a lawyer to fight against his father legally.

‘Now And Then’ Episode 4 Ending Explained – What Does Hugo Know?

Later on, Flora arrives at Marcos’s apartment and tells him that there is an update on Daniela’s murder case. Daniela was being blackmailed by someone who wanted one million dollars from her. Flora tells him to “relax” as he is not a suspect anymore. That night, Marcos, Sophia, Pedro, and Ana meet at Marcos’s apartment, and Marcos tells them all that Flora told her. Meanwhile, Flora overhears all this, thanks to her audio devices. While she listens to them, her phone rings. It is Hugo, Daniela’s son. He is driving drunk and says that he has something to tell her. “Now And Then” Episode 4 ends with Hugo about to tell Flora something crucial when he loses control of his car and it flips over.

Everything is hanging by the thread of Hugo’s confession. That he has all the money is proof that he knows at least something about what his mother was going through. And since the money was the reason the five people were brought together, Hugo’s confession will shed more light on Alejandro’s murder case. But all this is only if Hugo lives to say it.

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