‘We Were The Lucky Ones’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Mila Find Fefe? 


The separate lives of the Kurcs in war-torn Europe already make for quite a devastating tale. But is the man who lives in a free land with no news about his loved ones suffering just as much? I don’t think I can answer that question, but We Were the Lucky Ones sure paints a brutal image around this thought that will leave a lingering feeling long after the end of the episode. It’s a combination of the implausible story, the hopeful narrative, and the wonderful performances by all the actors in the show that make it so captivating and heartbreaking. Of course, since there are so many members in the family, it’s hard to tell everyone’s story in each episode, so we shift from narrative to narrative as swiftly as possible while still feeling everyone’s pain and struggle equally. In this episode, we see Addy again, and it’s already been 19 months since he’s been in Rio. 

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How does Addy find happiness again? 

In April 1943, it’s been almost 2 years since Addy was in Rio. He struggles every day to keep hope for his family, whom he hasn’t heard from since 1939. Addy’s resilience falters by the day as the news reads of the struggle in Europe, specifically Poland, getting worse by the day. He finds himself making a scene at a bar and meeting Elizabeth’s mother again. She tells him it’s time to move on from his family because there is a chance they’re not around anymore. Maybe find a new woman and look to the future. I don’t see how this advice is helpful to him, but Addy looks at the piano in her house, and it makes him very sad. He still continues to write to his family despite having not heard back from them in years. Maybe this set will be the lucky one. 

In Warsaw, Halina, Mila, Jakob, Bella, and Adam try to live normal lives, ignoring whatever is happening in the ghetto so close to them. The Jews have been fighting back, but it seems the fight won’t last long. They know they won’t have homes much longer, but they continue to do what they’re doing, pretending not to be Jewish, fighting by living. Fefe struggles in the convent because she misses her mother and struggles to go by the name Barbara. Of course, this whole situation is the worst for a child who has seen nothing but war since her birth. 

In June, in Tel Aviv, Genek and his family get some rest in a beachside location, eating fresh fruit and showing their son what that’s like. The Polish army is going to fight back, and Genek is going to have to be in the field soon enough, but for now, they rest. A little while later, Genek gets some ulcers because of the change in caloric intake. While he’s being examined, he notices a familiar face, and to his utter shock, it’s his brother-in-law, Selim. A man who isn’t able to sit up properly because of his ulcers rushes to meet his dear old friend. After they discuss how they got there, both from different camps that got dissolved, Selim asks about Mila, but of course, Genek doesn’t know about her present situation either. When they get together with Herta, she reminds Selim not to lose faith because it is a choice. He’s skeptical of reaching out to Mila through the Red Cross, but Herta reminds him that they have to keep trying because miracles are possible. 

7 months later, in Warsaw, somebody recognizes Halina from Radom. Halina gives her money and her coat and tells the woman that if she sees her face again, then she will be dead. Halina doesn’t care for consequences anymore. She will do anything to stay alive. On the other hand, her master tells her that he’s leaving the town and moving to Krakow because Warsaw is going to be destroyed soon enough. He tells her that there is work waiting for her in Krakow if she will come along, but Halina tells him she has family in Warsaw. Suddenly, it’s already been a year—another birthday, Addy’s 31st and Halina’s 27th. Adam, Halina, and Mila hide out as the bombs are dropped on Warsaw. 

What Happens to the Warsaw Gang? 

In Rio, Addy makes a new acquaintance with a woman named Caroline. I suppose in the passing year, he has finally found a way to socialize, despite his sorrow. On the other hand, Genek makes it to the front as a Polish soldier in Monte Cassino, Italy. Before they go to war, Genek shows his distaste for putting his life on the line for a country that doesn’t care for him. However, Selim tells him to find his faith and pray, because like his wise wife said, faith is a choice. Genek’s never believed in God, but Selim reminds him of the love he has and tells him to think about that and about what he’d be returning to. 

Getting more supplies for themselves, Halina and Adam hear about Jews joining the fight against the Germans. They also think the Soviets will probably not be coming. They hear that their friend Rahel fought hard and got shot after getting three Germans. Adam feels guilty for not fighting, but Halina reminds him of his own words: “Just wielding a gun isn’t the only way to fight.” She reminds him that their survival would be the biggest fight they could put up. The bombs come down before they can finish their conversation, and Fefe’s convent gets bombed too. On the other hand, in Rio, unlike Elizabeth, who told Addy to forget his family, Caroline asks to know about them. She encourages him to tell him their stories so he can remember them and also have faith again. Back in Warsaw, Jakob reunites with his sisters because there’s nowhere safe anymore. The gang split up, and Halina decides to go to Krakow for help from her master because they have no money left. Adam and Mila find Fefe, who looks to be sick. They’re meant to meet back at the same place and time the next day. 

At the end of We Were the Lucky Ones episode 7, Addy goes to Elizabeth’s mother’s house and asks to play her fancy piano. He’s found a new hope, and as he plays “Felicia’s lullaby” in the background, we see Genek at the front saying a little Hebrew prayer with the thought of his family in his mind, just like Selim told him to. On the other hand, Halina is caught on the train to Krakow with no papers and imprisoned. 

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