‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 3 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Loretta Kill Ben Glenroy?


Mabel, in the seventh episode of Only Murders in the Building, had come to know that Dickie had a very strong motive to murder Ben and that he could be the killer. Dickie had told her that he was the creator of CoBro, but Ben had taken all the credit for it. Dickie hated his brother, and now Mabel had to find some evidence that could corroborate her claims. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the detailed recap of episode 8 and see if the trio of podcasters are able to make any breakthroughs in Ben Glenroy’s murder case.

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What was Dickie’s relationship with Loretta?

In Only Murders In The Building Episode 8, we got to know why Loretta had been stashing each and every news article that was printed about Ben Glenroy. Till now, Oliver had thought that she was obsessed with Ben, but that was not the case. Loretta, back in the day, had planned out her entire life, and she had decided that after finishing her graduation, she would make her grand entry into Broadway. But life had other plans for her, and she got pregnant at a very young age. Loretta gave her baby to a family who had been wanting to adopt a child since they were not able to conceive. Loretta handed over her baby and came to New York to become an actor. Things didn’t go well for her there either, and she could not even get even a single noteworthy acting job. We came to know that the baby was Dickie, Ben Glenroy’s brother and manager, and Loretta hadn’t told anybody about it as of yet. 

Miraculously, Dickie’s adoptive parents were able to conceive, and that’s when Ben was born. Dickie’s life had become a living hell after that, as Ben got all the attention and love from his parents, whereas Dickie didn’t even get credit for the things he did. Loretta had started to follow Ben, as she knew that through him, she could reach out to Dickie and tell him that she was his mother. Loretta knew that Ben Glenroy was the lead in Oliver’s play, and that is why she had come for the audition, because she knew that she would get to be around Dickie. Loretta realized how badly Ben treated Dickie, and that is why she didn’t like the man even one bit.

We had seen in the previous episode that she very openly talked about the hatred she had for Ben Glenroy, which made Oliver suspect her intentions. Dickie didn’t know that he was Loretta’s son, as till now she hadn’t gotten a chance to tell him about it. She wrote a letter, telling Dickie why she had to give him up for adoption and how all this time she had longed for him. But before she could give the letter, Detective Williams arrived at the scene and declared that the stalker had been released from police custody since the charges against him couldn’t be proved. Williams told everybody that the killer was from the cast and crew of Death Rattle and that now she would interrogate everyone.

Did Mabel, Charles, and Oliver reconcile?

Mabel came and met Oliver and Charles during the sitzprobe rehearsal and told them that she had gone ahead and recorded an episode because, clearly, they were not interested in carrying out the investigation with her. Time and again, she had asked them to take things seriously and help her find the murderer of Ben Glenroy, but they were always occupied somewhere else, and they took Mabel for granted. After Detective Williams came to the scene, Mabel needed someone to go inside the interrogation room and listen to what each and every person had to say. Charles and Oliver said that they would do the needful, though Mabel did not have any sort of trust in them.

For Charles and Oliver, it was the last chance to prove to her that they were serious about things and that she shouldn’t part ways with them. Oliver knew that Detective Williams loved seeing Charles embarrass himself, and she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see him perform if she knew that he was going to commit some blunder. Oliver laid the bait, and Williams took it as they had expected. She came to the auditorium to see Charles perform, and that’s when Oliver went and placed the GoPro camera that Tobert had given Mabel inside the room, where Williams was interrogating everybody. Charles and Mabel were able to record the testimonies of all the people through it, and Mabel couldn’t believe it when she heard about it. The trio decided to let bygones be bygones and once again work in unison and solve the murder mystery. 

Did Loretta kill Ben Glenroy?

Loretta in Only Murders In The Building Episode 8 just wanted to prove to everybody that Dickie was not the murderer. Loretta had realized that Oliver had taken her journal, and she asked him to return it to her.

Oliver apologized to Loretta for doubting her intentions and told her that after seeing the journal, he just couldn’t understand that if Loretta was not obsessed with Ben, then why did she have all those pictures and news articles about him kept in her journal? Loretta went to Mabel and started giving her the names of people who could probably have a motive to kill Ben. But she couldn’t change Mabel’s mind, and she became even more restless as she knew that if Detective Williams also thought the same, then they would put Dickie in prison. Loretta met Donna in the washroom, where the latter started telling her how she just couldn’t stop caring for her son, Cliff, and how she was ready to go to any extent for him. Those words had an impact on Loretta, and at the end of Only Murders In The Building Episode 8, she decided that before the police came and arrested Dickie, she would own up to the murder. Loretta was performing on stage when Williams came to talk to Dickie, and probably they would have interrogated and left him, just like others. But Loretta became so paranoid that she stopped performing and told Williams that she had murdered Ben Glenroy. Oliver tried stopping her, but Loretta had made up her mind. Oliver just couldn’t see Loretta taking the fall, and he probably had a minor heart attack yet again. He fell on the ground, and Charles, Mabel, and the rest of the team came running to him to take him to the hospital.

Charles and Mabel had come to know that Loretta was Dickie’s mother, as when they were sitting in the auditorium, they had taken out the journal and the letter from Loretta’s bag out of curiosity. We don’t think that Loretta has killed Ben, and now because Mabel has come to know that she was Dickie’s mother, her suspicion about Dickie would strengthen even more because she would think that Loretta was just doing it to save her son. Maybe through the recordings that Charles and Oliver had been able to get, Mabel would get to know who was the real killer, but first, she had Charles make sure that Oliver was fine. In the upcoming episodes, we would get to know if Dickie was actually the murderer and he had been fooling the authorities all this while, or if there was an altogether third person who had been able to hide his tracks and mislead Mabel and others.

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