‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Mabel Prove Gregg’s Innocence?


Oliver was in denial for the longest time in Only Murders in the Building season 3 about the fact that Loretta could have anything to do with Ben’s murder, but he knew deep down that someday he would have to face reality and, more than that, make his partners, Charles and Mabel, aware of the fact that it was Loretta who had left a message on Ben’s mirror. The trio had a heated argument at the end of the sixth episode, and Mabel had decided that she would give some thought to the offer made by Cinda Canning for collaboration as she didn’t feel that Oliver and Charles were interested in carrying out an investigation. So, let’s find out what happens between Oliver, Charles, and Mabel, and if they resolve their issues and reunite once again to solve the murder mystery.

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What Did Charles Find Out About Uma Heller?

Charles was terribly missing his buddies, and he desperately wanted to go back and make things right. But his ego got in the way, and he decided that he would let Oliver come to him first, as he was the one who had started arguing and was mean to him. But there were no calls from Oliver or Mabel, and Charles became even more restless. Meanwhile, he went to a cafe and bumped into Uma Heller.

Uma was a resident of the Arconia, and in the previous seasons of Only Murders in the Building, we had seen how she was fed up with these three amateur sleuths and the havoc they had caused in their lives. Uma had this weird habit of stealing from people and justifying it by saying that the objects she stole helped her remember the time she spent with them. She knew that she was risking her reputation as people would take her to be a kleptomaniac, but she had no qualms about it, and she unabashedly went on picking things up as and when she liked. Charles was having a conversation with her when she noticed that she had Ben Glenroy’s missing handkerchief on her. Charles asked her to give it to him as it could lead them to the murderer, but Uma refused as she had plans to sell it for money to some crazy fan. The meeting ended abruptly when Uma got up and left, and she asked Charles to pay for the huge amount of food she had ordered.

Did Dickie have a motive to murder Ben?

Theo Dimas was helping Mabel out, as after the altercation that had happened the other day, she was not talking with Charles and Oliver. Mabel kept saying that she wanted to talk to someone who was very close to Ben Glenroy so that she could get some kind of breakthrough and make some progress because, as of now, she was stranded in the dark. That’s when Theo told her that maybe she could talk to Dickie, Ben’s brother, as nobody would know the late actor better than him. Luckily, Dickie was in Arconia itself, and Mabel immediately went to have a word with him. Dickie got somewhat annoyed, and very rudely, he asked Mabel to stop encashing on his brother’s death and let him live his life in peace. But Dickie was doing pretty much the same thing.

Mabel came back after some time, when Dickie had calmed down and apologized to him, and that’s when Dickie revealed things that made him a probable suspect. Dickie said that his entire life, Ben had been taking credit for his hard work, and he was just living his life in anonymity, whereas the late actor had all the limelight and success. In Only Murders in the Building Episode 7, Mabel, Tobert, and Theo got to know that CoBro had actually been created by Dickie, and Ben Glenroy had earned millions of dollars by selling it and additionally taking all the credit for it. Mabel knew Dickie had the motive to carry out the crime, and he could very well be the murderer of Ben Glenroy.

Additionally, Dickie informed Mabel that his parents had adopted him, as for the longest time they weren’t able to conceive. But then miraculously, Ben was born, and from that day on, he became the favorite child of his parents. Probably that bitterness and hatred inside Dickie had been brewing for a very long time. He could have still dealt with the unfairness of the world, but when his own parents discriminated against him, he felt really hurt. Uma had told Charles that she had sold Ben’s handkerchief to someone, and at the end of the 7th episode, we saw Dickie sitting in his room with the same blood-stained handkerchief. In the upcoming episodes, Mabel will try to find incriminating evidence against Dickie to prove her speculation to be right. We don’t know if Dickie was the one who had killed his brother, and clearly, he didn’t look the type who could take such a grave step, but then again, a book can never be judged by its cover, and we know what vengeance could make a man do.

How Did Mabel Prove Gregg’s Innocence?

Mabel had gotten her hands on a piece of information that proved that Gregg Rivera, the stalker who had been caught by the police for Ben Glenroy’s murder, was actually innocent. Dickie had told Mabel that Ben’s watch was always 20 minutes behind, as he liked being late to events, and that’s when Mabel realized that the police had got the time of his death wrong. The police thought that his watch stopped the moment he fell, so they recorded it as the time of his death. Gregg was not present in the apartment at the actual time of his death, and Mabel recorded all this information and put it in her podcast. The police were compelled to open the files of Ben Glenroy and finally accept the fact that Mabel had been right all along.

Did Charles, Mabel, And Oliver Reunite?

Oliver had already started auditioning actors to replace Charles, and when the latter found out about it, he felt really hurt. Cliff was friends with Matthew Broderick, the actor who had not only starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but also had a lot of Broadway experience under his belt. Mathew came, and he performed like he had been preparing for the role for a long time. When Charles saw him recite those lines, he was also awestruck, and he realized that he had no chance against him. But Matthew had a problem; he complicated things to the point that people around him got annoyed. He wanted to know everything about his character, and the kind of unnecessary detailing he was doing started getting to Oliver.

Matthew gave a great performance, but Oliver was just done with him, and he decided that he was not going to put up with him any longer. Oliver kicked Matthew out of the play and took Charles back. Both the friends apologized to each other, and Oliver also told Charles about Loretta and showed him the journal that he had found in her house. Charles said upfront that he didn’t believe that Loretta was the murderer, and though Charles’ instincts were not the best of the lot, Oliver was relieved to hear from someone that they believed Loretta to be innocent. Charles advised him that she should go and talk to Loretta directly and ask her about what she knew, if it was bothering him so much.

During Only Murders in the Building Episode 7’s ending, Charles and Oliver decided that they needed to go to Mabel and apologize. They had been very rude to her the other day, but before they could do that, they found out that Mabel had already released an episode of the podcast and that she no longer lived in Arconia. In the upcoming episodes we would get to know if Mabel forgives Charles and Olivier and decides to work with them once again, and if Dickie was behind the murder of his brother or not. 

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