‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 2, Episode 5 And 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Alice Banks Trustworthy?


The most important discovery in Bunny Folger’s murder case so far has been the secret passageway that the killer used to escape after stabbing Bunny in Mabel’s apartment. The novice detectives, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, have been ruling out possible suspects in Bunny’s case, and in the previous episode of “Only Murders In The Building,” Season 2, i.e., Episode 4, they became certain that Nina Lin couldn’t be Bunny’s killer, but then the question arises, if not she, then who?

Season 2, Episode 5 of “Only Murders In The Building” brings in a new piece of evidence, which is a blood-stained (or ketchup-stained) matchbook from “The Pickle Diner.” Mabel finds the matchbook while inspecting the secret passageway again and is certain that the killer may have dropped it in there when he or she tried to escape. On the other hand, Charles went to meet his ex-girlfriend, Jan Bellows, in Hopestill Women’s Correctional Facility after she dropped numerous calls on his cellphone. In Episode 5, Charles discusses the details of Bunny’s murder scene with Jan, and she suddenly underlines the fact that the killer composed the murder scene, and thus the person that they are looking for is an artist or a storyteller. She also narrates that whoever this artist is will probably stick around till he or she has finished what he or she has started, and hence they need to look out for an artist who has recently moved into their life. The only person that fits the bill so far is Mabel Mora’s new love interest, Alice Banks.

The Shades That Alice Banks Reveals

After Bloody Mabel Mora’s pictures started trending on Instagram, Alice Banks, an artist who works at an art gallery, contacted Mabel through a video message and asked her to meet her at her art gallery. In an effort to make a change in her life, Mabel attended the exhibition and met Alice. Mabel found Alice quite interesting as a person and thus befriended her instantly. In Alice’s company, Mabel was able to forget the traumatic incident of Bunny Folger’s murder, and so, in a matter of a few episodes, Mabel developed a soft spot for Alice. While on one hand, Mabel was slowly getting attracted to Alice, on the other hand, Jan planted a seed of doubt in Charles’ mind that Alice could be the killer they were looking for. So, without wasting any moment, Charles and Oliver decided to look into her to prove their theory.

Oliver tried to dig out information about Alice through a game called “Son of Sam” and, in the end, guessed that Alice had a “tell” and was probably hiding something about herself. After a bit of interrogation, Alice confessed that she didn’t belong to a rich high-class society nor go to any prestigious school like Oxford, and she lied about it all because no one would have bought a costly painting from the daughter of a plumber from Essex. Hence, everything about Alice has been a lie, but Mabel didn’t want Charles and Oliver to investigate Alice any further, and thus they had to drop the investigation on her. However, the end of “Only Murders In The Building” (Season 2, Episode 5) revealed that Oliver was correct. It was indeed Alice who was the murderer in the game, but was she in real life too? We don’t know that yet.

Will Might Not Be Oliver’s Son.

The shocking cliffhanger of “Only Murders In The Building” Season 2, Episode 5 was that Will Putnam found out through his DNA test that his father was Greek and not Irish. The news was quite distressing for Oliver Putnam, who claimed that no one could hide a secret from him, but this particular secret probably fell on his blind spot. When Will told Oliver that his father was of Greek origin, Oliver quickly dug up the past memories and found out that there was only one Greek man who was very close to his family, and that man was his arch-nemesis, Teddy Dimas, the founder of Dimas Dips. So was it that Oliver’s wife Roberta and Teddy were having an affair in the 70s? We don’t know, but Oliver eagerly wanted to know the truth, and thus he quickly visited a facility to get his DNA reports to prove to his son that he was his father and no one else. “Only Murders In The Building” Season 2, Episode 6 ended without revealing Will’s real lineage, but we may probably get a shocking revelation in Episode 7.

‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 2, Episode 6 Ending Explained

Cinda Canning, the self-proclaimed queen of true crime podcasts, showed her interest in covering Bunny Folger’s murder case after the massive success of the “Only Murders In The Building” Season 1 Podcast. She believed she could benefit from targeting the rookie podcasters Charles, Oliver, and Mabel; thus, in Episode 6, she did an episode on Mabel Mora, who was the prime suspect of Bunny’s murder case. Cinda’s assistant, Poppy White, dug deep into Mabel’s past and found a person named Jimmy Russo, who claimed that Mabel brutally chopped off his finger when she worked at Long John Silver. His claim raised a question about Mabel’s mental stability, and Cinda didn’t miss a chance to tell her listeners that Mabel had a tendency to snap. The attack on Jimmy was the beginning of a pattern, and indeed, Bunny’s murder was a part of it. Mabel defended herself and told Cinda that Jimmy’s story was totally unreliable, but she didn’t listen to her a bit as she was more interested in fabricating the facts than going after actual truth.

Charles, on the other hand, had received an anonymous text on the night of Bunny’s murder, in which the sender asked him to leave the building. Until Episode 6, Charles believed that it was Detective Williams who sent that text, and hence he asked Mabel to send a text to the same number to get a fingerprint report on the matchbook that Mabel found in the secret passageway. The sender told them that he or she would meet them later and collect the evidence. However, the team soon found out through Detective Kreps that Williams was on maternity leave in Denver, and if Williams was in Denver, then the person sending them texts was probably no one else but the killer who killed Bunny. Hence, they decided to leave a fake evidence, a glitter bomb, to catch the killer “glitter-handed” after the unknown sender asked Charles to drop the evidence at Morningside Park. They did as they planned, but while they were waiting for the killer to show up, Charles started narrating his tragic love story with a serial killer and how he didn’t want to leave Jan. Thus, he diverted their attention while the killer arrived at the trash bin and was stunned by the sudden blast of the glitter bomb. However, he ran away as soon as Mabel noticed him/her near the bin, and thus they failed to catch the killer once again.

Mabel was extremely annoyed by their constant failures because she wanted to prove her innocence as soon as possible. Cinda Canning had been digging up one incident after another from Mabel’s past, which made her extremely uncomfortable, and to top it off, her team of investigators was nothing but a bunch of misfits who couldn’t accomplish one single thing without messing it up. In anger, Mabel walked out and went straight to Alice’s workshop/apartment, where she discovered that Alice had re-created the Bunny’s murder scene and was clicking pictures of the same. So what was Alice trying to do, or why did she enter Mabel’s life? Like any artist looking for inspiration, Alice probably found Mabel’s tragic story quite thrilling, and she decided to do a photo story exhibition on it, which might be the only reason why she was so interested in Bunny Folger’s murder case. Mabel had been getting quite a lot of attention, and each and every person wanted to exploit that. They wanted to use the material for their own greed, and if Alice fell into that category, then indeed, Mabel would lose a lover in this season too.

At the end of “Only Murders In The Building” Season 2, Episode 6, we saw Mabel stepping onto the subway train where she witnessed a person with red glitter on his/her body, which was probably the same glitter from Oliver’s glitter bomb. Mabel decided to catch the killer. However, the end didn’t reveal the details of what Mabel exactly tried to do, but it did establish one fact: in order to stop the killer from running away, Mabel stabbed the killer’s arm (or at least it looked like it in the video that Oliver received from his son and was recorded by one of the passengers in the subway). The passengers called it the second attack of Bloody Mabel, and this particular incident would prove Cinda Canning’s claim that Mabel indeed had a tendency to snap. So did Mabel kill Bunny Folger? Certainly not, but how Charles, Oliver, and Mabel prove their innocence will be something to look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

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