‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 2: Recap/ Ending – How Does Yeon-Su Find Ung’s Secret Identity?


The second episode of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ shows a glimpse of the past relationship of Yeon-Su and Ung and their accidental comedic encounter after 5 years. The episode also suggests potential Love Square be formed among the characters.

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How Does Yeon Su Find the Secret Identity of Ung?

Ung lets Yeon Su inside the house after spraying water on her face. She has a work proposal for artist Ko-o and has come to meet him, not Choi Ung. Ung declines to be the said artist at first but later admits after listening to Yeon Su’s explanation. They had dated for five years, and hence, Yeon Su knew quite a lot about Ung. The buildings drawn by Ko-o are in the same neighborhood as Ung, and he doesn’t go out much. Also, in an interview, Ko-o said that he does not draw people, which he had told Yeon Su when they were dating. She knew his drawing style as well. When all the dots connected, it led her to Choi Ung.

Ung, however, criticized her for making an excuse for meeting him again. He refused her proposal even before she could complete it. She leaves the proposal on his desk and leaves when singer NJ comes in. Ung follows Yeon Su outside and throws salt at her. After their break up, Ung had told Yeon Su that he would spray water and salt at her if she ever met him again, and he kept his promise in a humorous way.  

Do You Like Me That Much?

Yeon Su and Ung’s was a love story of enemies to lovers. Two people who couldn’t stand each other somehow ended up; dating each other. But if there was one thing that Yeon Su wanted to hear from Ung, that would be how much he likes her. To get that answer from him, she would always ask him a question of ‘What if…?’. The question would always include some bizarre situations in which they could break up. Although he never said that he would break up, Yeon Su only wanted to hear why he wouldn’t break up, that how much he liked her. 

In 5 years of their relationship, she kept asking him similar questions but never got the wanted answer. Ung was free-spirited and lived every day as it went. He knew his feelings and didn’t need to say them in words. Yeon Su lived by rules and always wanted confirmation of Ung liking him. When she didn’t get that, she thought Ung was dense and immature, and she broke up with him. 

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 2: Ending – Ji Ung Agrees To Do The Documentary 

Idol singer NJ has asked Ko-o to draw her own buildings. When Ko-o doesn’t give her a confirmation, she texts him to respond to her offer. He leaves her message on ‘read,’ which makes NJ think that he does not care much. NJ not only likes K o-o’s drawing style but also his thoughts, which are similar to hers. After meeting Ko-o, she starts having a little fun in her otherwise mundane life. She skips her busy schedule to go meet Ung.

Kim Ji Ung sees Yeon Su in their neighborhood and goes to talk to her. He is confused to see her, but she later explains the project. He goes to the office and checks out the original documentary film of Yeon Su and Ung as per his colleague’s suggestion. He keeps on looking at clips of Yeon Su, creating an assumption that he might have had a crush on Yeon Su in High School. After watching the documentary, he calls his boss and agrees to do its second part.

Now, with Yeon Su and Ung meeting again, NJ starting to develop feelings for Ung and Ji Ung having a potential crush on Yeon Su; it will be interesting to watch how this Love Square progresses further in upcoming episodes.

Our Beloved Summer is a 2021 South Korean Romantic Drama directed by Kim Yoon-Jin. It is streaming on Netflix.


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