‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 3: Recap/Ending – Will They Do The Documentary?


In Our Beloved Summer, the love-hate relationship of Yeon-Su and Ung has been going on since their high school days. Now, they meet again, and everything is still the same. Doing the documentary means getting involved in each other’s life one more time. It’s a tough job for Kim Ji Ung to convince them both and Episode 3 underlines the hustle.

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‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 3: Recap

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 3 gives us more insights into Yeon-Su and Ung’s relationship in the past. Yeon-Su was rude, arrogant, and selfish. She lacked social skills and had barely one friend. People were always surprised to know that she had a boyfriend, how could anyone handle her behavior, they would ask. All of these aspects of her personality were true, but there was a side to her that she only showed to Ung. It was kind, considerate, and protective. She was ready to go on fists against the guys who bullied Ung.

Ung and Yeon-Su lived in the same neighborhood but never encountered each other in the past five years, but suddenly they are crossing paths more often. Their encounters are more so childish than not. When Ung falls down from bike or when he’s drunk, or when they meet in a supermarket and their paper bag tears down one after the other, every time it ends up in an argument. They act like they don’t care but still hold a grudge towards each other.  

What Happened After The Breakup?

Ung and Yeon Su’s breakup was brutal, more so for Ung. He liked Yeon Su, but she did not want to be with him anymore. Yeon Su never told Ung the reason she broke up. Ung couldn’t cope with the breakup well. He started drinking beyond the limit, created a ruckus at night, missed classes the next morning. He wouldn’t come out of his room and draw buildings for hours. What bothered him the most was that Yeon Su didn’t look much bothered after ending their 5 years long relationship.

Yeon Su acted as if nothing noteworthy had happened in her life. She kept herself busy studying and doing part-time jobs. Her only friends tried to let her open up, but Yeon Su closed herself more and more. She was also broken inside but didn’t show anything on the outside. When she cries in her bathroom, turning on the tap shows her vulnerability. She always tries to hide her emotions because she does not want to look weak. Five years have passed, and she hasn’t changed a bit.  

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 3: Ending

Yeon-Su does not want to deal with Ung again, and since Ung has already denied working on a project with her, she removes his name from it and tries to recruit the artist Nu-a who has a similar style to Ko-o. Ung has a lot going on in his mind and asks his manager to get him more work to keep himself busy. He says that he will think about the project that Yeon-Su has proposed. His manager, who is also his friend, worries if he is disturbed because of Yeon-Su coming back.

Kim Ji Ung is trying hard to convince Yeon Su and Ung to do the documentary. When they don’t agree by the simple way, he takes the other way. After their breakup, Ung did everything that Yeon Su hated. Ji Ung used the same reason to provoke Ung. He told him that Yeon-Su hated the idea of doing the documentary more than him. This thing keeps running in his mind. 

Yeon-Su’s client wants to cancel the deal if the artist Ko-o is not attending, which makes her obliged to convince or beg Ung if needed. Before reaching out to Ung, his manager confirms artist Ko-o’s appearance on the project. When Yeon-Su finds this out, she goes to Ung, and he tells her that she will have to do the documentary, only then he will do her project.

Ung is a comic character who would hurt himself just to hurt someone else more. His outlook towards life can easily make him what you would call a comfort-character. Now Yeon-Su has no choice but to accept this deal, and their lives are about to get chaotic again.

Our Beloved Summer is a 2021 South Korean Romantic Drama streaming on Netflix.

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