‘Parish’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Garcian’s Son?


Directed by Sunu Goenra, Parish is the story of a man named Garcian Grey Parish, who used to be a thug back in the day but had taken retirement and decided to start a legitimate business. Garcian was an expert conman, and he was known for not leaving any trail behind him. Garcian had decided that he would never enter the crime world again, but his obligations made him change his decision. He knew that he needed to find avenues from which he could make some profit. His business was doing well, so when Colin came to him with an offer, he couldn’t resist his impulses, and he decided to do one last job. So let’s find out what happened with Garcian and if Colin and he were able to do the job successfully.

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What did Colin want Garcain to do? 

In the beginning of Parish Episode 1, we saw that Garcian was driving a red Porsche Macan when the police car came from behind and asked him to stop. Garcian knew that if they checked his car, then the game would be over, and so he drove as if his life depended on it. There were things that were going on inside Garcia’s mind that gave us an idea about his perceptions and sensibilities. Garcian believed that he had become a passenger in his own life, and he needed to take charge of things. There was a sense of things falling apart that was making him uneasy. There was not even a single thing going his way, and he was neither financially nor emotionally stable. He had agreed to do that con-job also because he was desperate. He had retired from that life long ago, but he came back because he knew that he had certain responsibilities. Even though Garcian was a criminal, he was a man of integrity, and that is why people respected him. 

Parish episode 1 takes us back a few days when Colin approached Garcian and asked him to help him with a job. Garcian was very good at what he did, but as stated earlier, he had renounced that life. He wanted to focus on his family, and he wanted to be the best version of himself. Colin told Garcian that there was an international gangster named Shepherd, aka The Horse, and he had asked him to break into a building and bring a package. Now Colin used to work for The Horse, and the last time around, while on a job, he had committed some blunder. He knew that he needed to do this delivery to make up for his mistake. He knew that The Horse was a dangerous man, and if he didn’t do his work, then he would get killed. Colin requested Garcian to help him for the last time, but the latter had already made up his mind and he told him that he didn’t want to enter the swamp once again. Garcian did not agree at that moment, but then later certain things happened that made him change his decision. 

What happened to Garcian’s son? 

Garcian’s business was not doing well, and they were on the verge of going bankrupt. Rose, Garcian’s wife, advised him that they should change houses and start living in a less expensive neighborhood. There was a cap on her salary, too, and Rose knew that if things went like that, they wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. But Garcian was adamant about staying in the same house. His family had created lots of fond memories there; they had raised their kids in that house; they had shared bittersweet moments together, and that was why Garcian was very sure that changing houses was something that he would be able to do. Something had happened to Garcian’s son back in the day, and the sadness and grief in his eyes told us that the cause of his death was not natural. Garcian’s daughter, Makayla, on the other hand, had other issues with her father. She felt that he was never there for her. She told him on the dining table that she had wanted to learn to drive for the longest time, and until that day, Garcian had not taken the effort to help her do that. She said that had it been Maddox, then he would have taught him. Garcian loved his daughter, and he realized that he needed to do something before it was too late. Garcian first went and accepted the offer that Colin gave him, and then he let her daughter drive his car for the very first time. 

Was Garcian able to deliver the package? 

Garcian met The Horse and his brother, Zenzo Tangai, for the very first time. Horse realized that Garcian was a man of integrity and that he was pretty good at what he did. Garcian could feel the tension in the air, and he knew that any kind of association with The Horse wasn’t good for him. But at that time, he was desperate. He needed the money, and that was all that mattered. So Garcian was asked to pick up a lawyer named Peter, who was supposed to take them inside his office and open his safe. Peter and Colin went inside the building, and Garcian waited for them downstairs. Peter tried to act smart, and he told Colin that his partners had changed the safe lock combination. He called one of his partners and probably made him realize that he was in danger. Though the safe opened and Colin was able to procure the package, the police came and surrounded the building. Garcian realized that he would have to make certain improvisations, so he burned his car and stole that same red Porsche Macan that we saw him driving at the beginning of Parish episode 1.

Garcain and Colin took Peter with them and handed over the package to The Horse. Zenzo and The Horse didn’t like the fact that such a mess was created when it was supposed to be a quiet job. Zenzo killed Peter, and together with Horse, they left the scene. Horse didn’t do anything to Garcian because he probably liked him, and it could also be possible that the former knew that he could use him in the future, too. Garcian, at that moment, realized that it was not the best decision to accept Colin’s offer but then now there was no going back. In the subsequent episodes of Parish, we would get to know where Garcian’s life leads him and if he is able to overcome the conflict in his personal and professional life. 

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