‘Peacemaker’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending – What Do The Alien Butterflies Want?


In a screenplay, there is a point of no return where all the opposing forces stand up against the protagonist, and now he/she is left with only one option, which is to jump off the cliff or take the necessary action to survive, thrive, or become a hero. This point usually brings fireworks to the screen in action films and gives out the much-needed adrenaline rush that viewers yearn for. Fortunately, “Peacemaker” Episode 6 brings us to the point of no return in Chris’ life, and it will be exciting to see where the events turn.

The major highlights of “Peacemaker” Episode 6 follow Murn’s secret identity as a righteous butterfly, which now everyone knows about except Chris and Vigilante. On the other hand, Auggie Smith is released from prison and slips into his White Dragon costume to exact revenge on his son and kill him, while the alien butterflies finally come out of their hives to dominate the human world.

Clemson Murn – The ‘Nice’ Fly

In “Peacemaker,” Episode 5, Leota uses Chris’ x-ray vision helmet and discovers that an alien butterfly is hiding inside Murn’s head. She instantly freaks out and runs out of the office to save her life, but Murn chases her down the street. As episode 6 begins, Harcourt comes to Leota’s rescue and reveals to her that everyone knows that Murn is a butterfly except her, Chris, and Vigilante.

Murn (or the butterfly inside his head) finally reveals the origin of these alien butterflies and informs Leota about the destruction of their planet that compelled them to come to Earth. For a long time, they have been living in hiding until the Queen Butterfly, “Eek Stack Ik Ik,” hiding inside Senator Goff’s head, decided to dominate the human world. They started leeching and using affluent human bodies as hosts to fulfill their ulterior motive of world domination. Still, the oversensitive butterfly inside Murn’s body opposed the plan and became the sole dissenter. He probably informed Amanda Waller about the butterfly invasion so that she would recruit a team to stop them from taking over the planet.

Continuing his pursuit to stop the tyrannical butterflies, Murn informs his team about “the cow,” a large animal that the alien milk for amber goo, which is their only source of food and fodder on the planet. Economos tracks down a secret supply station in Coverdale Ranch, and Murn suspects that the aliens may be hiding the cow in a burrow under the ranch. He believes that once they kill the cow to end the alien’s food supply, the butterflies will die of starvation or be compelled to leave the planet, which means Murn will have to leave too, or die, whichever happens, earlier.

Detective Sophie Song Turns The Table Upside Down

In “Peacemaker” Episode 5, Auggie Smith gives a lead to Detective Song and reveals that the fingerprints they procured from the crime scene in Episode 1 belong to his son, Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker. Song conducts an investigation and figures that Auggie is indeed telling the truth. However, when she tries to release Auggie, Captain Locke intervenes and rejects the plea. With no option left at her disposal, Song approaches her uncle, Judge William Judy, to release Auggie and get a search warrant for Chris’ trailer.

Captain Locke, a part of Project Butterfly, informs Murn about the warrant, while Chris and Vigilante decide to interrogate Queen Butterfly “Eek Stack Ik Ik,” whom he had locked inside a pickle jar. As soon as Chris gets the information about the police approaching, he tells Vigilante to take the butterfly jar and sneak out of the trailer. However, Detective Song finds out that someone is hiding in the bushes, and when she approaches the woods, Vigilante falls down from the tree, breaking the glass jar along with it. Queen Butterfly attacks Song and takes her host while Locke helps Peacemaker and Vigilante escape.

Soon, an infected Song contacts her army of alien butterflies with the help of a computer in the police station. The butterflies arrive in compact spaceships, similar to the vessel that Chris found in Annie Sturphausen’s apartment in Episode 2. The aliens come out of the vessels and hail their queen, who they follow to the police station.

Queen Butterfly "Eek Stack Ik Ik,"
Credits: HBO Max

‘Peacemaker’ Episode 6: Ending

On the beats of “Reckless Love-Monster,” James Gunn designs a high-adrenaline sequence that thrones the two potent antagonists of the show. In one part, Auggie Smith opens his quantum unfolding storage facility and finally slips into the supervillain costume, thereby transforming into the menacing “White Dragon,” who is hailed by a gang of supremacists clans goons. On the other hand, Queen Butterfly in Song’s body infects the entire police station, where they infect all the prisoners and the officers to build an army to dominate the human world.

A short flashback sequence establishes that Auggie believes that Chris attacked his brother, Keith, during their childhood, because of which Keith died from a seizure. However, the memory is a bit faded, and Chris might have his reasons for the outburst. But it is a possibility that it might all be a misunderstanding. This confusion will be sorted out in the upcoming episodes, eventually ending his father’s hatred towards him.

Chris and Vigilante still don’t know about Murn’s secret identity. However, he gets an idea that his extended family or the team is hiding something from him, and these revelations may shake him down a little bit. As the narrative moves ahead, we witness the sensitive side of the muscular guy, which even Harcourt points out. However, before Chris gets too sensitive and gives up killing for peace completely, the episode introduces a nightmare that will compel Chris to kill aliens to maintain peace.

At the beginning of the episode, Murn informs Leota that a butterfly has access to its host memory. The point is further explored in the ending sequence, when a butterfly infects Captain Locke and finds Peacemaker’s diary that Leota planted in his trailer, following her mother’s orders. At a press conference, Locke uses the diary as evidence against Chris and informs the media that Chris is delusional and paranoid and thinks (written in his diary) that the world is inhabited by aliens posing as human beings, and he kills them to end the alien invasion. Locke links Peacemaker to the murder of Annie Sturphausen, Senator Royland Goff and his family, and 33 victims massacred at the Glan Tai Bottling Plant, and therefore unleashes the entire army of police officers to arrest the monster.

It can be speculated that Amanda Waller forced Leota to plant the diary in Chris’ trailer as a safety measure in case of any mishap or mess-up with Project Butterly. She did the same thing in ‘The Suicide Squad‘ when she framed the villains for the deaths and destruction in Corto Maltese. Hence, her final move might be to label Chris as a psycho and blame him for every bit of bloodshed that happened during the secret project. Unfortunately, the diary falls into the wrong hands and creates a mess out of things, which may work in Chris’s favor and make him a hero at the end of the day.

‘Peacemaker’ Episode 6 is streaming on HBO Max.

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