‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: What To Expect In Season 2?


Since the beginning of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1, the trio – Annabeth, Percy, and Grover – had been trying to find the Master Bolt, as they knew that if they didn’t return it on time, Zeus would wage a war against Poseidon, which would impact each and every living being. With time, Percy figured out that a war between Zeus and Poseidon was not the end game, and whoever was pulling the strings had some other hidden agenda that even the Gods didn’t know about. Percy’s mother was stuck in Hades’ realm, and when he went there, he found that Hades also didn’t know what was happening and he was not the mastermind of the entire conspiracy. Hades’ helm had been stolen, and he had no clue what happened to Master Bolt. Percy and his friends figured out quite later in the series that it was Ares who deceived his father and was working for Kronos. Kronos wanted to take revenge on Zeus, and he was rising from the abyss with the help of a few who believed in him. So, let’s recap the finale of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and find out if Percy is able to restore peace in the realm of Gods.

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How Did Percy Get The Helm?

Percy was standing in front of the God of War, Ares, and he knew that, theoretically, he didn’t stand a chance. He was small; he was much weaker, but still, he had the courage. He had the grit and the determination, and even when he knew that the odds were not in his favor, he was not ready to surrender. At that moment, Percy remembered what Luke told him once during a training session. Luke had told him that no matter how shrewd or conniving his opponent was, they would have to abide by certain rules of the war. Percy challenged Ares to a one-on-one encounter, and the latter readily agreed. Probably, Percy knew in the back of his mind that his father would never abandon him. His father had told his mother that one day, when Percy was ready to accept his fate and knew who he was, he would come in front of him and help his cause. Percy told Ares that if he won, he would get to keep the Master Bolt, and in addition to that, Ares would also return Hades’ helm. Ares attacked Percy with full force, and Annabeth and Grover stood there, not knowing what they should do. Ares was too powerful for Percy, but still, the little boy didn’t give up. Percy was down and out, and that’s when we saw a huge wave rising in the sea. Poseidon finally came to help his son. Ares got hit by the wave, and he accepted his defeat. He told Percy that he had made an enemy for life and that they would meet once again. Ares left the scene, leaving the helm of Hades behind. The kids found Alecto, and they handed over the helm to her, hoping that it would make something right and bring the world back to normalcy. 

What Happened Between Zeus And Percy?

Percy knew that he was terribly late, and even if he returned the Master Bolt, Zeus might end up killing him. Annabeth and Grover were both against him going into Zeus’s realm, as they knew what could potentially happen to him. But Percy was adamant, and he decided that he would at least give it a shot so that when the world came down, and the Gods went to war, he would at least know that he tried his level best to make things right. 

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 8, Zeus and Percy finally met. Percy gave him the Master Bolt and requested him to not wage a war against Poseidon since it was all Kronos’ doing. But Zeus was not convinced, and he asked Percy to leave his realm and go back before he changed his mind and killed him. But Percy was as stubborn as Zeus, and he told him to open his eyes and see the kind of mess his family was in. Zeus got angry, and he was about to kill Percy when Poseidon arrived, and he asked his brother to spare the life of his son. Poseidon surrendered, and he told Zeus that nothing mattered to him more than saving his son. Zeus spared Percy’s life and asked Poseidon to make sure that he never came in front of him in the future. Poseidon used the Marble Stone given to Percy earlier by Nereid to make the boy escape from Zeus’s realm. Poseidon, after the encounter, realized one thing about his son: that, just like the sea, he was also unrestrained by nature, and he had a knack for breaking the rules and following his instincts.

Who Was The Friend Who Betrayed Percy?

The Master Bolt was returned, and in Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 8, the kids finally came back to the camp. They saw Clarisse standing there, and they were shocked, as according to them, it was an established fact that the Master Bolt had been stolen by her. That’s when they realized that Chiron probably didn’t have any knowledge about it, and the news had not been conveyed to him. The oracle at the beginning of Percy Jackson and the Olympians had told the boy that he would be betrayed by one friend, and he wouldn’t be able to save that one thing that mattered to him the most. That’s when Percy connected the dots and realized that it was Luke and not Clarisse who had stolen the Master Bolt. 

It was Luke who had conspired together with Ares, and wanted to wage a war against the Gods and usher in the age of Kronos once again. Luke believed that the Gods had been terrible parents to them, and they were selfish people who didn’t care about their kids. Luke asked Percy to join forces with him, but Percy didn’t agree. The two entered into combat, and Annabeth came and attacked Luke, forcing him to use the portal and escape from there. Luke had the belief that one day, Percy’s mind would change, and he would fight alongside him. He told him that he would wait for that day to arrive.

What To Expect In Season 2?

During Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ ending, we saw that Percy woke up from his dream, and he found his mother standing right in front of him, asking him to wake up as he was getting late for school. It was as if nothing had ever happened, and it was all one big nightmare, but Percy knew that was not the truth. He knew that whatever he had witnessed through his psychic powers had actually happened in real life, though it might all seem too strange to be true. In the post credit scene we saw that the head of Medusa came at Percy’s doorstep and his stepfather Gabe opened it only to be turned into a stone sculpture. It meant that Medusa was free of captivity and now she would try to take revenge on Percy and his friends in season 2.

As of now, there is no official confirmation about season 2, but considering the first season left us on such a cliffhanger, I believe that the makers will extend the storyline and tell us what happened with Percy and if he and his friends will be able to win the battle against Kronos. Though Zeus had called off the war after Poseidon accepted his defeat, there were other people who posed a threat to the realm of Gods. Kronos was still out there, and just before waking up, Percy saw him in his dreams. Kronos said that Percy’s survival was of the utmost importance for him to emerge victorious. As of then, Percy didn’t know what it meant, but surely, he would try to find answers together with Annabeth and try to get a step ahead of his adversary.

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