‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 3 Recap: Why Did Yoon Eun-Seong Call Hae-In For Dinner?


In Queen of Tears episode 2, Hyeon-woo did something that nobody expected. He killed a wild boar and saved Hae-in, who had no clue what to do at that moment. Yoon Eun-seong’s arrival had changed certain things, and clearly, it had made Hyeon-woo not take his wife for granted. When Hyeon-woo saw Eun-seong flirting with his wife, he felt a pang in his heart, which he hadn’t felt for a long time. He didn’t know why he was feeling insecure when he had already decided to file for divorce. So, let’s recap Queen of Tears episode 3 and find out if the couple was able to bridge the gap between them.

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What happened at the hunting retreat? 

It all happened in a split second when Hyeon-woo came in front of Hae-in and killed the wild boar. At that moment, for some reason, Hae-in went back to that time when Hyeon-woo took her to his hometown and very innocently told her that he would look after her no matter what. Hyeon-woo asked Hae-in if he could lift her up, as before she had asked him to not display his affection so publicly and not make it so obvious for everyone else to notice. The weirdest thing that happened with Hae-in was the fact that she was feeling butterflies in her stomach as if she had met Hyeon-woo for the first time in her life. She was not able to understand what was happening with her, and she even asked her office assistant if it was normal to feel so or not. 

But at the retreat, chairman Hong Man-dae and others too complimented Hyeon-woo and told how difficult it was to kill a wild boar. Hae-in told everybody that Hyeon-woo served in the army, and just because he did not hunt animals, people underestimated him. For Hae-in, the entire episode was like a recreation of a fairy tale where her prince charming came in front of her and saved her from the beast. That night, Hyeon-woo felt very awkward sleeping beside Hae-in, whereas the latter accepted her feelings. Hae-in told Hyeon-woo to cuddle her while sleeping, but Hyeon-woo just froze there and didn’t do anything. 

Hyeon-woo’s entire plan was failing in front of his eyes, and he couldn’t understand why he was doing so. His friend and advisor had clearly told him to do things so that Hae-in changed her will and left some of her assets and properties in Hyeon-woo’s name. But Hyeon-woo didn’t care about what the plan was and followed his impulses. The most intriguing part was that even he was a bit surprised at what he was doing. Hyeon-woo was particularly jealous of Yoon Eun-Seong, and the latter was also experiencing some strange feelings. Yoon Eun-seong was attracted to Hae-in, and at first, he felt that he had a chance with her, probably because he had an idea about how things were going between her and Hyeon-woo.

What did Hyeon-woo’s family want? 

In Queen of Tears episode 3, Hyeon-woo’s brother and sister came to meet Hae-in, and they just wanted to convince her not to file for divorce. They had a lot of complaints from Hae-in as she never participated in any family functions, but once they got to know that she wanted to file for divorce, their entire behavior towards her changed. The thing was that there was a huge gap in the financial status of the two families, and so the two parties could never mingle and socialize together. This was a huge issue, and nobody had ever tried to bridge the gap. 

Hae-in’s parents never made any effort to get to know Hyeon-woo’s family, and probably that was one of the problems that he would need to address in the long run. Hae-in didn’t understand a lot of things that Hyeon-woo’s siblings said to her, but she still got the gist of it. She realized that they didn’t want her to get a divorce, though they were not aware of the recent developments that had happened during the hunting session. Hyeon-woo was shocked when he got to know that his siblings had come to meet his wife, as he had no clue about their plans. 

Why Did Yoon Eun-Seong Call Hae-In For Dinner? 

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 3, we saw that Eun-Seong told Hae-in that he had fixed a meeting with Mr. Hermann and that he was going to meet her for dinner. Hae-in arrived on time, but she found out that Mr. Hermann hadn’t come, and Eun-seong said that because of some urgent work, he had to leave. I won’t be surprised if later we come to know that Eun-seong always knew that Mr. Hermann wasn’t going to come, or maybe he didn’t call him in the first place. It was very evident from the previous episode that Eun-seong wanted to spend time with Hae-in, and he wanted to know what was so special about Hyeon-woo that she fell for him. Hae-in told him upfront that if he was expecting her to badmouth her husband, then she was not going to do so. 

One good thing about Hae-in was that no matter how angry she felt at her husband, she didn’t like it when others criticized him. She used to defend her husband if anyone said anything against him. She told Eun-seong that her husband was a good man, and even though they might have their differences, she respected him. Hyeon-woo, on the other hand, got to know that his wife was with Eun-seong, and he got very insecure. He started calling her, but Eun-seong switched her mobile off, making Hyeon-woo even more restless. He was anxiously waiting for her at the entrance gate when she arrived in Eun-seong’s car. Hae-in was drunk, and Hyeon-woo was very surprised, as generally, she didn’t drink that much. Hyeon-woo was extremely jealous of Eun-Seong, and though he didn’t ask about it specifically, he just wanted to know if something had happened between them. Eun-seong also seized the opportunity, and he made sure that Hyeon-woo felt the pinch. 

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 3, Hyeon-woo and Hae-in came very close to each other, and the former felt really awkward as he didn’t know if he should back down or go ahead with his impulse. Hyeon-woo was still restricting himself, and he was in two minds as to what he should do. On one end, he just wanted a share of her properties, but on the other, he cared for her, loved her, and craved that same feeling when he met her for the first time in his life. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know if Hyeon-woo and Hae-in mend their relationship and bridge the gap that exists between them or if some misunderstanding yet again makes them fall apart.

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