‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Hyun Woo Do During Hunting?


The previous episode of Queen of Tears left us on a cliffhanger, and we got to know that Hae-in was suffering from some terminal illness, and she had only 3 months to live. At that moment, Hyun Woo had come to tell her that he was going to file for divorce, but the revelation made him hide that fact, and instead, he ended up showing his affection, probably after a long time. It felt as if Hyun Woo had altogether stopped feeling anything for his wife. He didn’t care for her, and he didn’t love her. Somewhere deep down, he was relieved about the fact that he was going to get rid of her. So let’s find out what happened in Queen of Tears episode 2 and if Hyun Woo and Hae-in were able to rekindle that spark that once existed between them.

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What did Hyun Woo want to do? 

Hyun Woo told his friend, who was also his attorney, that his wife was probably going to die in three months. Hyun Woo was sadistically happy about the fact that he would get rid of her, and for that, he would not have to go through the trouble of filing a divorce. It was not a very kind thought to have, but Hyun Woo felt what he did, and there were times where he couldn’t hide his happiness. Hae-in had already written her will, and in the event of her death, no property or assets were going to go to Hyun Woo. Hyun Woo was fine with that fact as long as he got his freedom back, but in Queen of Tears episode 2, his friend gave him an idea and told him to do as he said. His friend said that if, in those 3 months, he was able to pretend that he loved his wife, and if Hae-in believed him, then she would probably change her will and leave the Queen department store for him. Hyun Woo said that he was not going to do any such thing, but he started doing exactly what his friend told him the very next day. He brought flowers for Hae-in, he looked after her well-being, he made sure she ate and slept on time, and it all became way too evident for everybody that something was not right with Hyun Woo.

Even Hae-in felt that her husband was just pretending and that he had some other ulterior motive that he was not revealing. Hyun-woo was curious to know if, miraculously, her tumor could get cured or not. He wanted to be sure that he was getting his freedom back in the next 3 months. He fell asleep while doing his research online, and Hae-in came and saw all the tabs that were opened on his laptop. Now Hae-in, after seeing those tabs, felt like her husband actually wanted her to live, which is why he was looking to see if her disease could be cured. Hae-in believed that Hyun Woo was probably sad and shocked after he learned about her illness. Hyun-woo, on the other hand, knew that he had made a near escape and that he needed to be more cautious in the future.

Why was Hae-in’s mother prejudiced against her? 

It was very evident from the previous episode of Queen of Tears that Hae-in’s mother favored her son, Hong Oo-Cheol, way too much, and she had something against her daughter, which is why she treated her so rudely. Hae-in had also learned to reply back to her, as there were times when she did things that made Hae-in angry way too much. Now, Hong Soo-cheol had paid 8 billion more in taxes due to some miscalculation, and Hyun Woo had informed the chairman, i.e., Hong Soo-cheol’s grandfather. Hae-in’s mother was enraged, and she wanted to go and talk to Hyun Woo and ask him why he couldn’t keep it a secret. Hae-in and her mother often had very heated arguments, and the former’s father always tried to mediate things between them. Hae-in’s mother blamed her for the death of her child, Su-wan. We don’t know what happened back in the day, but clearly, Hae-in’s mother couldn’t forgive her for what she had done. 

Hae-in was going to build her department store on a piece of land that belonged to her mother. She had obtained the proper permission before doing that, but her mother told her that she was filing a petition to stop the construction, as her lawyer had advised her to do so. Hae-in got very angry when she heard about that, and she felt like her mother was unnecessarily trying to create problems in her life. An American-Korean private equity fund investor named David Yoon was looking to invest a couple of trillion won in Seoul. He had come down to Korea, and he was the reason Mr. Hermann was able to launch his much-talked-about brand named Hercyna. Mr. Hermann’s right-hand man was his ex-boyfriend, Eun Sung. They hadn’t talked to each other in years, but Eung Sung still believed that it was one of the best relationships he was in, and if it were left to him, he would have never broken up with Hae-in. Hae-in’s mother wanted her to invite Eun Sung for dinner, as she felt that Hong Soo-cheol could strike some deal with him and invest in some profitable venture to earn some money and prove to his grandfather that he was also as competent as his sister. Hae-in agreed to it, as her mother told her that if she did that, then she would not file the complaint that she was going to. 

What did Hyun Woo do during hunting? 

Hyun Woo might have acted selfishly; he might have been extremely rude to his wife; he might have wished for her to die, but the fact that he once loved her couldn’t be erased. Hae-in was suffering from a rare tumor called cloud cystoma, and the chances of her survival were bleak. Eun Sung met Hyun-woo at the launch party, and the latter was quite indifferent when he got to know that his wife had dated Eun Sung. Eun Sung told him on his face that either he had too much trust in his wife or he didn’t care what she did or where she went. Hyun Woo might not have felt anything when Eun Sung told him about his past with Hae-in, but later in Queen of Tears, when he saw both of them chatting, it pricked him. Every year, Hae-in’s grandfather brought everybody to a privately owned mountain range, where they all hunted together. It was believed that whoever killed the most animals had the best business mind. Hyun Woo never used to kill any animals, and Hae-in often told him to hunt some animals so that others wouldn’t mock him. But this time around, things were different. Firstly, Hyun Woo was feeling this animosity towards Eun Sung, and his thoughts were not in sync with his actions. While pretending to care for his wife, I personally believe he had started feeling the same for her as he once did.

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 2, he saved Hae-in’s life as he came right on time and killed a wild boar that was charging towards her. Because of her illness, Hae-in used to zone out a lot of times, and when she was in the jungle, a similar thing happened. But she was lucky that Hyun Woo was around, and he saved her life. Maybe this was the beginning of a new phase of their lives where they understood each other better. Maybe in the subsequent episode, we will see a change in the narrative, and Hyun Woo might start feeling something similar to what he felt when he first saw Hae-in interning in the department store. 

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