‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Hyun Woo And Hae-In Meet? 


Queen of Tears, directed by Kim Hee-won Young-woo Jang, is the story of a girl coming from an extremely privileged background who fell in love with a middle-class boy. It felt like a fairy tale until things went haywire between them, and they no longer wanted to see each other’s faces. So, let’s recap the first episode of Queen of Tears and find out if the couple was able to save their marriage in the end.

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How did Hyun Woo and Hae-in meet? 

Hong Hae-in was interning at her family-owned department store franchise, and nobody knew that she was the granddaughter of the man who started the company. Hae-in got scolded every other day, and Hyun-woo, who also worked there, tried to help her in whatever manner he could. Hae-in couldn’t even operate the photocopy machine properly, and she had a hard time coping with the work culture. Hyun Woo was attracted to Hae-in, but for the longest time, he didn’t express his real feelings to her. But then, one day, both of them were the last ones left in the office, and they were stuck there as it was raining heavily. Hyun Woo mustered up the courage, and he told Hae-in that he was attracted to her and that even if he didn’t work after marriage, he was financially sound enough that he could support both of them. The innocent boy didn’t know that he was talking to a woman who was the heir to an empire that was worth more than a billion won. Hae-in had never met a man like Hyun Woo, and eventually, she also fell for him. They both had a dream wedding, and both of them were very happy about the fact that they were finally going to start a new journey with their soul mates. Little did they know that the future wouldn’t be like they were expecting it to be. A lot of people thought that Hyun Woo married Hae-in because of her money, but that was not true. He actually fell for her, and for the longest time, he didn’t even know that she came from such a privileged background. After marriage, Hyun Woo was made the director of the Queen franchise and more than him; his family was happy about his success. 

Why did Hyun Woo and Hae-in want to divorce? 

In Queen of Tears episode 1, we saw that, eventually, things went sour between Hyun Woo and Hae-in, and though they lived in the same house, they stopped talking to each other. Hyun Woo wanted to file for divorce, but he was just not able to tell his wife. Hyun Woo felt like his whole life was being controlled by Hae-in’s family. He felt like he didn’t have the freedom to do what he wanted. Hyun Woo’s in-laws governed every aspect of his life, and after a point in time, he started feeling claustrophobic. Hyun Woo was also consulting a therapist, and he blurted out all his frustration there all the time. Hyun Woo was in a vulnerable state of mind, and even Hae-in was equally hurt by how their relationship had turned out to be. But still, there was a silver lining amidst all the chaos. Hae-in respected her husband, and though she had a lot of conflicts with him, she fought with people who said anything against him. Once, during a family dinner, Hae-in’s brother disrespected Hyun Woo, and she went up to him later and scolded him for doing so. Maybe if they had talked to each other, they would have been able to sort out their differences, but the Hae-in family interfered so much in their relationship that the couple wasn’t able to make their own decision. 

What did Hyun Woo’s parents tell him? 

Hyuun Woo went to his parent’s place and told them that he was planning to get a divorce from Hae-in. Hyun Woo’s parents got paranoid as they didn’t understand what went wrong between them; they had a very different perspective when it came to their son’s marriage. They thought that marrying in such an influential house was not only beneficial for him but also for them. They had planned their future accordingly, and they believed that their financial situation would get better if they were linked to such a family. Hyun Woo’s sister also told him to think about his decision again, but the fact was that they were all thinking only about their vested interests. What they didn’t understand was that both the people, Hyun Woo and Hae-in, were not happy with each other. Hyun Woo was scared about the fact that his in-laws might do something to him if they got to know that he wanted to file for divorce. Hyun Woo’s in-laws told him to have a baby, as they believed that by doing so, they would get a motive to carry on their relationship. Hyun Woo and Hae-in were totally against it, as they didn’t want to have a child when they were themselves, not sure if they wanted to live with each other or not. A lot of people were making all sorts of rumors about them, and though Hae-in and Hyun Woo didn’t like the way their private lives had become a public discussion, they knew that they could stop it from happening. 

Why didn’t Hyun Woo ask for a divorce from Hae-in? 

In Queen of Tears episode 1, we got to know that Hae-in’s family had their share of conflicts. Hae-in’s aunt, Beom Ja, did not approve of her father’s relationship with his girlfriend, as she felt that she was responsible for her mother’s death. Beom Ja’s mother had died of a heart attack, but she always blamed her father’s girlfriend for her demise. 

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 1, Hyun Woo decided that he was going to tell Hae-in that he wanted to file for divorce, so he went to the room to have a chat with her. He entered the room, but before he could tell her anything, Hae-in told her that she had gone to consult a doctor earlier in the day and that she had been told that she was suffering from a terminal illness and that she had only three months left. Hyun Woo didn’t know how to process that information, and he felt very guilty that he had treated her the way he did. Hyun Woo wasn’t able to tell her that he wanted a divorce, and instead, he ended up telling her that he loved her and was extremely apologetic for how he treated her. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know what will happen between the couple and if they will be able to mend their relationship. 

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