‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Yoon Eun-Seong’s Plan?


In Queen of Tears episode 3, we saw that Hyeon-woo’s siblings came to meet Hae-in to convince their sister not to file for divorce. Hyeon-woo obviously felt the pinch whenever he saw his wife with Eun-seong, and he was not able to decide if he wanted to separate from her or if he wanted to give his marriage another chance. So, let’s find out if Hae-in and Hyeon-woo were able to resolve their conflicts in Queen of Tears episode 4.

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What did Hyeon-woo want from Hae-in? 

Hyeon-woo was in a very confused state of mind, and he actually didn’t know what he wanted to do. He had feelings for Hae-in, and he got insecure whenever she was with another man. But then he also wanted to look out for himself and divorce her. Hyeon-woo’s friend time and again told him that he should wave his magic wand and make sure that his wife left some properties and assets in his name. Because of this change in attitude towards Hyeon-woo, Hae-in started believing that he probably still loved her and was trying to win her back. Hae-in misunderstood everything, and she was unaware of what was happening with her husband. 

Surprisingly, Hyeon-woo’s mother knew that both of them were unaware of what was happening in each other’s minds. The old lady knew that if a man decided to file for divorce and his wife knew about it, then something was terribly wrong in their relationship. Hyeon-woo’s mother was the only person who didn’t think about her own vested interests, and she looked out for her son. Others also wanted Hyeon-woo to be happy, but somewhere, they were also looking out for themselves. 

Hyeon-woo was clearly not able to decide what he really wanted from his life. At one point in time, he felt that he wanted freedom from a toxic relationship, and then another time, he got really jealous when he saw his wife with another man. Hyeon-woo was never like this, and we had seen in the first two episodes of Queen of Tears how he was totally unaffected by whatever his wife did. It felt as if he didn’t have any feelings for her, but everything changed when he got to know that she was suffering from a terminal illness. Hyeon-woo didn’t realize when he stopped acting and when he actually started getting affected by Hae-in’s actions once again. 

What was Yoon Eun-seong’s plan? 

In the previous episodes of Queen of Tears, it seemed like Eun-seong actually loved Hae-in, and he couldn’t stand the fact that she had once again started feeling very affectionate toward her husband. Eun-seon tried his level best to make Hyeon-woo really insecure. He intentionally closed the window covers and made sure that Hyeon-woo felt restless while he waited outside. 

In Queen of Tears, episode 4 revealed that Eun-seong actually wanted to destroy the Queen Empire. He found out that Chairman Hong Man-dae had a safe keeper named Song Jeong-beam who looked after all the financial matters. The chairman had a huge amount of slush funds, and Eun-seong had plans to expose him and initiate legal proceedings against him. Hae-in and Hyeon-woo were totally unaware of this development, and probably in the subsequent episodes they would get to know about it. Eun-seong might have had feelings for Hae-in, but as of now, the Queen Empire was like a delicious meal for him that he wanted to devour. 

Eun-seong was constantly trying to create rifts between Hae-in and Hyeon-woo, and under the pretense of cracking a deal with Mr. Hermann, he was meeting her almost every day. Eun-seong was taking advantage of the fact that Hae-in’s mother despised her, and she wanted Soo-cheol to do business with Eun-seong. Soo-cheol met Eun-seong and told him about his vision, and the former very smartly stalled him but at the same time made him think that he was interested. 

Why did Hae-in go to Hyeon-woo’s hometown? 

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 4, Hae-in did something very surprising that nobody had expected her to do. We had seen in the previous episode that Mi-seon and Hyeon-tae had gone to meet Hae-in and Seoul, and Hyeon-woo had no idea that his siblings were going to do something like that. Hyeon-woo’s family was literally demeaned at their marriage, and since then, Hae-in had never made an effort to go and meet them. It was indeed a very strange matrimonial alliance because of the difference in the financial status of both families. Hae-in was not a bad person, but she never realized that she had some responsibilities because she was the daughter-in-law of a family. 

So in Queen of Tears episode 4, when Hae-in received a message from Hyeon-woo’s sister informing her about how her presence could help their father in the local election, she decided to go there. Hae-in handed over hampers to the locals, and they couldn’t believe their eyes that a person of her stature had come to their small town. When Hyeon-woo got to know about that fact, he rushed to his hometown, and she didn’t understand why all of a sudden his wife had taken such a step. Meanwhile, Hae-in once again got those head rushes, and her mind went into a subconscious state. She wasn’t able to realize where she was and how she had reached there, and that made her really scared at that juncture. Hyun-woo came to her rescue and took her back home. 

I believe that in the upcoming episodes, Hyeon-woo would have to decide if he wanted to stay with Hae-in or not. At times, he was doing things that misled her, and there were days when he just wanted to trick her into leaving some share of her property for him. Hae-in had a wrong idea about what was happening, and if in the future she came to know about how her husband was plotting behind her back, she would definitely feel very hurt. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know if Eun-seong is able to bring down the Queen Empire if Hyeon-woo and Hae-in get the better of him.

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