‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Hae-In Get Better in Germany?


With the return of Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won after highly successful dramas, the show, which was created by the makers of the popular drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, Queen of Tears, is surely going to be the subject of conversation every weekend for the next month. Not only does it boast a fantastic cast, but it’s also the surreal storyline and “makjang” dramatics that make it quite entertaining to watch. Not to forget that the show has all the elements that make a K-drama successful, and we’re hoping it continues to get better and doesn’t fizzle out by the end. Queen of Tears Episode 4 ended with a deep embrace between Hae-In and Hyun-Woo. I must add that it’s always the Kim Soo-Hyun-starring shows that are slightly different, like these people are already married, and they’ve also been seen kissing and embracing many times already, which is very abnormal for a K-drama. However, episode 5 gives us even more to look forward to. So, let’s quickly get into it. 

Spoiler Alert

Why Does Hae-In Get Mad At Hyun-Woo Again? 

After Hae-In admits her fear to Hyun-Woo and he takes her into his arms (Kim Soo-Hyun does know how to do this well), there seems to be some kind of shift in the air between the two of them. It starts to rain, and they find shelter nearby, almost appearing like an actual happy married couple, even smiling at each other for what seems like the first time in 3 years. In the meantime, the family panics that Hae-In is missing. Eventually, when they find her with Hyun-Woo, they use the opportunity of their proximity to try and get them close together. They pretend to fall asleep early just so that the couple can spend some time together, in the hope that, somehow, the thought of divorce will leave Hyun-Woo’s mind. On the other hand, Hae-In’s mom and brother find a video of her eating a ton of food with her in-laws and actually smiling. In said video, you can see Hyun-Woo’s mother truly treating Hae-In with the love she deserves. I suppose this makes her mother jealous, so she pretends they’re making her uncomfortable. 

In the meantime, Hyun-Woo treats Hae-In’s wounds and even dries her hair. Seeing as they’re so close to each other, both of their feelings bubble up; however, at the last moment, Hyun-Woo leaves the room just as they’re about to kiss, making it really awkward for Hae-In. Hyun-Woo gets drunk and claims he doesn’t want to sleep in the same room as her because he might make some mistakes. However, Hae-In, who’s been waiting for him, half overhears a drunk Hyun-Woo and decides she hates him again. 

In a flashback, we see the reason the two started sleeping in separate rooms. Two years earlier, when Hae-In was pregnant, they prepared a beautiful nursery for the baby. However, when they lost the child, Hae-In immediately got rid of the things in the room without saying a word to Hyun-Woo. Not realizing that this would’ve been massively impactful on her as well, and since we already know these two aren’t great with communication, Hyun-Woo feels as if Hae-In doesn’t care at all and decides to move into that room all by himself. However, we do see Hae-In struggling in silence, claiming she doesn’t deserve to cry. 

Does Beom-Ja truly care for Hae-In? 

Eventually, when the couple leaves for home, the family is certain that their love may be returning. However, Hae-In starts to act coldly towards her husband, and he thinks it’s just her being normal. It’s raining, and Hae-In notices (for the second time in two days) that Hyun-Woo’s shoulder is getting wet in the rain so she can be completely dry (though this is obviously impossible with an umbrella, but sure). Eun-Seong interrupts and takes Hae-In away, and Hyun-Woo is left alone and jealous yet again. Hyun-Woo knows the man is up to something and does not make him feel welcome in the house. However, Eun-Seong tells Hae-In that Hyun-Woo doesn’t seem to have any problems with a male friend moving in with them. 

Later, Hae-In’s mother tries to tell Hae-In that she doesn’t appreciate her smiling with her in-laws but never with her. Hae-In simply replies that she never sees her mother smile, either. Hae-In shows her distaste when she tells her mother, brother and Eun-Seong to eat without her. On the other hand, Eun-Seong is getting through to Soo-Cheol in order to make a deal with Queens Group. The next day, Hae-In learns from her doctor that there may be a treatment in Germany that will help her. She seems to be determined to get well. In the meanwhile, Soo-Cheol tries to get his father to join hands with Eun-Seong on a 1 trillion won deal (no, I can’t even imagine this much money). Fortunately, Hyun-Woo, as always, is able to be the voice of reason for Hae-In’s father, and he gets them to hold off until they can check some things first. 

At home, things seem to be getting worse between Hae-In’s aunt and her stepmother. The stepmother shows her true self to Beom-Ja by using physical violence against her. However, her father doesn’t believe the woman could do such a thing because he’s blinded by his love for her (or whatever it is that got them together). Later, Hae-In learns that she must wait a little bit for her treatment because her white blood count isn’t enough for the procedure. However, she doesn’t care because the one thing that everyone is asking of her is time, which she doesn’t have. Beom-Ja happens to be in the same hospital, and she’s shocked to see her niece there. When she learns that Hae-In has a tumor, she genuinely consoles her by giving her a tight hug and even cries about it later. 

Does Hyun-Woo Go To Europe With Hae-In? 

Hae-In doesn’t bother waiting for anybody, and since she thinks Hyun-Woo hates her, she leaves for Europe all by herself. Beom-Ja even tries to interfere, but Hae-In refuses to take her along, pretending to be unafraid. Hyun-Woo learns that Hae-In’s left, and eventually, after some thinking, he packs his bags and rushes to find her, all thoughts of divorce gone from his mind. The procedure doesn’t go as planned, and Hae-In is left heartbroken yet again. She’s all by herself with no time and nothing to keep her alive. However, she decides not to go home and, instead, to visit the place that she really liked during their honeymoon. 

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 5, Hyun-Woo finds Hae-In, despite her phone being off and no one knowing where she is. He lectures her about how she never listens and gives her a fresh pair of comfortable shoes to walk in (this is why they say *standards*). Finally, it seems the two are willing to actually speak their mind, and Hyun-Woo reminds Hae-In how she told him that she’d never make him cry if he chose to be with her. He tells her that since they’ve been married, he’s cried a ton in the car and at work, but most importantly, since he got to sleep alone, he’s been able to cry himself to sleep in peace. He reminds her that because they’re married, during times like these, she should let him stand by her side. In an out-of-the-ordinary reaction, Hae-In tells him that nobody stopped him from joining her and she wanted him to be by her side desperately. Hyun-Woo apologizes, and the episode ends with them sharing their first actual kiss after three years of marriage. 

The epilogue shows Hyun-Woo and Hae-In returning to Seoul. Hae-In has fallen asleep with her hand facing upward. Hyun-Woo takes it and extends her life line which she exclaimed was very short back in the house. Hyun-Woo never stopped caring for Hae-In; in fact, as much as he hates her externally, he probably can’t stop loving her internally. On the other hand, Hae-In could be hiding something, but we’ll find out later in the show. However, one thing is certain: orphan boy Eun-Seong is up to no good, and the same goes with Seul-Hee (the stepmother). I wonder if they’re somehow related in any way. 

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