Real-Life Dario Sepulveda: Where Is Griselda’s Son, Michael Corleone Blanco Now?


Dario Sepulveda was the third husband of Griselda Blanco, and his character is inspired by a real-life person. There are a lot of things that have been changed in the series in the name of creative liberties, and so, in a lot of places, it becomes a bit difficult to separate fact from fiction. Nonetheless, let’s try to decipher the kind of relationship Dario and Griselda had, what caused a crack in their marriage, and if she had any role to play in Dario’s death. A lot of things have been said about Griselda and her controversial life in public forums. The kind of person Griselda had become in the later stages of life made it very difficult for anybody to handle her. Dario always knew the consequences of marrying somebody who was as temperamental as Griselda, but he signed for it, and later, he probably realized that he had committed a mistake. But Dario also wasn’t really a nobleman, and there were times he went behind his wife’s back and did things that ruined their relationship and made them reach a point of no return.

What happened between Griselda and Dario?

The series showed us, in a flashback sequence, how Griselda killed her second husband, Alberto, after he forced her to spend a night with his brother, Fernando. Griselda’s husband had incurred a huge amount of debt, and his brother wanted him to pay the amount immediately. Alberto knew that Fernando was a lecherous human being and that he had his eyes on Griselda for quite some time. Griselda might have indulged in a lot of illicit activities, but this was beyond her imagination. She didn’t know what to say or how to convince her own husband to not harm her dignity like that. She realized that Alberto was not going to let her go and that she would have to do as he wanted. Fernando sexually abused Griselda, and when she came out of his house, she saw her husband standing there. Griselda couldn’t control her anger, and she killed him. Griselda then left the city and went to Carmen’s house, as she knew that Fernando would not let her live. Fernando found Griselda, and together with his henchman, Dario, he came to take revenge. Dario had seen Griselda before, but that day, something happened that made them fall for each other. Uber, Griselda’s son, came from the other room and pointed a gun at Fernando, and that’s when Dario entered and saw his boss in a perilous situation. Fernando asked Dario to shoot the kid, but instead, Dario had a change of heart, and he ended up killing his boss. Griselda married Dario in 1978, but their union was not as dramatic as it was shown in the series. As far as our research goes, Griselda did kill Alberto, though the reason for it is not specified anywhere as such. We don’t know if he had actually asked her to spend a night with his brother or not. But Griselda did go on record, and she confirmed that he had stolen millions of dollars, though if it was from his own brother, it was not specified. 

There is a scene in the series where Griselda enters the room, and she gets really paranoid when she sees Dario talking to another woman. Griselda charged after the woman but wasn’t able to catch her. That scene takes its inspiration from a real-life incident where Dario was found in a compromising situation with the stripers, and Griselda came to know about it, after which she shot eight of the stripers because she was suspicious of them. Obviously, there is no denying that adultery was committed by both parties, and a term like loyalty didn’t have any sort of meaning for them.

Did Griselda get Dario killed?

One of the main conflicts that arose between the two, which was also depicted in the series, was that Dario wanted Michael Corleone Blanco, his son, to attend school. Dario didn’t want Michael to grow and join the illegal business, just like Griselda’s other three sons had. Dario tried telling Griselda to leave everything and start a new life where no one knew them, but the godmother didn’t want to leave everything, as she was proud of what she had created, and she knew how much effort it took for her to build the empire. One day, when Dario had had enough, he decided to leave with his son and never return. There came a point where he became sick and tired of Griselda’s habits. She was constantly under the influence of drugs, and she took decisions that put her in jeopardy. Griselda loved her kids, but Dario knew that they would all become smugglers if they stayed in her shadow.

Dario went back to Colombia, though we don’t know if the motivation to go there was similar to what’s shown in the series. He was living there with his mother when, one day, two men dressed as policemen came and shot him dead. Dario was killed in front of his son, and the eyewitnesses present at the scene or whoever documented the entire episode said that it was a tragic sight where a small boy was hugging his father, not knowing that there was no life left in him. It was never proved that Griselda had sent those hitmen, but time and again in various interviews, Michael Corleone Blanco did drop hints that it probably could have been her.

Where is Michael Corleone Blanco now?

Today, Michael Corleone Blanco is a public figure and is very vocal about the kind of life he had and the kinds of things he saw during his childhood on various social media platforms and podcast channels. According to Michael’s Facebook profile, he runs a “Billionaire Lifestyle Brand” named “Pure Blanco” that he created together with his friend Michael Yuen. Through this brand, he celebrates his Cartel roots and sells a variety of merchandise available for both men and women. Michael also owns a cannabis company called “Blanco Family Fincas & Packaging Co.,” where he sells various products featuring “Black Widow Spider” (the title given to Griselda for killing her husbands) to pay respect to his late mother.

Michael, being vocal about his heritage, says that he is a proud son of Griselda Blanco and has also written a book titled My Mother, The Godmother, to honor the same. Michael was a part of the VHI show titled Cartel Crew, where people like him, who had seen a violent childhood or who had some relationship with the goons and smugglers of yesterday, came and shared their traumatizing experiences and how they changed their lives forever. Today, Michael, who has more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram, lives a successful life away from crime. Currently, he lives in Miami with his beautiful wife, Marie, and the couple is blessed with three kids.

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