‘Saint X’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Emily Find The Letter Gogo Received From Edwin?


Hulu’s mystery drama series Saint X brings along another new surprise in episode 6, and yet the bigger picture still looks unclear. All the context and details we have been getting about the characters still paint them in the same light, like Edwin being a despicable manipulator and Gogo being an innocent but criminally gullible man, and there has been no change so far. Along with continuing on the same lines of following Alison in the past and Emily in the present, episode 6 also reveals when and how the younger sister changed her name.

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Why Was Claire’s Name Changed To Emily?

After returning to New York from the Caribbean Island, the Thomas family was understandably still very shaken up by what had happened. The loss of their eldest daughter, Alison, was something too traumatic to get over, but what was worse was that everything and everyone around them kept reminding them of the matter. Bill remained adamant about finding out the truth behind his daughter’s murder, as he still believed the investigation was only a mere cover-up. The detective who had presided over the whole investigation had also simply resigned, and Bill now started getting in touch with every source he had to get the case reopened. Mia was broken down and consumed by the pain of it all, spending most of her days weeping away. The only interaction we are shown between Mia and young Claire happens when Alison’s funeral is about to take place, and the younger sister’s braids need to be forcibly combed free. As these scenes are shown mostly from Claire’s perspective, this memory also stays etched in the girl’s mind as an extremely painful one.

Claire was suffering in more ways than one after the death of her elder sister. As a young child, she had very little understanding of what had happened, and her parents did not involve her in the matter either. Her tic of scratching words into her own skin increased severely, signifying that the girl’s struggle with anxiety was on the rise. She would often have to pour her own breakfast and eat all by herself while her parents were busy grieving and pressurizing contacts, respectively. On one occasion, when Mia and Claire went grocery shopping, an old friend expressed her condolences and offered support, and then they also came across a number of magazines and tabloids, all having Alison’s case on the front covers. This constant reminder was hurting the family even more, and Mia decided to send young Claire on vacation to Paris with her sister.

Being a child, Claire did ease up on this vacation, and then upon her return, the parents decided to change their ways. It had been almost six months since the incident by now, and no new investigation had been started about it. Tired and broken by their same persuasions without any result, Bill and Mia decided to start afresh and try to move on from the death of Alison. They told Claire of this decision, convincing her that they were doing this for her, which was kind of true in their ways. Claire confusedly asked whether her parents wanted to forget Alison, for even as an adult, she kept believing this to be true. The family finally moved to San Francisco, with Bill taking up a new profession as a teacher and Mia starting a new interest in gardening. On their way to this new life in San Francisco, Claire told her parents that she wanted to use her middle name, Emily, from now on.

Although Emily had changed her name in her childhood, the decision to move on from her sister’s death was not something that she seemed to really forget. This is all the more highlighted in Saint X episode 6, when, in the present timeline, Bill and Mia visit Emily and Josh at their New York apartment. The daughter is still clearly resentful of her parents for having pushed their lives ahead after the incident on the Caribbean Island. She informs them that she has been fired from her job and then shouts out that she does not need to consult her therapist as her parents suggest, for she would be completely fine the moment she got to know what had happened to her elder sister. Emily then accuses Bill and Mia of giving up on finding answers and also of putting up a pretense that they were all doing fine, which had affected Emily terribly. The problem seems to be that the young girl could never process her sister’s death, and therefore, moving on also felt very harsh and forceful to her. But Bill and Mia can also not be blamed for having a life after the mysterious death of Alison.

Does Emily Find The Letter Gogo Received From Edwin?

Episode 5 of Saint X showed Emily following Gogo to the underground art exhibition held by Bery, in which the two old friends exchanged a letter that had apparently been sent by an old friend to Gogo. When Bery had given this letter to Gogo, and judging from his reaction to reading it, it was probably clear that the letter was from Edwin. At present, even after losing her job, Emily remains obsessed with this letter, and she even calls up her friend Sunita to tell her that she needs to get hold of it. Sunita had asked Emily not to contact her anymore, and now in their conversation, she says that Emily was acting exactly like the last time when she had gotten obsessed over something. This past obsession of Emily might also be linked to Alison’s death, but the show has not revealed anything about it yet.

After Sunita, Emily also has a direct confrontation with her boyfriend Josh, who now reveals that he had gone over to the restaurant that Emily had been frequently visiting. Having seen Gogo there, whom he remembered as the taxi driver at their doorstep earlier, Josh suspects that Emily was cheating on him with Gogo. Obviously, Saint X just had to make use of this opportunity. The boyfriend is even more dumbfounded to hear that Emily has lost her job, and there is utter confusion and distrust between the couple for some time. Fortunately, such insignificant suspicions do not last, as Josh calls up Sunita and hears everything that the friend knows about Emily’s condition, and he now tries to make his girlfriend understand how risky her whole investigation is. Although Emily once again agrees that Gogo can definitely harm her because of his past, she is also convinced that her stepping into Gogo’s cab is a sign that she needs to pursue the matter.

The obsessed Emily goes out on runs often, and on one particular occasion, she was right in front of Gogo’s apartment. Determined to give the place a search, even though it is horribly illegal to do so, Emily enters the building, sees the door being opened, and then finds out the exact flat number where Gogo, or Clive, stays. She takes the stairs to the flat and even spends a few minutes standing right outside as if contemplating whether to go in, when Gogo opens the door from within and leaves the place. Emily had quickly hidden herself on the stairs, and Gogo does not know about his stalker yet.

When Gogo returns home, though, he finds his things all strewn across the place, as if someone had aggressively gone through his things. It does seem like Emily could have come to the place, and even Gogo seems scared of such a scenario as he hurriedly searches for Edwin’s letter, even though he does not have any idea that Emily is stalking him. Perhaps the letter contains something incriminating from his past, and Gogo, therefore, does not want anybody to find and read it. He is ultimately relieved after finding the letter, and then upon enquiring with a flatmate, he learns that another man he shares the flat with had gone through his room because he believed that Gogo had stolen his money. This man later confronts Gogo on the street as well, at a time when Emily is back to her obsessive stalking self. As the woman sees the matter and follows the two men when they enter a narrow alley, Emily finally sees the violent nature of Gogo in full sway. Taken over by anger, Gogo seems to beat the man to death, making it very clear that he was surely capable of murder.

What Was Edward Up To Back At The Island Resort?

Like every previous episode, Saint X episode 6 also shows the past timeline, when Alison and her family were still spending their vacation at Indigo Bay resort. Alison now tells her parents about how her relationship with Tyler was going through a bad patch, following his forceful nature in the previous episode. Her bond with Edwin still continued, though, and the young man now suggested that Alison also explore the real culture and people of the island, all of which lie beyond the boundaries of the resort. Alison is obviously drawn in by the idea, and she convinces her parents to go on a trip to the area outside the resort. With the help of Desmond, such a trip is planned as well, but Alison ultimately has to cancel at the very last minute. Instead, she spends time with Olivia and then Tyler, who becomes even more brash now. Olivia had earlier told Tyler about Alison’s ongoing fling with Edwin, as it was part of her plan to date Tyler. Now, during their conversation, Tyler tells Alison that she is just being used around by Edwin, who has a new white girlfriend almost every month, and Alison is terribly hurt by this.

On the other side, Desmond had found out about the secret affair between Edwin and Sara, which nobody on the island had any idea about. Desmond was very angry at Edwin for apparently being in love with the same girl that their closest friend Gogo loved. Desmond first shares this with Bery, who denies knowing anything about it, and she even claims that this cannot be true. Desmond then straight-up tries to confront Edwin about this, but he ultimately does not get the chance to do it. Finally, the young man visits Sara’s house and confronts her about the matter. Although Sara does not really deny anything, she only says that Desmond does not know or understand the whole truth.

The perverted couple, who had earlier used Alison’s swimming trunks for their own romance, is back once more, as the husband, Ethan, now gets hold of Alison’s cardigan. He gleefully brings it to his wife, Dana, saying that they need to get intimate with this piece of clothing, and Dana finally has a change of mind. She starts seeing Alison as a young woman who is often the victim and then turns down her husband’s bizarre and perverted wish, revealing that Ethan unsurprisingly had many cases of sexual misdemeanors in his past. On the other side, the only gay couple at the resort gets to know of a comfortable spot in the forest where they can go for some romantic lovemaking, and they go through with this plan. However, at this place, they stumble upon Edwin, who is involved in a very intimate moment with another man whose face we do not see.

What Can We Expect From ‘Saint X’ Episode 7?

Since Edwin’s interest in men, or maybe his pretensions to it, is newly introduced information, it can be guessed that more about this and the identity of his male lover or partner will be revealed in the next episode. It will perhaps not be surprising if Saint X ends its first season with us still unaware of how Alison had died, as absurd as it might sound. Back in the present timeline, whether Emily will get hold of Edwin’s letter and what this letter contains will be a matter that the series will keep following. Also, whether the flatmate Gogo beats up in the end dies and whether this might bring any legal trouble for Gogo can also be matters to look forward to in this otherwise boring show.

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