‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ Season 2: Is It Renewed? What Can We Expect Next?


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is a very weird show. It takes the basic premise of the comics, where Scott has to fight Ramona’s seven evil exes (an organization crafted by Ramona’s last boyfriend and megalomaniac, Gideon Graves) before actually dating her. But instead of fighting Ramona’s exes, Scott is pulled through a portal during his altercation with Matthew Patel, thereby making the search for Scott the focus of the show. While Ramona leads the investigation and treats her exes as potential suspects, a future version of Scott (named Old Scott Pilgrim) takes Regular Scott to the future to convince him not to date Ramona because it will lead to divorce and depression. 

Actually, Old Scott wants to erase everything synonymous with Ramona, and Future Ramona Flowers is against that. That’s why she writes a biopic under Young Neil’s name and sends it into the past, and that ends up being a feature film directed by Edgar Wrong (a play on director Edgar Wright’s name, who made Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World). Regular Scott (which is the present-day version of Scott) hears all this and goes back to the past to reunite with Ramona, only to learn that he can’t kiss her due to a hex. Assuming that it’s the work of one of the evil exes, the gang goes to the musical, which is based on the unfinished movie that Edgar Wrong was making, to get the perpetrator and make them remove the hex. However, it turns out that the exes are innocent—with the exception of Gideon, as he planned to explode the theater in which the musical was playing to get back at Matthew Patel for ousting him as the leader of the league—and the person who has put the hex is an older version of Old Scott.

Spoiler Alert

Even Older Scott Has To Work On Himself

Let’s make two things very clear. Firstly, at the time of writing this article, Netflix hasn’t announced a second season of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. BenDavid Grabinski has said that this first season has a definitive ending, and he and his team have given it their all to tell this specific story. But he isn’t against the idea of a second season, and he is open to sitting down with Bryan Lee O’Malley and scripting more adventures for Scott Pilgrim and co. Secondly, technically and hypothetically speaking, if the present-day version of you travels into the past and alters something in there, it doesn’t cause any ripples that affect your present. Instead, it creates a new timeline that is based on your tampering with the past. That’s why we don’t see Even Older Scott’s timeline being affected by anything that Regular Scott does because they aren’t interconnected anymore. The moment Even Older Scott–as Older Scott–stepped out of his timeline, he severed his connection with Regular Scott, thereby setting his own future and the future of Regular Scott in a new direction. Does that make sense? If it does, you’re welcome. If it doesn’t, I am sorry; I tried my best.

Anyway, the crux of the matter is that due to Even Older Scott’s interference, there’s a 50-50 chance that Regular Scott is going to become like him in the future of his timeline. That said, since Regular Scott has seen the worst version of himself, it’s possible that he is going to try to not become like Even Older Scott. The issue, though, is that time is like a river, and no matter how many detours it takes, it eventually reaches where it was destined to go from the beginning. Hence, Regular Scott has to change his destiny instead of worrying about the detours he is taking in terms of his relationship with Ramona and his evolution as a person. Super Ramona—a combination of Regular Ramona and Future Ramona—has given Regular Scott that chance, and he shouldn’t let that go to waste. Meanwhile, Even Older Scott has to work on his toxic masculinity. Will he and Future Ramona get together? I don’t think so. Is he going to get a redemption arc? Possibly, yes. The guy clearly has potential, as he has managed to learn the superpowers of the seven evil exes. If he uses the same kind of energy to be productive in a non-vengeful way, it’ll do wonders for him.

Everyone Gets Their Own “Happily Ever After”

Scott and Ramona get to kiss again because Super Ramona has removed the hex. Matthew Patel gives back G-Man Media to Gideon Graves and forgives him and Julie Powers for trying to kill him in an explosion. Knives Chau becomes a part of Sex Bob-Omb. Envy Adams goes back to singing, and Stephen Stills and Knives Chau serve as her music directors. While investigating the disappearance of Scott Pilgrim, Ramona realized that she loves doing stunts, and she is seen working as a stunt double in a motion picture. Young Neil isn’t a writer or a director anymore, but he has a golf cart, which he uses to transport Ramona all around the Universal Studios lot. Todd Ingram had given up his vegan lifestyle after his whirlwind romance with Wallace Wells. But we see him going back to his vegan diet, with a whole lot of motivation from Roxie Richter.

Lucas Lee is an employee at Stacey Pilgrim’s coffee shop, and he seems to develop a crush on Kim Pine because she’s as nonchalant about life as he is. The Katayanagi twins and their robot are in the same coffee shop, reading about redemption. Wallace Wells falls in love with a guy in Paris. Ramona colors her hair blonde-green and joins her new group of friends after exchanging a loving look with Scott. Yes, all this is great, and everyone is really happy. However, the thing is that, since they are in a better place, they have everything to lose. If even Older Scott sees how comfortable all of them are, he might just choose to seek revenge on them and make them suffer. The gang will be desperate to preserve what they’ve achieved after such a long time, and whether or not they’ll succumb to Even Older Scott’s attacks will probably form the crux of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Season 2. Even Older Scott has seen that taking on Regular Scott, Regular Ramona, and everyone else who is on their side, all at once is a mistake. So, it’s quite possible that he’ll pick them apart one by one. Of course, the heroes will win in the end. But it’ll be interesting to see if the heroes suffer any significant losses.

Gideon Graves and Julie Powers Restart the League

While everything I’ve written up until now has been pure speculation, there’s no doubt about the fact that Gideon Graves and Julie Powers will be the villains of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Season 2. During a mid-credits sequence, we see Graves and Powers sitting in the control of the G-Man Media tower and looking at clips from Scott and Ramona’s lives that have been recorded by the Katayanagi twins’ robot. This just means that Matthew Patel has made a grave mistake by showing him mercy and handing back his company to him. I mean, the dude and his girlfriend were about to bomb an entire theater to get back at Patel, and that too when they were at their lowest. How could anyone think that they’re going to act like “good people” after getting access to more power? Of course, they are about to increase their villainy.

The video of Scott and Ramona on the screen is most likely a misdirection, and they are going to take down Matthew Patel first, who has been receiving a lot of awards for his Scott Pilgrim musical. After that, he’s probably going to take aim at Scott and Ramona. Gideon’s whole thing was using Ramona’s seven evil exes to torment Ramona and Scott, but that’s not possible, I guess, because Ramona’s exes are on good terms with both Scott and Ramona. The only person who has beef with Scott and Ramona is Even Older Scott. So, we can expect Gideon and Julie to build a time machine, shake hands with Even Older Scott, and unite to take down Scott and Ramona. The only person who can dissuade Gideon from doing something like that is Lucas Lee because of his camaraderie with Gideon. Let’s just hope that Lucas gets to Gideon before he gets to Even Older Scott, Scott, or Ramona.

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