‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – How Does Jen and Titania’s Rematch End?


In the previous week’s episode of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,” Jennifer (Tatiana Maslany) and Mallory Book (Renée Elise Goldsberry) metaphorically duked it out with Titania (Jameela Jamil) at the court over the ownership of the name “She-Hulk.” When Jennifer saw the judge leaning in Titania’s favor because she had expressed multiple times that she wasn’t interested in that name, she brought in the men with whom she went on dates as the She-Hulk. And when they testified that she did address herself as She-Hulk, the judge ruled in Jennifer’s favor for showing a pattern of being associated with that title before it was trademarked by Titania. While all this was going on, Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) and Pug (Josh Segarra) went ahead and hired Alonzo (Griffin Matthews) to make a super-suit for Jennifer. The episode ended with the teaser that Alonzo is the one who has made Daredevil’s (Charlie Cox) new suit.

Spoilers Ahead

Jennifer Attends Her Childhood Friend’s Wedding

If you were expecting Daredevil to show up in this week’s episode, “Just Jen,” then I’m sorry to let you know that he doesn’t. At this point, I am pretty sure the writers of “She-Hulk” and Marvel have shoved Daredevil in here just to generate some amount of interest because the show itself isn’t interesting enough. I am also sure that when he’s going to show up, Jennifer is going to turn to us and ask if we’re happy that we finally got what we wanted, thereby putting the blame of “misplaced expectations” on the audience instead of the issues in the script itself. If the writers hadn’t put Daredevil in the story or kept teasing him, I don’t think anyone would’ve asked for him to make an appearance. Which is a roundabout way of saying that this constant teasing and dependence on cameos is the show’s fault, not the audiences.

Why am I talking about this issue in such detail, though? Because after Jennifer gets a wedding invite from her childhood friend Lulu (Patti Harrison), she breaks the fourth wall to tell us that that must seem inconvenient. Because this episode isn’t going to continue the Daredevil-related thread from the previous episode. If this isn’t the worst use of meta-humor, I don’t know what is. It is as if the writers are only addressing the scattershot nature of their writing because they think it’s “smart” instead of polishing the script with good humor. Anyway, Jennifer arrives at Lulu’s wedding as She-Hulk. Lulu takes Jennifer away from the people clamoring to get a photo of her to request her to not remain in the She-Hulk form because it’s taking away all the attention from her, that too on her wedding day. Jennifer obliges while telling us that this is the one time she didn’t want to show up in her human form.

While Jennifer finds out that she’s paired up with someone named Jonathan as her groomsman, Nikki and Mallory realize that their latest client, Mr. Immortal (David Pasquesi), has a habit of faking his death to break off relationships. And when Nikki and Mallory start to berate Mr. Immortal for misusing his powers in the worst way possible, he chooses to jump out of the window. He falls on a security car from a height that will kill any mortal human being. But since he’s incapable of dying, he casually walks away.

Nikki Does A Good Job Of Handling Mr. Immortal’s Divorce Cases.

At the wedding ceremony, Lulu pretends to catch up with Jennifer because they are meeting each other after so many years. But it becomes clear that she is doing so only to make Jennifer feel bad about being single in her 30s. Jennifer doesn’t back off, though, as she advertises the fact that she’s employed, superpowered, and happily single. To make things worse, Titania shows up, out of the blue. Jennifer tells her that this isn’t the place to sort out their rivalry because it’ll ruin Lulu’s wedding. Titania says that she’s dating a friend of the groom, and that’s how she got invited, thereby downplaying Jennifer’s claim that she’s there to settle scores. When Lulu sides with Titania (because she’s obviously jealous of everything that Jennifer represents) and says that Jennifer sounds insane for calling out Titania, she is left with no other option but to walk away from the conversation.

When a ray of hope emerges in the form of Josh Miller (Trevor Salter), who shows some interest in being romantically involved with Jennifer, Lulu ruins that too by putting the both of them on cleaning duty because her staff has quit due to her rude behavior. Back at GLK and H, Mallory, Mr. Immortal, and Nikki have a sit down with Immortal’s exes. Mallory and Nikki find out that Immortal has not only faked his multiple deaths but also assumed various identities to go from one relationship to another. So, Mallory lets him know that he’s going to pay for it. Mr. Immortal accepts his punishment and proposes the idea of selling his Apple shares and the gold that his first wife, Baroness Cromwell, has left for him and splitting it evenly in eight ways. But then, one of the exes brings up the legitimate point that the time spent with Immortal varies from person to person. Hence, it doesn’t make sense for everyone to get an equal share.

Therefore, Nikki draws up an elaborate deal by assessing the weight of each of the relationships and what needs to be paid in order to even all of the scales. Once everyone is satisfied, Mallory and the exes commend Nikki for doing such a great job while Immortal seethes in the corner. At the wedding, Jennifer finds out that Jonathan is not a human groomsman. Jonathan is a dog. Saddened by this information, she tries to get drunk but finds out that the drinks aren’t free. So, she pulls out all the $5 bills in her purse, gets hammered, and dances to Cousin Ched’s (Nicholas Cirillo) tunes. Josh approaches Jennifer again in a romantic way. However, that’s punctuated by her sudden urge to vomit.

Jennifer And Titania Have A Rematch

Once Jennifer is done puking her guts out, Titania reveals her true intentions (as if it wasn’t clear from the get-go) by punching Jennifer in the face and sending her flying. She says that she wants a rematch with She-Hulk because she is still bitter about losing the court case to her. Jennifer reiterates that she is not going to transform because it’ll ruin the wedding. When Titania says that Jennifer doesn’t deserve the powers she has, she turns into the She-Hulk to teach Titania yet another lesson; and that leads to one of the worst fights in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Look, the CGI hasn’t been good in any shape or form. And the blame solely rests on everyone but the CGI artists because we’ve all seen the reports on how they are overworked and underpaid. But this whole sequence concretely shows that Marvel Studios really needs to restructure how they make movies and shows. Also, to be honest, the CGI isn’t the worst thing about this scene. The fight choreography and editing are worse.

The episode concludes with Titania running away after getting defeated by She-Hulk. Nikki and Mallory find out about a website that’s dedicated to trolling She-Hulk, with some planning to even kill her. Although Mallory tells Nikki to not relay this information to Jennifer because it’s going to add to all the tension that’s already in her head, Nikki leaves a message about all the trolling and death threats. Jennifer doesn’t get that message instantly, though, because she’s busy having fries with Josh. Also, it’s revealed that someone is monitoring her from a laboratory while preparing to inject her with a new kind of syringe that’ll probably break through her skin even when she’s in her She-Hulk form. During the credits, we see polaroids from Lulu’s wedding, Titania getting her teeth fixed (which were damaged during the fight), and Nikki and Mallory overseeing one of Immortal’s punishments. And the realization starts to set in like it does every other week, that Marvel is ruining not only feature films but TV shows as well.

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