‘Silence 2’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Who Murdered Aazma And Amisha? And Why? 


Silence 2, directed by Aban Barucha Deohans, is the second installment of the Silence franchise, and once again, we find ACP Avinash Verma at the helm of affairs, solving yet another murder mystery that shook society and became the talk of the town. The film is said to be inspired by real-life events, though creative liberties have been taken by the makers, and a lot of fictionalized plot points have been included in the narrative. The film is not based on a single event or incident but takes inspiration from many criminal activities that have happened in the country. So let’s find out if Avinash Verma is able to solve this whodunit and catch the killer. 

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What happened at the night owl bar? 

ACP Avinash got to know that a shootout had happened at a bar, and around 10 people had been killed there. The matter got even more complicated when it was found out that a man named Sarayu, who was the secretary of Minister Joshi, was also present in the bar. Joshi put a lot of pressure on the law enforcement authority, and ACP Avinash Verma knew that this time they would have to give quick results. ACP Avinash was the best in the business, and he had a knack for observing details that others didn’t. Avinash realized that the target of the shootout wasn’t the minister’s secretary, but a girl named Aazma, who was sitting with a man named Irfan. Aazma and Irfan had another friend named Rizwan, who was missing from the scene. Rizwan had apparently gone back to his village, and Avinash and his team made preparations to bring him back and ask questions. Rizwan came back, and he told Avinash that though he had met Aazma a day before the incident, he had no clue who was behind the murder.

Now, Aazma had a huge scar on her forehead, and she told Rizwan that some misunderstanding had happened with an independent client, which was why the latter assaulted her. Aazma didn’t reveal the client’s details, though she said that she had a plan in mind that she wanted to execute. Aazma had clicked some pictures from that client’s laptop, and she had intentions of blackmailing the client. The picture was of a girl named Tara Sachdev, who was brutally murdered in Jaipur. In Silence 2, we learn that although Aazma and Tara’s killers are not the same people, both girls work for the same escort agency run by a mysterious man named Arjun Chauhan. Arjun Chauhan was a shrewd and conniving man, and nobody had ever seen his face. ACP Avinash was looking hard to find that one breakthrough that could lead to the killer. He knew that the lives of many such girls could be in danger and that he was on a time clock.

How did ACP Avinash save the girls in Jaipur? 

ACP Avinash and his team got to know that Aazma and Tara’s deaths were linked to a huge human trafficking racket. Avinash got to know that there was another girl named Amisha with whom Aazma was in touch. Avinash tried to locate Amisha, and finally, they met her. Amisha was very scared about everything, and she knew that if she told the police officers anything, she would face a similar fate to that of her friend. Amisha got paranoid, and she ran away from the coffee shop where Avinash and his colleague Sanjana were asking her questions. Amisha left a note for Avinash in which she said that she would contact her in a couple of days at some safe location. But before she could do that, the masked killer came and killed her too. ACP Avinash got a tip that a few underage girls were being transported to Jaipur. Avinash and his team left for Jaipur, and fortunately, they were able to intervene and save the girls. Through the girls, they got to know that their handler was a woman named Piya. They also found a man named Gaurav who ran “the rich boys club,” a place that provided girls to the so-called elites of society. Gaurav blurted out the truth in front of the police, and he said that Arjun Chauhan was the mastermind of whatever was happening and that he was just a pawn who followed his orders and earned money. 

What was Rizwan hiding? 

During the investigation in Silence 2, we learned that Rizwan was lying when he said that he didn’t know what had happened to Aazma or Amisha as he was in the city at the time. But Rizwan was the middleman through whom the girls gave money to Arjun Chauhan. When ACP Avinash went and threatened Rizwan, he blurted out every detail. He said that he was actually about to leave Mumbai when he got a call from Arjun, who asked him to do one last job for him. Rizwan was asked to go to the Night Owl Club and warn a girl who had been blackmailing Arjun. Rizwan was shocked when he saw Irfan and Aazma entering the bar. Before he could figure out anything, the masked man whom Rizwan believed to be Arjun came. Now, the masked man murdered Aazma in cold blood and then went on to kill each and every person who was present there. Rizwan told the police the name and address of the company where he used to courier all the money. ACP Avinash was a bit shocked because he knew the owner of the company, and a few days before, he had interrogated him for the same case. Rajiv Singh was a suspect earlier in the case, and that’s why Avinash had gone to interrogate him. At that time, no solid evidence was found against him, and so he was not questioned after that one time. The police reached there, and they found out that Arjun was his brother-in-law. Arjun was taken into custody, but that’s when Avinash realized that the mystery was not as simple as it seemed to be and that someone was trying to mislead them. 

Who murdered Aazma and Amisha? And why? 

Avinash arrested Arjun, and he found the SIM cards and other evidence in his drawers. Avinash knew that if someone was such a big schemer, he wouldn’t keep the evidence just like that in front of everybody. Also, it came to be known that Arjun was mentally challenged, and Avinash knew that he didn’t have the capability to pull off such a crime. When Avinash was leaving the premises, he saw a matchbox fall out of Arti’s bag. Arti was Rajeev’s wife, and Arjun was her stepbrother. Avinash connected the dots, and he came back with full preparation to interrogate Arti and Rajeev. He got to know that Arti was lying when she told them that she was in Bengaluru when the Jaipur incident happened. Everybody knew that Arjun was present in Jaipur when the crackdown was conducted, and the police saved the girls.

During Silence 2‘s ending, we got to know that it was Arti who had committed all the crimes in the name of her stepbrother. Arti had a lot of enmity towards her father and her brother. After her mother left her father, Arti was sent to boarding school, where she was abused on a regular basis. Later, she went abroad to do her master’s, and she figured that she was a lesbian. Her father was deeply disappointed in her, and around the same time, he got to know that he had a son from a mistress. That’s when Colonel Chauhan named Arjun the heir to his empire, and since then, Aarti made it her mission in life to frame her brother so that she could get what she deserved. At the end of Silence 2, Arti jumped from the terrace and took her own life. Arti had a traumatic childhood, but she inflicted the same pain on others, which was totally not justified. Avinash, Sanjana, Amit, and others did feel sympathetic towards Arti, but her past was not an excuse to kill innocent girls and make their lives miserable. In the end, Avinash and his team got another case, and so there is a possibility that the makers might continue the franchise and come up with yet another invigorating mystery.

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