‘Spy X Family’ Episodes 23 And 24: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Yor like Loid?


In “Spy x Family,” Episode 22, Loid and Fiona accepted a mission from the WISE Agency where they had to intercept a painting that was under the ownership of Cavi Campbell. Due to high security, it was impossible for the two to infiltrate the basement of the Campbell mansion that housed the painting. Thus, they relied on infiltrating the house by participating in the Underground Tennis Tournament hosted by Campbell, where they would get the chance to receive the painting as a reward. Loid and Fiona disguised themselves as the Phony Couple, won all of the matches, and secured their place in the Finals against the Campbell siblings. The siblings were, however, known to play dirty, thus providing a strong challenge for Loid and Fiona.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 23: Recap And Ending Explained – Do Loid And Fiona Get The Painting Eventually?

Loid and Fiona, disguised as a couple, won the tennis matches with ease. They faced problems only while facing the Campbell siblings in the finals. They had to beat the Campbell siblings in order to get their hands on the “Lady in the Sun,” which was rumored to have the code to the lost documents, the Zacharis Dossier. The painting was with Cavi Campbell, who would allow them to have the painting as a reward only if the couple won the tournament. The siblings would, on no account, lose to the phony couple because of the amount of money their father had bet on their victory. They started sabotaging Loid and Fiona, only for them to dodge all of the tricks. The Campbell siblings, not finding a way to victory, had resorted to outright harming Loid and Fiona. Carol motioned for his staff to snipe rubber bullets at Loid and Fiona to get them off track by injuring them. Loid had the premonition that something would go wrong during the matches and had therefore put on a bulletproof jacket to be safe. The bullets didn’t harm the couple as Carol had initially thought they would. Instead, Loid and Fiona changed their plan and followed the trajectory of the objects thrown at them by the staff stationed around the net. Even with the flying rubber bullets, stink ball, wind around the net, the platforms sinking as soon as they stepped on them, and the customized racquets used by the siblings, Loid and Fiona won the match with a landslide victory. The siblings lost to them, and Carol learned a valid lesson about playing fair from Loid and Fiona. Observing this change in Carol, Cavi forgot his pain of losing the money he spent on the tournament. The couple was led to the drawing room and handed a catalog with all of the art listed in it. Fiona selected the painting “Lady in the Sun” to finish her mission. However, there was a little twist: State Security had insisted on acquiring that painting, which had Cavi Campbel asking the couple to choose something else. Fiona had already thought of this situation and had prepared a copy of the painting earlier. Loid switched the paintings while being disguised as the butler of the Campbells and completed the mission successfully. 

Fiona reached Loid’s home to drop him off after dropping off the painting at the agency. Fiona’s wish to become Mrs. Forger drove her to challenge Yor to a tennis match between them. Anya, of course, was excited about the proposed battle. Loid was worried for Fiona’s pride because Yor’s excessive strength could both harm Fiona’s pride as well as help Yor win against her. Just as Loid had predicted, Yor could not control her strength and had instead disintegrated the ball on her first serve, and her second serve had sent the ball at the speed of light toward Fiona, which had shattered her raquet. Fiona admitted her crushing defeat and promised herself to be better than Yor and try again after working on herself. She then left the park and the Forger family in tears to practice her service in the mountains. Loid later arrives at the agency to find out about the painting, and on conversing with Handler, he is informed that there was no such information or code for Zacharis Dozier. Instead, it was the code for a top-secret location where Erik Zacharis had stashed his collection of the albums of opera artists. His love for opera was driving a wedge between Erik and his wife. Therefore, to save his relationship, he wrote about his love for opera in his diary and stashed the collection in an abandoned warehouse. He loved showing off his love for opera to the Western government and had told them to keep it a secret from his wife, thus fueling the rumors of the document. Loid was a little disappointed that he had to exert much effort for a fan collection, but Handler and Loid were also relieved that there was no such document that had information to reignite the war between East and West. While Loid visited his agency, Yor’s thoughts of Fiona and Loid kept her from communicating with Loid. Even in the previous episode, her insecurities made Anya worry about her mother, and in this episode, after realizing Fiona’s intentions with Loid, Yor worried even more. “Spy x Family,” Episode 23 ended with a peek at Fiona, practicing her serve in the mountains to be a better rival for the position of Mrs. Forger.

Episode 24: Recap And Ending Explained: Does Yor like Loid?

“Spy x Family,” Episode 24 begins with a glum Yor returning home; her intrusive thoughts have really weighed down her emotions. Her mutterings put Loid in trouble with the neighbor and showed that she was forsaking the operation. This is when Loid took it upon himself to take Yor out and sincerely communicate with her. However, when they reached the bar to sit down, relax, and discuss a drink, Yor made herself anxious by thinking that he had called her out to break it off with her and instead have Fiona as the new Mrs. Forger. Yor tried to put up a front and say that she wouldn’t mind if he broke up with her because, after all, the relationship was built on mutual benefit, but her feelings for Loid made it impossible for her to utter these words. She relied on alcohol to voice out her innermost thoughts. She slurs out her feelings and asks Loid about Fiona. Loid immediately tries to explain the situation to Yor; however, her senses are overwhelmed due to drinking, and she is deaf to Loid’s explanations. Loid takes a gamble and figures out that Yor must have fallen in love with him, and he embarks on a honey trap mission to ensnare Yor even more. But this backfires on him because of Yor’s shyness and her reflexes. Her shyness gets the better of her, and she high kicks Loid, which he is unable to dodge, and to avoid falling over, he somersaults into a standing position that leaves the bystanders impressed. Loid, however, had underestimated the strength behind the kick and had lost consciousness for about 5 minutes. He took a trip down memory lane and remembered his mother singing to him. He gradually regained his senses as Yor sang the same tune to him while he rested his head on her lap. Loid bonded with Yor over her skills as a strong human, which made her a good mother. To stop her from feeling overly conscious and belittling herself, Loid assured Yor that he would never replace her with Fiona. He recalled his childhood and the feeling of warmth and safety that he felt in his mother’s arms and helped Yor realize that Anya felt the same security, safety, and warmth in Yor’s arms. The years of experience that she had accumulated by taking care of Yuri were something that she should be proud of. Yor and Loid had a touching moment where Yor got her insecurities addressed, and she returned a little tipsy but happy. Loid, however, returned with a bruised chin, courtesy of Yor’s kick. In the morning, Yor had forgotten every single thing; thus, Loid sat her down and explained everything to her sans alcohol.

On the other hand, Anya has almost given up on getting any Stellas through either sports or studies, and thus, she made up her mind to befriend Damian instead and rely on him to finish Operation Strix. Becky found Anya looking over at Damian with a frustrated look, and she mistook the frustration for Anya having a crush on Damian. Becky took it upon herself to doll up Anya to win over Damian. She took her on a shopping spree, where she and Anya tried on various clothes to find out their fit. Becky harbored a huge crush on Loid, and thus, while worrying about Anya’s clothes, she remembered that the hall party at the end of the semester would also allow parents to attend, which meant that Loid would be present as well. Becky then went on a whirlwind spree to find something that would impress Loid. After they finished their shopping spree, a knackered Anya called it the ‘shopping of death.’ To commemorate her shopping spree and her day out with her friend Becky, Anya got them a set of matching key rings that had the sheep mascot of the store. Becky was beyond happy to have gained a good friend. Martha, her caretaker, lovingly looked upon the two friends, as she was proud of Becky for finding a friend in Anya who helped her enjoy her childhood and school as well. Becky had never made any friends due to her bluntness and also because she grew up earlier than other children under her father’s strict tutelage. She had found her childhood and a very good friend after she went on to attend Eden. For the very first time after Anya became her friend, Martha observed a change that had Becky happier and relaxed. This made Martha proud of both of them, as they fell asleep in the car while Martha chauffeured them back home. The next day at school, Anya and Becky proudly displayed their matching keychains on their bags and happily went to class together. Damian, on the other hand, focused only on a smiling Anya as he blushed while watching her. He was brought back from his little reverie after his friends called him, but it seems as if the only one having a crush is Damian because Anya’s mind is too full of spies, action, and missions to actually have feelings for Damian.

Final Thoughts

The main reason behind what makes the couple, Loid and Yor, different from other couples is their healthy relationship and the mutual respect they have for each other. Even though they have a fake relationship that serves to mutually benefit them, they sit down and communicate. Communication is a very strong suit in a healthy relationship. If your partner does not know your insecurities and you do not know theirs, chances are it will lead to miscommunication and eventually turn toxic. It is important to address the issues and the miscommunications so as to avoid discord, which would affect both individuals’ mental health as well as their relationship. Loid patiently discusses with Yor, despite the fact that he did it for the mission, and he is still patient with Yor. Their dynamics and their approach really leave a lot to be learned. Loid never belittles Yor, which is why she has the courage to discuss even her smallest insecurities with him. Loid knows the power of communication, which could also be because he is posing as a psychiatrist.

Coming from a rich family may not always be all sunshine and roses. Sometimes the expectations that a parent may have from a child may cause the child to grow up quickly and not experience childhood properly. In the case of Becky, her father’s words had an everlasting impact on her, which made her want to grow older immediately so that she never disappoints her father. She hesitated to accept her first gift from her first friend because her father had strictly told her to only wear luxurious products to maintain the image of their family. Martha had stayed beside Becky for long enough to understand what she had in mind, and thus she stepped in to diffuse the situation and help Becky overcome her fear of disobeying her father. “Spy x Family” has quickly become a very relatable series that really brings forward the situations that humans face in real life, which is why it has become an all-time favorite and has garnered a worldwide fanbase that awaits every episode patiently.

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