Shows Like ‘Never Have I Ever’ To Watch After Season Finale


Since there is a Never Have I Ever-shaped hole left in our Netflix watchlist, we are wondering what we could fill it with. Honestly, we stand by our previously made statement that the series is enjoyable, though it offers nothing new. But that means that people like this series for different reasons. Some might like the humor, others might like the exploration of relationships, and some might find the love triangle irresistible. Luckily, we live in times when there is no dearth of content, and if you are looking for something that matches the vibe of Never Have I Ever, here are a few options.

The Mindy Project

This project stars Mindy Kaling, who is also the creative genius behind Never Have I Ever. If the humor of the teen series has you wanting more, look no further than The Mindy Project, where the lead character, Mindy Lahiri, has a personality very similar to Devi Vishwakumar’s persona, except that she is a grown woman and a doctor. The Mindy Project follows the titular character through her career and romantic mishaps as she braves it all to come out stronger.

A confession from our end would be that we were in love with this show when it first aired. Part of the reason we felt iffy about the Never Have I Ever dialogues is that they felt a little too close to The Mindy Project. But that makes sense since Mindy Kaling is at the helm of both of them. We don’t want to be shady, but if you haven’t watched The Mindy Project, you should because it is clearly the superior product.

Ginny and Georgia

If what intrigued you was the complicated relationship between Devi and Nalini, there is no better recommendation from recent times than Ginny and Georgia. The struggle to accept and love a parent who you don’t understand or agree with is wonderfully portrayed by Ginny. As for Georgia, her journey to understand the difference between having good intentions and doing anything for their sake is also heartbreaking. Additionally, while Never Have I Ever just touched upon the topic of therapy, it is far better explored in Ginny and Georgia, and the complicated nature of conflict resolution has us in tears more than once. But despite how it sounds, the humor is intact at the core of the series. In fact, if you loved Paxton, Devi, and Ben’s love triangle, there is a taste of it available with Joe, Georgia, and Paul.

True Beauty

If you liked Never Have I Ever because you felt connected to the story of a teen girl trying to reinvent herself to be a “cooler person” only to learn that she is perfect as she is, True Beauty should be your next watch. In addition to an enviable love triangle, plenty of school humor, and a serious love for the second lead (Hwang In Yeop as Han Seo Jun is objectification done right), this series leaves you feeling richer and having higher standards than before you started it. It is the story of Lim Joo Kyung, who is a bit of a makeup expert and uses that as her armor in a world that has judged her too harshly for her looks. She is not as vulnerable as Devi, but she is equally messy. True Beauty is one show you will not regret watching.


While it may look like a story that is leagues apart from Never Have I Ever, take a second to understand why it is the perfect next watch. Remember how frustrating it was that Devi and Ben kept missing each other through four seasons? Don’t you want to see a couple who simply love each other and find their way toward one another without needless complications? Then Nick and Charlie are the ones for you. It is a sweet series, and it is impossible not to love it. The series also depicts the other side of the coin, where the journey to discovering who you are doesn’t have to be complicated and hurtful towards others. Currently, Season 1 is out, and we are desperately waiting for Season 2. You can also read the books while waiting for them. By the way, the actors who play the roles of Nick and Charlie (Kit Conner and Joe Locke) look exactly like their comic book counterparts.


This might seem like an odd choice, but it isn’t when you realize that Wednesday and Devi have one thing in common: they both do exactly as they please and worry about the consequences of their actions later. There is also the commonality of a tough relationship with their mothers and a father that they cannot love enough. We are not sure if you consider this something that connects Devi and Wednesday, but they have a similar habit of referencing things, except that Devi does that with pop culture while Wednesday leans towards serial killers and everything goth. But one difference would be that while Devi is the one chasing romantic interests, Wednesday is the one being chased in her universe. One might need a dose of Wednesday Addams after a season full of Devi Vishwakumar, in the interest of balancing things out.

XO, Kitty

We believe it is obvious why XO, Kitty is a worthy successor to Never Have I Ever. There is a bit of chasing and being chased, conflicts with friends that are later resolved, and an easy, breezy quality that doesn’t require us to think too much. Min Ho, played by Lee Sang Heon, is also a great motivation. He gives off slight Ben vibes, and Kitty and Min Ho’s banter is kind of like Devi and Ben’s. In our humble opinion, good banter is a precursor to a good relationship.

The bottom line is that there is no dearth of content, and if nothing else, Never Have I Ever comes with some rewatch value. Until the next teen romantic comedy graces our screens, you can grab your popcorn and tick these shows off your list.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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