K-dramas And Films Like ‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’


There are two types of shows that make you want to watch more of them. The first is when they are too good, and the second is when they exhibit potential but don’t deliver on it. It is up to you to decide which category Strong Girl Nam Soon falls under. In the meantime, the following is a list to go through while you decide on your next watch.

1. Strong Girl Bong Soon

This is perhaps the most obvious choice to follow up on Strong Girl Nam Soon. If you want to see a strong girl taking on bad guys and winning her love, the predecessor of the current show is a magical story elevated by the chemistry between the leads that is unmatched to this day. On the other hand, if you want a reminder of the standard that Nam Soon failed to live up to, Bong Soon’s show is a good watch. If you have already watched Strong Girl Bong Soon, there is nothing wrong with refreshing your memory with this classic, especially since there are talks of a season 3, which may likely have the two leading ladies from both shows make an appearance.

2. Behind Your Touch

There is no point in denying that this drama will demand some of your patience, but then, so did Strong Girl Nam Soon. The reason for this recommendation is that it is nice to see the leads work together as a team, which we saw very little of in ‘Nam Soon.’ The love story in Strong Girl Bong Soon is one of the reasons the show is so iconic, and that same thing was not given any time at all in the successor show. That is why if it is teamwork and chemistry that you want to see, Behind Your Touch is a great watch. It must also be mentioned that the body comedy of the actors is absolutely wonderful and is a study in itself.

3. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Another iconic drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo became an instant fan favorite because of the lead couple’s dynamic. The way the man was able to artfully step back and let the woman handle her own issues while knowing how to be there for her was a rare sight. Additionally, he has a very pretty smile, and it reminds us of Ahn Min Hyuk of Strong Girl Bong Soon in so many ways. If only Hee Sik in Strong Girl Nam Soon had been given the chance, he would have brought something similar to the table. But the reason for this recommendation is that though Attorney Woo does not have a superpower like Nam Soon, she knows how to identify and work with her strengths and weaknesses, which is what makes her so extraordinary, perhaps more than Nam Soon herself.

4. Mr. Queen

This may look like an odd recommendation, but once you start watching the drama, you know why it makes sense. In the Strong Girl franchise, the women are fish out of water and are trying to make the best of their situations. The oddball nature is also possessed by the lead character, Mr. Queen, and her superpower is that she knows the future because she comes from it. Mr. Queen also shares the Strong Girl brand of friendly sexism in that since it is a man inside a woman’s body, he knows that the sky’s the limit, and that attitude is a surprise for everyone. Most of all, it is an easy watch with a lot of feel-good moments and lots of healthy cringes.

5. Doom at Your Service

Are there any fans of the Ryu Si-O and Nam Soon pairing? That is the more popular couple in the drama, and they have better chemistry as well. The point is that it is nice to see a bad guy turn healthy for his lady love once in a while, no matter how outdated and dangerous the concept might be. That is why Doom at Your Service may be a good watch because watching the leads fall in love with one another while knowing that there is going to be a world of trouble to come along with it is a treat. They overcome the worst of themselves to be good enough for their love, and sometimes, it is all the validation in the world a person needs.

6. Hotel Del Luna

It is a show where the woman has superpowers, and the man is the one who leads her down a path of good while fighting some terrible demons within herself and others. We may also say that this is a better-written show than Strong Girl Nam Soon. The heroine is appropriately sassy, the man is completely no-nonsense yet has a tender way of dealing with tantrums, and overall, it has a consistently fun vibe that is far from the tiringly chaotic nature of “Nam Soon.” It is a good show to put on next.

7. As good as it Gets

The reason we recommend this is because it is a guess that this is what falling in love with a villain must be like. Don’t get us wrong, Jack Nicholson does not play a villain, but he plays the role of a very difficult man. He falls first for the woman, and she has a difficult time reciprocating his emotions, but she finds herself there for reasons she doesn’t understand. These two clash a lot because of their personalities, and as exasperating as the woman finds him, once you are in love, there is nothing you can do. No doubt the movie has a happy ending, but it gives food for thought as to what makes the seemingly ‘bad’ guys attractive and whether it is wiser to love them through romanticization or through some exasperating practicality.

8. Kill Boksoon

There is an art to keeping the bad guys with a romantic interest in you at arm’s length, and Boksoon knows that. It also helps that the fight scenes are a treat to look at. She does not have the physical strength of Boksoon, but she has the smarts and an attitude that is to die for. This is a far better representation of what strength and the accompanying vulnerabilities look like, and it is a movie that should not be missed.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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