‘Behind Your Touch’ Ending Explained: Do Ye Bun And Jang Yeol Catch The shaman?


It has been eight weeks of Behind Your Touch, of Ye Bun and Jang Yeol’s wide-eyed comedic acting and a certain chemistry that, in hindsight, was handled just right. The second half of Behind Your Touch is better than the first, and if you don’t mind the loopholes and mistakes in the narrative, this is a decent watch, and here is a recap of it.

Spoiler Alert

How do Ye Bun and Jang Yeol start solving crimes?

Jang Yeol has been transferred to Mujin because of his failure in a drug-related case. He was betrayed by someone he had trusted, though he comes to know later that the boy was also coerced into his circumstances. All Jang Yeol wants is to solve a big enough case so that he can get transferred back to Seoul. That is when he chanced upon Ye Bun, who has recently acquired the powers of psychometry. When she was treating a cow, there was a meteor shower, which gave Ye Bun and Gwang Sik the power to see people’s memories once they touched a certain part of someone’s body.

For Ye Bun, this is a blessing in disguise as her veterinary business picks up. But when Jang Yeol discovers what she can do, he decides that she must help him solve his cases, and that is how their partnership starts. As they continue working together on cases that mostly turn out to be petty, Ye Bun and Jang Yeol end up solving a kidnapping case, which goes to show how valuable Ye Bun’s powers are and just how much Jang Yeol trusts her. With time, it also becomes clear that there is a serial killer in Mujin. He has been killing people with a kitchen knife, and our Behind Your Touch duo is just not able to figure out who he is since Ye Bun has been unable to see the murder memories on anyone. Meanwhile, Jang Yeol’s suspicions are firmly on Seon Woo, a convenience store worker who has recently moved into the neighborhood, and he and Ye Bun seem to like each other.

What is the case with Cha Ju Man and Mujin’s redevelopment?

This started out as a promising subplot but did not lead anywhere. Years earlier, Ye Bun’s mother had committed suicide, and that is when Ye Bun had come to live with her grandfather. She discovers in the present day that her mother was actually murdered by Cha Ju Man as she was pursuing the redevelopment scam that had taken place in Mujin, and the evidence she had collected was strong enough to put the man away in jail for a long time. To cover his tracks, Cha Ju Man killed Ye Bun’s mother and lied about her depression so that everyone assumed that she had killed herself. Seon Woo is the son of Ye Bun’s mother’s friend, and he is in town, probably to feel closer to her because he doesn’t do anything else other than work and raises suspicions unnecessarily. Cha Ju Man eventually becomes a victim of the serial killer, and this entire matter is forgotten immediately.

Who is the serial killer? How was he caught?

Jang Yeol figures out that on the night Ye Bun and Gwang Sik got their powers, a third person had to be present on the scene. That is because the killer seems to be aware of Ye Bun’s abilities, and it is only possible if he has them, too. For the longest time, Jang Yeol suspects Seon Woo, but when he dies, it leaves him and Ye Bun devastated. However, Jang Yeol also deduces that the killer must either be wearing sunglasses or closing his eyes to avoid imprinting the murder in his mind and escaping detection by Ye Bun. It is soon after this information that Ye Bun finds that the serial killer is none other than the shaman, and he has been doing this because he likes taking the lives of people. His power is in his eyes, and once he looks into someone else’s eyes, he can read their memories. With some great difficulty, Ye Bun manages to tell Jang Yeol about the shaman, and they are also able to access Seon Woo’s phone, which has the proof they need to put the man behind bars. But the shaman creates another problem, as he has kidnapped Ok Hui, and unless he is released, she will die.

Is Ok Hui rescued?

Jong Bae has cut a dirty deal where instead of Ok Hui being released in exchange for his freedom, Ye Bun and Jang Yeol are kidnapped by Baek San Gil, the handsome gangster whose failed case sent Jang Yeol to Mujin. The gangster wants money from Jong Bae for his safe passage to China, but the shaman lets him know his past, present, and possible future and reveals Ye Bun’s power to him. When San Gil verifies it and finds it to be true, he understands how valuable she would be for his business. But thankfully, we get to see a bit of a heroic moment from Jang Yeol, and he beats up a room full of gangsters to protect Ye Bun. We suppose this is when she starts falling in love with him. But now that the goons are under control, it is time to focus on Ok Hui. That happens when Ok Hui’s crush suggests that Ye Bun focus on the sounds of the vision to guide them to where Ok Hui may be being held. Ye Bun takes the advice, and slowly, she guides the crush, eventually rescuing Ok Hui.

Do Ye Bun and Jang Yeol catch the shaman? Are they together?

The only thing left to do is to find the shaman, and San Gil is their lead. He tells the boatman to inform him when Jong Bae gets on, and all Ye Bun and Jang Yeol have to do is capture Jong Bae at the right moment. But this proves to be a lot trickier than they could have expected. Jong Bae has acted like a simpleton throughout, but his mind is sharper than we could have anticipated. He cleverly scouts the area for the police through the memories of the garbage collectors. He even gets on the boat, and he reads the boatman’s memories of San Gil, asking him to call. This should have been a harmless thing, but Jong Bae wonders why San Gil, a man obsessed with money, would do something like that without any ulterior motive. That is his cue to leave, and Ye Bun and Jang Yeol once again have to jump through hoops to catch him. Finally, they spot him in a house, but Jong Bae is prepared. He escapes before they can get to him, and he is not above killing people to avoid their trail. With some more cunning on his part, Jong Bae kidnaps Ye Bun and tells Jang Yeol that he will send her back once he is in China.

Jang Yeol manages to save her in time and capture Jong Bae. But the unrepentant shaman is still not apologetic, and only Ye Bun poking his eyes gives us a modicum of laughter and relief. The serial killer shaman has been caught, and the mystery is over. Jang Yeol can go back to Seoul as he always wanted, and Ye Bun is still not wise about his feelings. But when he misses the bus for her, she must have gotten the idea she wanted. Jang Yeol asks her to meet him if she ever comes to Seoul. Eight months later, Ye Bun has made a whole career out of her ability to see memories with touch, and she is a bit of a celebrity, being managed by Ok Hui, who is dating her crush. Hyeon Ok is married to Jong Muk, and only Ye Bun is left, who needs to find her love.

During Behind Your Touch‘s ending, Ye Bun meets Jang Yeol, and he puts her up on a case, forcing her to spend some days in prison. But Ye Bun gets the information she needs, though that places her in danger of physical violence from the inmates. Luckily, Jang Yeol had never let her out of his sight, and he protected her before they both ran away together to go on their date.

Final Thoughts

Behind Your Touch was not a bad show, but it tests your patience, and there are plenty of loopholes in it that will annoy you till the very end. But once you learn to ignore them, this becomes all right. We also like how Jang Yeol and Ye Bun do not magically end up together but are just taking the first step. Behind Your Touch is a show for a lazy weekend, when you have time to kill.

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