‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Ending, Explained: Why CEO Han Doesn’t Expose Su Mi & Young-Woo’s Relationship?


Just as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” came closer to the end, Young Woo broke up with Jun Ho, Su Yeon confessed her feelings to Min Woo, and Myung Seok was diagnosed with stage three stomach cancer. Things have been sailing smoothly in Young Woo’s life until now, but both her relationship and work dynamics are going to change as Jun Ho is no longer by her side and Myung Seok goes on medical leave, which makes Young Woo work under Attorney Jang, who is known for his nasty temperament. Elsewhere, the CEO of Hanbada is prepared to expose the truth of Young Woo’s birth to the public to stop Tae Su Mi from becoming a minister.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Hacked The Raon Platform?

Things have been awkward between Young Woo and Jun Ho since their break-up, as Young Woo ignores Jun Ho every time she sees him and avoids telling him the reason for their break-up. She visits Jung Myung Seok before he goes in for surgery and wishes for him to come back alive. She’s late to her first meeting with Attorney Jang, but that’s not everything that aggravates him. Myung Seok understood Young Woo’s interruption during a conversation and her nitpicking of small things, but Jang found it extremely rude. Right after the meeting, he tells her to not do anything or speak unless she is asked to. They have a case of spear phishing, and the personal data of around eighty percent of citizens have been stolen from Raon, an online shopping site’s database.

The Korean Communications Commission has penalized the company for 300 billion Won, which is a bigger concern for the company than finding the hacker. The Commission board has made their decision based on the changed law, and the previous cases of data breaches have become irrelevant in this case. Young Woo tries to explain the situation to Jang, but he gets mad at her for lecturing her senior. Myung Seok, who has just had successful surgery, advises Young Woo to discuss with her colleagues if her superior is dismissing her. Jang uses the old cases in the trial as a reference, despite Young Woo’s analysis, and sets up Raon Company for more defamation in front of the media. The CEO of the company comes to Hanbada all panicked because he is about to go bankrupt. Not only is his website losing users, but many of them have filed a lawsuit against the company.

At this tense moment, Young Woo fails to read the room and corrects Jang’s pronunciation. He lashes out at her, but the CEO takes him out to focus on the pressing matter. The CEO, Jang and Min Woo, are alumni with the judge of the trial and try to bribe him. Not only did their attempt fail, but they also created a bad image in front of him. Jang couldn’t face the judge and made Su Yeon take over the next trial. They are clearly on the losing side, but Jang still refuses to listen to Young Woo and takes her off the case. She had only explained to him that the hacker got into the system on the night before the new law was established and they should try to use it in their favor, but Jang didn’t think the same. Young Woo goes home early and finds Jun Ho waiting for her.

Jun Ho couldn’t reply to Young Woo when she told him that she could not make him happy and would make him feel lonely, as if he knew that she was right to some extent. Young Woo’s senior doesn’t like her, she thinks she can never love anyone, and the entire country is going to know her name soon, and her father cannot do anything about it, even though he knows it. Though the world seems to be against her, her colleagues go against their superiors and defend the client using the statement that caused Young Woo to get kicked out of the case. They reduced the penalty for the Raon group, but the company still needs to find the hacker. They believe that the hacker is from North Korea, but he is very close to them. Tae Su Mi’s teenage son gets worried after seeing the news of Raon’s CEO attempting suicide and tries to connect to his friend, who was also involved in hacking the platform.

To Whom Does Sang Hyeon Confess His Crime?

Choi Sang Hyeon studies in high school and is a genius, much like his half-sister Woo Young Woo. He likes to eat Kimbap and has more knowledge about cyber security than an average high schooler. He met Kim Chan Hong, the Co-CEO of Raon, at a cybersecurity competition and became friends with him. They would hang out in gaming cafes a lot, and Chan Hong had introduced him to Bae In Cheol as well. Chan Hong and In Cheol started Raon together, but Chan Hong had been unhappy lately because of In Cheol’s negligence towards upgrading the technology. He thought telling Sang Hyeon to hack the database would make In Cheol invest more in cyber security, but he had not the slightest clue that it would turn into a huge disaster.

Sang Hyeon feels guilty about what he did because he trusted Chang Hong and didn’t think In Cheol would go so far as to attempt suicide. He comes clean to his mom and confesses his crime, but she tells him to not tell anyone else, but he doesn’t want to live like that. He doesn’t want to be a bad person like his mom, who abandoned her child. He knows about Young Woo and visits her in the Hanbada office after all the doors shut in front of him. He refers to her as his sister and isn’t scared to confess his crime to her. They are very comfortable with each other, even if it’s their first time meeting. However, Young Woo is representing Chan Hong and cannot use Sang Hyeon’s confession. Sang Hyeon gives her the video recording of his confession anyway because he wants to confess and doesn’t want to get away with his crime like rich kids in television series do.

Young Woo has received a job offer from Taesan’s Boston branch, and her father also tells her that CEO Han is willing to send her to the countryside after she reveals her birth secret. Young Woo has two options in front of her, but she doesn’t understand why she has to change her way of living because of Tae Su Mi, who never concerned herself with Young Woo’s life. Hanbada wins the lawsuit against the 300 Billion Won penalty but still has to face a bigger trial worth three trillion Won. CEO Han also joins the case and sees Sang Hyeon’s confession. Jang is in confusion as to why Sang Hyeon would meet Young Woo and why the CEO is not surprised by it. Jang thinks that the video will only cause further damage to the company, but Young Woo has a solution, and Han agrees to it, leaving Jang confused once again.

Young Woo’s solution is not only going to help the case but is also going to save her a lot of trouble personally. Han has Tae Su Mi’s son at hand now, so she tells the reporter to not expose Young Woo’s identity and promises to give him something better to write about. They show the video in the court, and Chan Hong gets shocked, not only because of the video but also because he receives a notice about his dismissal as CEO of Raon. In Cheol, the board of directors made this unanimous decision to save the company from further trouble. Chan Hong is not related to Raon now and is seen as an external party. However, the judge refuses to accept the video evidence as the opposing party cannot cross-examine its validity.

Ending Explained

Hanbada is at a crucial point where their decision can make or break this case. CEO Han thinks that they should release the video to the public to create public opinion and influence the trial. Young Woo opposes the idea and proposes that she convince Su Mi to let Sang Hyeon testify in court. Sang Hyeon would have testified if her mother hadn’t planned to send him out of the country. She wants to give her half-brother a chance to surrender like he wanted to and doesn’t want him to be remembered as a rich kid who tried to flee to cover his crime. Sang Hyeon is still at the airport, and Su Mi is preparing for her candidacy for ministry. Jun Ho drives Young Woo to the National Assembly and calls Su Mi’s secretary to let Young Woo meet her.

While they waited anxiously outside the assembly, Jun Ho mustered up the courage to tell Young Woo that he had an unrequited love for her, just like a cat owner has for their cat. The cat makes the owner lonely sometimes, but they still love the cat because it makes them happy. He suggests they not break up, and Young Woo says that it is an incorrect fact that cats don’t love their owners. She is convinced by Jun Ho’s sincere words and drops her decision to break up. Su Mi takes a few precious minutes off from her schedule to meet Young Woo. She thinks Young Woo wants to talk about the Boston job, but Young Woo tells her that even though she is an odd one in the society around her, she is happy here. There are some people who don’t think well of her, but there are also people who love her.

Just when Su Mi was about to leave, Young Woo asked her to become a good mother, which she wasn’t to her. She doesn’t want Sang Hyeon to have the same scars that she has. Su Mi pledges her candidature but later shows up at the trial when her son is testifying. She allowed her son to testify under some conditions, with the main one being that only Young Woo could interrogate him. Sang Hyeon testifies, and Su Mi withdraws her candidacy. Tae Su Mi had to take a fall, but it was a win for many others. Sang Hyeon isn’t ashamed of himself or his mother anymore. Hanbada wins the case, and Raon is saved from going bankrupt. Young Woo is a full-time lawyer now with Jun Ho by her side. Min Woo changes himself and vows to become a better person, thanks to Su Yeon.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Season 1 avoided a tragic end, all thanks to Young Woo’s half-brother. Young Woo was wronged by her mother, but her brother came to her rescue as if to pay back for their mom’s wrongdoings towards her. Our protagonist was an autistic person, but the story involved other characters smoothly enough to not divert from the main character’s story and also make them a part of her story. Lee Jun Ho has to be the most loved character apart from Young Woo because of his unconditional love towards Young Woo. As a courtroom drama, the series portrayed a wide range of cases, some of which were inspired by real-life cases. Overall, it was a perfect blend of professionalism, camaraderie, and love in the life of an attorney who is not ordinary like others.

With Young Woo back with Jun Ho and meeting her half-brother, and also becoming a full-time lawyer, we can expect Young Woo to indulge in a more mature romantic relationship with Jun Ho and explore the sibling relationship with Sang Hyeon in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Season 2.

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