‘The Bear’ Season 2 Ending, Explained: Did Carmy Open His Restaurant?


We loved the first season of The Bear, and that is why we had a lot of expectations for the second season too and I’m glad to say that it didn’t disappoint us. The Bear season 2 picked up where it left off in the last season, and we are made privy to the struggles that Carmy and his entire team have to go through to open their new restaurant. From finding a financier to recruiting the best possible talents, everything was not so easy, and the entire team was working day and night to make it happen. Apart from the professional challenges, Carmy, Richie, and all the others were also dealing with their own inner conflicts. They were getting to know themselves better each and every day. So let’s find out if Carmy is able to fulfill the dream that he once saw with Michael and what kind of internal and external challenges he has to face in his journey.

Spoilers Alert

What Happens In Season 2?

We all know how bureaucracy works, and it took Carmy and his team forever to get all the licenses and permits. Natalie kept reminding them that they were still behind on their taxes and couldn’t open a new place unless and until they had cleared their dues. Though Carmy had found that Michael had left a lot of cash stashed in the tomato cans in The Bear season 1, he knew that he would still need a partner to fund their ambitious project. Carmy didn’t know anybody other than Uncle Jimmy who could help them, and so, together with Natalie and Sydney, he pitched him the idea. Carmy told Uncle Jimmy that he had found his $300,000, and either he could choose to take it or invest another $500,000 in the project and be a partner. Uncle Jimmy knew that he was probably making the most foolish decision of his life, but he decided to come on board. Firstly, he loved his nephews, and secondly, he had seen the kind of enthusiasm and resilience they had in their eyes. Moreover, Carmy had promised him that if he wasn’t able to pay back the debt in the stipulated time period, he would hand over the possession of the place to Jimmy. According to Natalie’s calculations, the restaurant was not going to open before six months, but Carmy knew that he didn’t have that kind of time. He talked to Natalie and Sydney, and they decided to do the impossible, i.e., open the restaurant in 12 weeks.

Carmy needed all hands on deck, but he also realized that he had to pay a lot of attention to quality. He knew that people like Tina, and Ebra needed to learn a lot of things before they came aboard. So it was decided that Tina and Ebra would be sent to culinary school, while Marcus would be sent to Copenhagen to learn about deserts from a renowned chef called Lucas. Marcus had an enriching experience, and he learned the intricacies of making sophisticated dessert dishes. Tina loved the environment of the culinary school, and she was very excited to get the training, but it was not so with Ebra.

Ebra liked doing things the old way, and he was not perceptible to change. He had a hard time coping and then finally, one day, decided to leave without telling anybody. Ebra had realized that it was not his cup of tea, and he probably didn’t fit in among his highly skilled colleagues. Sydney was given the task of recruiting new chefs, and she also had a hard time finding the right talent in a cutthroat industry. Sydney never had second thoughts about investing so much time in a business venture that could actually fail, but of late, it had been playing on her mind. Though she was sure that she wanted to be the CDC in The Bear, she was a bit scared about the possibility of the entire plan backfiring and her going back to ground zero. Sydney, like all the other people involved in the project, had a lot at stake, and she made it a point that her emotions never got in the way of the work that needed to be done. The journey was such that at every moment, people were self-doubting, and the fear of failure got the better of them at times. The journey was teaching everybody something about themselves, and at times, it became difficult to cope with rapid changes that had been happening.

Why Was Richie Feeling Aloof?

Richie, towards the end of The Bear Season 1, had started feeling that he was not needed in the scheme of things. Food was clearly not his passion, and like Natalie, he wasn’t good at handling administrative stuff either. Richie was having a lot of fights with everybody while they were building the space. The source of all the irritation was the existential crisis that he was going through. We got to know in the 6th episode of The Bear season 2 that he didn’t want to continue working in “The Beef” but because of a lack of options he had to stay back. He was helping out Michael, and there was no doubt that Michael was his best friend, but he didn’t see himself doing that his entire life. He needed an upgrade, and for the same reason, he approached Uncle Jimmy back in the day. Richie was hardworking, but the problem was that he didn’t have a specific skill, so giving him a high-paying job was a difficult thing, even for his uncle Jimmy. Things not working in his career had an impact on his marriage too, and Tiff, his wife, separated from him eventually. Working for Carmy was the only thing he looked forward to in his life, but that was also snatched from him when Carmy decided to upgrade things. Richie had started feeling that Carmy didn’t want him there, which was absolutely not true.

Carmy loved his cousin, and he knew his strengths, which is why he wanted to harness his full potential. Richie was good with people, and Carmy wanted him to realize that. He knew he needed a man like Richie to put things in order in his new restaurant, “The Bear.” Carmy sent Richie to do an internship of sorts at one of the best restaurants in town. Richie had a hard time coping, but as soon as he got a hang of things, he started performing beautifully. Richie’s bosses were impressed by the kind of drive and dedication the man had, and Richie, after a long time, thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing. During the internship, Richie was told by his boss that Carmy loved and respected him. Richie realized that he had misread the entire situation, and the problem was just in his mind. Richie came back to The Bear, and this time, he knew where he belonged. He knew how to study the customers and provide them with what they needed even before they asked. He asked Natalie to make him her assistant, and once she did, there was no stopping him.

‘The Bear’ Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happens To Carmy?

Ebra had finally decided to come back and join the staff of The Bear, and Carmy and his entire crew got ready for the first day of the restaurant. Natalie had decided to call their mother, Donna, for the inaugural night, and though Carmy was a bit reluctant to face her, he didn’t say anything to Natalie. Donna had a strained relationship with not only her kids but with every family member. At times, she felt that nobody loved and valued her, and no matter how much her kids tried to make her understand otherwise, she just stuck to her own beliefs and opinions. The main reason why Carmy had stopped coming home even during holidays was that Donna was always on the edge of losing her temper, because of which the environment of the house was very negative all the time.

Carmy had been infatuated with Claire since his school days, and now that he knew that even she liked him, he was elated. Things were fine between them for a short period of time before Carmy started feeling that he was getting distracted and that he was not giving enough time to his restaurant. He was clearly not able to manage everything on his plate, and the work pressure and stress got to him. 

After a lot of hurdles, The Bear finally opened, and the chefs could feel their nerves as the day they had waited for so long had arrived. They knew that it was going to be chaotic and that they didn’t have to lose their temper because whatever happened, it would be a learning curve for them. Guests arrived, the orders started pouring in, and amidst all the tension and chaos, Carmy accidentally got locked inside a walk-in freezer. Carmy lost his mind, and he didn’t know what to say or what to do. In his absence, Sydney, Richie, and the entire crew managed everything quite well. It was a successful first day, but Carmy created a mess, and instead of ending the night on a high, he lost people whom he valued. Because of the adrenaline rush, tension, and stress of doing everything perfectly, Carmy said things that hurt Claire and Richie. Claire left the restaurant, realizing that her presence was causing a lot of issues, and Richie had a heated argument with Carmy about the same. It was supposed to be a night of celebration as all their hard work paid off, but instead, The Bear Season 2’s ending turned into a debacle, leaving Carmy with much to think about.

What Can We Expect In Season 3?

The Berzatto family was as dysfunctional as anybody could have imagined, and all that Carmy had seen in his house had an adverse impact on the relationships he shared with others. We believe that The Bear season 3 is on the cards (though there isn’t any official information as of now), as there is still so much to ascertain when it comes to the professional and personal lives of Carmy. He had come so far, but just moments before he crossed the finish line, he ruined things, and he only had himself to blame for it. 

If there is a third season of The Bear, Carmy would have to come to terms with his past before doing anything else. That baggage he carried on his shoulders at times didn’t make him realize the effect his words had on his close ones. Richie lost his temper, and he had every right to do that. He was disrespected for no rhyme or reason. Claire felt hurt when she heard Carmy speak about her like that. She felt that she was an unnecessary hassle in his life, and that is why she chose to move away. The poor girl didn’t even have a clue that Carmy was feeling something like that up until that moment. Though a battle had been won with the opening of The Bear, Carmy has a lot of things to think about in The Bear Season 3, and we hope that he rectifies his mistakes and tries not to lose out on the people who were there for him unconditionally.

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