‘The Boss Baby: Back In The Crib’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Will There Be A Season 2?


Produced by Brandon Sawyer, “Boss Baby: Back In Crib” is back with cuddle babies turned mega-minds in the business. Netflix Originals released another Boss Baby franchise on May 19th, 2022, bringing back the original Legend of “Boss Baby” to give the audience a shot of nostalgia mixed with adorable graphics. 

‘The Boss Baby: Back In The Crib’ Season 1: Plotline

Theodore Templeton, the original Boss Baby, is all grown up, and a leading tycoon is framed for his colleagues’ embezzlement. To escape from the FBI, Teddy takes a swig of the Super Secret Baby Formula and turns back into a baby. He seeks refuge in his brother’s house, Tim Templeton. His two nieces, Tabitha and Tina, and Tim’s wife, Carol, greet him and take him in. He has to compromise with the family and follow their rules and traditions. He also rejoins Baby Corp to get a supply of the milk mix to keep up with his baby ruse. Tina and Teddy end up working together as co-bosses at the same company. Tabitha ends up joining the uncuddlables to stop the baby corp’s five percenter program. Tina and Teddy join hands to stop them from sabotaging their company’s money-making schemes. 

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Stopping The Uncuddlables: Tabitha’s Betrayal

Tina and Teddy get assigned to take care of the five percent of babies who are responsible for increasing baby love which makes the Baby Corp revenue. The company solely relies on this scheme, ignoring all the other babies and deeming those babies as average. While taking care of the five percent of babies, Teddy and Tina discover that a babysitting company, namely the Uncuddlables, has been sabotaging their babies’ development. Iggy, one of the 5 percenters, gets hair lice while on a stroll. Upon investigating the cause, they discover a duck. Lumpy, the duck, turns out to be a mascot named Curtis, who secretly works for this babysitting company. He gave Iggy the lisp. Another of their five percenters, Bystander Baby, gets taught a bad word to decrease their captivating aura of cuteness. Bounce Baby Bruiser is handed a tricycle to create utter chaos, so that baby love gets demoted even further.

Baby Corp has been able to come up with a baby who is so cute and perfect that they named her UBO, The Ultra Baby Omega, and they keep her under extra protection all the time. She gets to go next to nowhere unless the percentage of baby love is tanking. During these times, the company uses this baby to increase the fallen percentage. During the series, she tries to escape multiple times from the tight security she is placed under. However, she gets caught and put back among the security eventually. They release her for only 8 seconds before she is put back into a robotic suit that keeps everybody from gazing at her.

During a pageant named Lil Dumpling Pageant, however, Spectacles Baby, Costume Baby, Baby Iggy, Gassy Francis, Trike Delivery Baby, Smiling Samir, and 30 Second Yawn Baby, who make up the Five Percenters, get replaced by other babies who are seemingly not as cute and are always fussing. Tabitha joins the Uncuddlables because Yvette, her best friend, is also one. Yvette tells Tabitha about the numerous incidents why Baby Corp should be stopped. The Baby Corp has stopped focusing on all the other babies due to their new strategy of only focusing on 5 percent of them. They have deemed the rest average at best. This comes across as the other babies, teenagers, and people belonging to another age group are completely unlovable. After going on missions with Teddy and Tina, Tabitha realizes how flawed the entire system of Baby Corp is. She tells Yvette about it and later joins her group to sabotage Baby Corp’s plans. During the pageant, when the Corp got UBO out to boost their baby love and put her back immediately, their suit that cut off UBO’s shine after 8 seconds malfunctioned. Tabitha, Teddy, and Tina run across to get that fixed; however, Tabitha talks about the faulty system and how they are coming across to others. Saddened, Tabitha tries to put this point across to Teddy and Tina, who set out to change the system. 

‘The Boss Baby: Back In The Crib’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Will There Be A Season 2?

Teddy and Tina realise the flaws, and they set out to make a change. They put up a petition to do away with the five percent system that was signed by numerous departmental heads. After listening to the points put across by the babysitters, they become friends. To make sure that the company CEO, Nannycam, is not suspicious, they decide to finish their mission covertly and pretend the babysitters and Teddy’s team are still enemies. They convinced Simmons, the science department head; Katja, the head of the security department; Chips, the head of the legal department; Amal, the head of the accounting department; and Bad Idea Baby, the head of the marketing team, to sign the petition. They realise how potentially damaging and ill-thought-out the entire system is, so they agree to join hands. While Tina was convincing all the heads to sign, Teddy led the mission to save UBO from her maxed-out secure jail. Tim turns into an uncuddlable and joins them for the mission.

Due to their marketing strategy, the Baby Corp simply ignores the other babies who also deserve as much love. They have no diversification and simply target some babies to boost their baby love meter. They do not want to change their ways simply because this system helps them generate more revenue and also gain sponsors. 

However, even after all of this, all of them get fired. Teddy, Tina, JJ, Dez, Pip, and the departmental heads, all of them get fired after putting up a convincing presentation to the board. However, they still manage to find a happy home for Ultra Baby Omega with a Hollywood A-list couple who can withstand prolonged exposure to UBO’s shine. Disheartened after getting fired, the team sits in the attic of Templeton’s house and cries about their lives. Carol comes in and talks sense into them. Just because they have lost one job does not mean they can not get another one. They have their whole lives ahead of them. After listening to this, all of the babies rejoice and make up their minds to start a company that aligns better with their interests and can provide better competition to the Baby Corp. They set their minds on going forward with the notion that all babies deserve love, not just the five percenters. 

A second season is in the works. The second season will be focusing more on how Teddy deals with the embezzlement allegations and how all the babies will build up a better company to compete with Baby Corp and put an end to their schemes.

“The Boss Baby: Back In The Crib” is a 2022 Animation Comedy Series streaming on Netflix.

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