‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Kang Ho Regain His Memories?


Episode 11 of The Good Bad Mother was the final scattering of pieces before they started resolving. Mi Joo has some clarity as to what she wants to do, and things have been set in motion from Oh Tae Soo and Song Woobyeok’s side that might inadvertently lead to positive results. Let’s look into the events of episode 11 through a detailed recap.

 Spoilers Alert

Does Mi Joo Tell The Truth To Kang Ho?

At the end of Episode 10, Mi Joo had gone with her kids to Kang Ho’s house. In Episode 11 of The Good Bad Mother, we realize that Mi Joo never wanted to get back together with Kang Ho. She just wants to tell them the truth so that she doesn’t have to keep running from them. However, when she reaches there, she finds that Young Soon has collapsed and must be rushed to the hospital. Ms. Hoang, the prospective bride chosen for Kang Ho, accompanies them. At the hospital, Kang Ho finally learns that his mother is terminally ill. He has no idea how to deal with this news, but Mi Joo stands by him and supports him. Maybe this is why Hoang thinks that there is something between those two and decides to call off the marriage.

When Young Soon regains consciousness and comes to know of this, she is furious at Mi Joo and doesn’t waste time telling her off, but this time, Mi Joo’s mother stands up for her. She had been worried that Mi Joo wanted to get back together with Kang Ho, but upon realizing that she just wanted to live more freely, she was staunchly by her side. Therefore, she defends her daughter from Young Soon’s accusations and tells her that only Kang Ho is responsible for his decisions. Young Soon had a tough life, and she centered it completely around her son. Maybe that is why she forgot to take into account that other children were just as loved by their parents. This realization helps her make up with her friend later on, but by this time, Mi Joo is doubting her decision yet again, especially since her daughter, Ye Jin, told her that she doesn’t need her father to be happy and just wants her mother to live her life.

Does Kang Ho Regain His Memories?

Sam Sik is a troublemaker of the highest order, and nothing is sacred to him. When his mother beats him up for trying to take advantage of Kang Ho, he cites that she gave him more importance than she did for her son. Maybe it is because of this that Sam Sik’s mother gave him the 2 million won, the sum that he claimed he needed. He was going to say 200 million, but he was lucky that he couldn’t get the words out; otherwise, his parents might have just killed him. It helps since he needs to refund the bag he sold, as it had a tear in it. When Sam Sik takes back the bag, he finds a DNA test result in it and another SD card. Correctly believing that it could be of some value, he immediately goes to meet Kang Ho.

The contents of the SD card can be accessed by a password, and when Kang Ho sees a picture of a sandglass, he remembers it. The SD has an audio recording that reveals that Oh Tae Soo had an illegitimate family, and Kang Ho was given the task of killing them. The DNA report is proof of that. While Kang Ho is flustered and confused, Sam Sik offers to find out the truth on his behalf. Honestly, he plans on using it to blackmail Oh Tae Soo or someone in his family so that his debts are cleared. With that intention, he sets off for Seoul with Mr. Cha and Mr. So, who are leaving the village since their faces are going to be telecast in a television program.

When Sam Sik reaches Seoul, he meets Ha Young by staging an accident, and when she sees what he has, she tears up the report and agrees to give him the money. But before she can do that, Sam Sik is kidnapped by Oh Tae Soo’s goons, who believe that he must be working for Song Woobyeok. Luckily, Sam Sik is rescued by Mr. Cha and Mr. So, but the suspicion is still on Woobyeok. This is further intensified when the next day, Ha Young abandons her wedding after being delivered a picture of Kang Ho by Woobyeok. We believe there was more in the gift box he sent her, but we will know that in The Good Bad Mother Episode 12. For now, Oh Tae Soo orders Ha Young to be confined to a hospital until the elections.

We believe he also orders Kang Ho and his mother to be killed. It was certainly his goons who set the pig farm on fire, and while Kang Ho rescues his mother, he himself gets stuck inside and hits his head. The injury, in typical K-drama and Bollywood style, probably brings back his memories. At the end of Episode 11 of The Good Bad Mother, Kang Ho recovers two crucial memories, which we believe are an indication that he remembers everything. Firstly, he remembers the moments before his accident when he saw Ha Young walk away from the car. Secondly, he remembers when he was in his mother’s womb, and his father was telling him to wake up. The second one was a little too much, but we think it means that Kang Ho is going to remember everything.

Final Thoughts

If Kang Ho has indeed recovered his memories, he must set out to rescue Sam Sik, who has gone AWOL since he went to Seoul. The precap also tells us that Young Soon finds out that it was Mi Joo, who Kang Ho was in love with. We did not know that he had not made that clear in the SD card he had left behind, but if she gets this information, would she also come to know that the twins’ father is Kang Ho? Additionally, now that Ha Young knows what her father is capable of, will she help Woobyeok since he certainly sent something fishy to her in her gift box? We can’t wait for these answers in The Good Bad Mother Episode 12.

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