‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Kang Ho Save Young Soon?


The seventh episode of The Good Bad Mother was a lot to take in. Though it had its lighthearted moments, our throats closed up with grief for the characters. All we want at this stage is for Young Soon and Kang Ho to be happy, at least for a few episodes, because things are not going to be easy going forward either way. For now, here is a detailed recap and ending of The Good Bad Mother Episode 7.

 Spoilers Alert

Why Does Young Soon Try To Kill Herself And Kang Ho?

Ever since Young Soon has come to know that she doesn’t have long to live, she has started making preparations to leave Kang Ho in charge of things. She plans a detailed diary for him, telling him where to go and whom to contact in case there is any problem with the house or the farm. In fact, she even prepares a schedule for him so that he knows how to take care of the pigs. But the funniest part is that she teaches him to swear at people if they bully him or try to rip him off. We also suppose that she takes care of Baek Hoon Ah when she finds that he has put up posters all over the village asking for the pig farm to be brought down. She has quite the fight with him, and the petty man leaves with a bloody nose. Young Soon desperately wants to live for the sake of her son, but she has to be practical.

Kang Ho can sense that something is wrong with his mother. He says that she is not her usual joyful self, but he is proved immediately wrong when Young Soon comes back in a far more joyful spirit as she has a plan. But it is all dashed to the ground when her pigs are killed by the government. If any poultry farm gets a disease, the animals of other farms within a 3-kilometer radius are also killed by the law. A goat farm nearby had a disease, and because of this, all the pigs on Young Soon’s farm were killed. She is extremely heartbroken at the turn of events, especially since the farm was not just a source of livelihood but much more.

Young Soon’s husband, Choi Hae Sik, considered the pig farm a family heirloom of sorts, and he had even died for it. He wanted the pig farm to continue staying in his family for generations, but with the deaths of all the pigs, that dream had come to an end. It was especially saddening since one of the pigs had recently given birth to piglets, so the pigs killed had children and a new mother. The authorities buried the pigs on the potato farm, literally leaving Young Soon without a means of livelihood. All the villagers are sad for her, but Mi Joo’s mother is especially so since she shares a special bond with Young Soon, with both of them having given birth on the same day and Young Soon being there for her when she had lost her husband.

Who Are The Two Spies In The Village?

Remember the two men who saved Kang Ho’s life and were spying on his house in Episode 6? Due to the lie they told Young Soon, they actually end up buying the cornfield in the neighborhood. However, Sam Sik’s mother tries to hide the sale from her son, fearing that he will steal the money again. Her fears are not unfounded, but this time, Sam Sik is not stealing from home but from outsiders. He promises his creditors that he will pay them double the amount with interest within a month. He is trying to rip off the two men under the guise of helping them. But these two men found some valuable leads this time. In Kang Ho’s house, they find a wig and evidence that it was Kang Ho who had been leaking the news about Woobyeok’s nefarious activities. But when the Chairman learns of it, he laughs it off, believing that this was just Kang Ho being ambitious. He was cleaning up the messes he secretly made to get into the good books of the Chairman, and the latter applauded his entrepreneurial spirit while asking the men to keep up the search for something against Of Tae Soo, who has gotten his daughter engaged to a powerful industrialist’s son.

Does Kang Ho Save Young Soon?

Young Soon decides to take both her and Kang Ho’s lives, but at the last minute, she changes her mind when she sees her son’s optimism about a good future. Since their piglet, Lion, is still alive, Kang Ho believes that all is not lost. Looking at the smile on his face, Young Soon is not able to do the deed. When she goes back home, she finds Mi Joo, who has figured out what Young Soon is up to since the shopkeeper told her that Young Soon had bought a bottle of pesticide that very morning. Mi Joo takes the bottle from her and makes a plan for Kang Ho to go to the bathhouse with Seo Jin and Sam Sik. Seo Jin was being bullied for not going to the men’s bathhouse, so this solves his problem while taking care of Kang Ho and Young Soon temporarily.

As for Young Soon, after seeing her son’s optimism, she can’t find it in herself to kill him. Therefore, she makes plans to drop him off at a rehabilitation center and makes plans for his care for the rest of his life. She then picks him up from the bathhouse and drives him straight there, leaving him at the facility. But Kang Ho doesn’t stay there for long. He escapes in his wheelchair, sending the hospital into a frenzy because they are not able to contact his mother. At the end of The Good Bad Mother Episode 7, when Kang Ho reaches home, he finds that his mother is trying to commit suicide by hanging herself. A tearful Kang Ho desperately tries to save her, and in his attempt, he gets up from the wheelchair and picks her up. Young Soon comes back to consciousness at the last minute, and we suspect that she has seen Kang Ho on his feet.

Final Thoughts

We would say that Kang Ho and Young Soon need to catch a break. Both of them have had hard lives, and it is almost as if there is very little scope for their happiness. Young Soon is finding the doors closing on her from all sides, and as for Kang Ho, he already had the trauma of his first childhood to deal with; now, he also has to put up with the pain of seeing his mother try to kill herself. But things might look up in the coming episode of The Good Bad Mother since it looks like we will finally get proof that Kang Ho is not the bad guy he has been portraying himself to be all along. Those are the revelations we are looking forward to.

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