Why Did Tedros Feel Threatened By Rob In ‘The Idol’ Episode 4?


The first four episodes of The Idol made us familiar with the strange, abusive, and complicated relationship between Tedros and Jocelyn, and any sane person would know that whatever was happening between them was not right. This extremely obnoxious club owner was trying to take over Jocelyn’s life, and with time, we got to know that she was not the only singer whose life he had hijacked. There were people like Izaak and Chloe who obeyed his orders as if he was a cult guru and they felt indebted to him.

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We believe that had Izaak and Chloe tried to approach music labels on their own, they would have had a flourishing career, as whoever heard them singing had said that they sounded divine. But now they were stuck with Tedros, and the worst part was that they were so brainwashed that they felt that they were obliged to do that. He was playing with their minds, and they had become just like ants who felt that they could not cross the chalk lines. They even told Jocelyn that she had to agree to whatever Tedros wanted, as he never took no for an answer. When Xander was being tortured, they stood there and watched the poor boy get traumatized as if they were being restrained and raising a voice against whatever was happening was not an option. That very scene made us realize the kind of influence Tedros had on these people. It wasn’t like Izaak couldn’t differentiate black from white, but he felt compelled to act on Tedros’ orders. He was a big and muscular man, and had he wanted to revolt at that very moment, Tedros wouldn’t have been able to do anything, but still, he chose to be quiet and then timidly approached Xander later in the night to check if he was doing fine.

There were moments when Jocelyn took a stance against Tedros, and that threw him off balance as disobedience was something he was not accustomed to. Tedros was a confident man, and he knew that the tactics he used were potent, so much so that the thought of rebelling against his authority never crossed their mind. But Jocelyn reacting to something he said or revolting against it made him understand that he still had a lot of work to do with her. Tedros’ insecurities and possessiveness were visible to the entire world, but we believe that Jocelyn was equally insecure, if not more so. We agree that a lot of times, it didn’t feel like it because she never explicitly stated things like Tedros, but it’s an undeniable fact that the smallest of things affected her deeply.

Jocelyn was cordial with Dyanne, and she knew that Tedros knew her from before. But what she didn’t know was that they were having an affair before Jocelyn came into the picture. Had Chloe known the kind of impact the revelation was going to have on Jocelyn, she would have probably never told her about it. Dyanne told Jocelyn that Nikki had offered to launch her, and she was going to perform on World Class Sinner in the music video, which was the first song that Jocelyn had created after her mother’s death. Jocelyn was almost in tears, but she didn’t create a scene, and she told Dyanne that she was completely fine with it though deep down, she wanted to make each and every person who had betrayed her feel accountable. Nikki had gone behind her back and, without even telling her, made the music video with Dyanne. Dyanne also didn’t have the courtesy to inform Jocelyn about it, and it showed the kind of two-faced personality she had. At that moment, Jocelyn knew that she could not do much about Nikki or Dyanne, but she could definitely make Tedros feel insecure, which is why she ended up calling her ex-boyfriend, Rob, to the party.

Once Rob arrived at the scene, Tedros was in a miserable state, and he felt like he was going to be replaced in Jocelyn’s life. Amidst all the maniacal, deranged, and unstable people in the house, Rob was probably the only one of sound mind. He was a star, and Tedros knew that he was much more influential and resourceful than he was. Jocelyn, for the first time, gave so much attention to another guy in front of Tedros, and that really shook him. Even when Tedros assaulted Andres in front of her, she hadn’t spoken a word, and that incident gave Tedros a lot of confidence as he knew that he completely owned the starlet.

Rob was not threatened by Tedros like his followers, and that threw the rat-tailed club owner off guard. He didn’t know how to scare him, and to see him spend intimate moments with Jocelyn was agonizing for him. Tedros sat outside the bedroom while Jocelyn and Rob made love. In those moments, he probably thought of a plan to ruin Rob’s life or at least cause some inconvenience to him. That is why we believe that the picture Xander took at the end of The Idol episode 4 will be used by Tedros in the future. We can’t say as of now if he was the one who told Xander to take that picture, but it did feel like it because, knowing Xander, he would have never done such a thing.

Tedros knew that if Rob came back into Jocelyn’s life, he wouldn’t be able to influence her the way he was doing now. Obviously, Rob wouldn’t be comfortable with the bunch of madmen staying over at Jocelyn’s house, and he would have told Jocelyn to trust people like Destiny and Chaim, as being with Tedros would do her no good. Tedros knew that there were people like Leia who hated him and were waiting for that opportunity when somebody who was in a position to influence Jocelyn took their side. Tedros knew that it just needed another alpha male to get his people to turn against him, and that is why he perceived Rob as a threat. His position was in jeopardy, and we believe that in the upcoming episodes of The Idol, he will try his best to keep him away from Jocelyn’s life.’

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