‘The Idol’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Xander Take Rob’s Picture?


There are times in The Idol when the character of The Weekend gets on your nerves, and you cannot imagine why somebody is not teaching him a lesson. A lot of things happened in The Idol Episode 4 that made the entire equation between Jocelyn and Tedros even more complicated, as we got to know some very strange things about the star singer. Jocelyn was not as innocent as it seemed, and she had certain behavioral traits that nobody had any idea about. Jocelyn was equally capable of being as toxic as her partner, and maybe that is why they got along so well with each other. So, without any further ado, let’s look into the detailed recap of The Idol Episode 4.

Spoilers Ahead

What Did Destiny Observe In Jocelyn’s House?

At the beginning of the fourth episode, we witnessed two maids talking to each other, and we realize that apart from Jocelyn, everybody is able to see what Tedros is doing to her. The maids very rightly said that he would ruin Jocelyn’s life, but the reality was not so simple or one-dimensional. There were aspects to it that not a lot of people knew about. Jocelyn was the victim, but she, too, had a side that was toxic and strange. Tedros could never have taken over Jocelyn’s life if she hadn’t wanted it to. Destiny had discovered that Tedros’ real name was Mauricio Costello Jackson and that he had been convicted of some serious offenses in the past. Chaim was worried after his suspicions turned out to be true, but neither he nor Destiny knew how to save Jocelyn from this insane man. They couldn’t force her to throw him out of her life because he controlled her mind, and Jocelyn wanted to stay around him. He gave her the kind of validation that no one else did, and Jocelyn did not find the tactics he used on her to be offensive in any manner. So, Chaim told Destiny to move into Jocelyn’s place to keep an eye on this man and get to know what he was up to.

Tedros’ condescending behavior towards those who tried to raise a voice against his authority could infuriate anybody, to say the least. Leia was telling him what was on Jocelyn’s schedule for the day, and he just kept canceling the meetings, which, according to him, were not needed. Leia had started a venture together with Jocelyn, and she wanted to talk to her about it, but Tedros made her cancel that too, giving her the reason that they were here to work for Jocelyn and not for Leia’s benefit. Mike Dean finally arrived on the scene in The Idol, Episode 4, and he was another crackpot who perfectly fit in the madhouse.

Destiny saw that Tedros collected extremely talented people like trophies and made them feel that they were indebted to him as he had saved their lives. But the reality was that it was Tedros who was benefiting from the exceptional talent of these young and innocent people. Destiny met a young girl named Chloe, and she found out that not only was she a gifted singer, but her words were like poetry that had the power to stir something inside you. Chloe said that she was a heroin addict, and Tedros had done a huge favor on her by allowing her to stay in his club. Destiny told her that she was a pure soul and that she needed to save herself from the corrupt people in the industry. Destiny realized that she might have been sexually abused, and due to the brainwashing, she might have felt that there was nothing wrong with it. Destiny told Chloe to trust her instincts, and if she feels that something is wrong, then it most likely is. Destiny told Chaim that this madman really pushed people to their limits by using strange tactics, and though it would be termed as a sexual assault in the normal world, here, the people accepted it as the normal course of business.

Why Did Xander Take Rob’s Picture? 

One thing that was very clearly established in The Idol episode 4 was that Tedros was an extremely insecure and possessive guy. He just couldn’t see Jocelyn getting close to anyone else. Jocelyn was still blinded to it all, and she took his side and told Destiny that the charges that were levied against Tedros were all false. Jocelyn always found a way to justify and validate Tedros’ actions, and she told Destiny how he had been framed by other girls. Destiny realized that Jocelyn was deep in trouble and that only a miracle could save her now. Tedros walked in on Xander when he was in his bedroom humming a song. Tedros asked Xander why he had stopped singing when he had such a beautiful voice. Xander told him that he had torn his vocal cords back in the day, but Tedros didn’t buy what he said. He knew that he was hiding something, probably because he was scared of the consequences it might have. Later, Tedros put a shock collar on Xander and kept asking him why he had stopped singing. Xander cried for help, and people just stood there as if they were not able to see what was happening to him. A petrified Xander finally told Tedros that Jocelyn’s mother had made him sign a contract not to sing and then went on to say that Jocelyn was a control freak, and though he felt that he was in charge of things, it was Jocelyn who was running the show. Jocelyn told Tedros to keep torturing him because he was lying. Xander was shocked, as he never expected that he could be subjected to this kind of treatment and that the place would turn into such a madhouse.

The Idol Episode 4’s ending made us perplexed as we started seeing Jocelyn as a co-conspirator rather than a helpless victim. No doubt she was being abused, but she liked being in that situation, and additionally, she didn’t mind inflicting pain on others and making them go through a similar ordeal. Dyanne had agreed to do World Class Sinner, which was Jocelyn’s song, and after accepting the terms and conditions that Nikki laid out in front of her, she came to Jocelyn’s house, pretending that she needed her approval before she said yes to anything. Chloe told Jocelyn that Tedros and Dyanne were quite close before she came into the picture. She also said that when Dyanne brought Jocelyn to the club, she didn’t know that Tedros and she would get so close. Something snapped inside Jocelyn, and she wanted to make Tedros feel the pinch, so she ended up calling her ex-boyfriend Rob, who was a popular actor. As expected, Tedros got extremely jealous, and he started acting out, but before he could do anything, Jocelyn took Rob inside her bedroom. Tedros, drowning in his insecurity, stood outside the bedroom like a creep, waiting for Jocelyn to come out. When Rob was leaving, Xander asked if his friend could take a picture with him. Instead of standing beside him, she almost forced herself on him, making Rob very uncomfortable. Rob left the house infuriated and asked Xander to delete that picture.

We believe that Xander did not act of his own accord. He might have realized that in order to survive in the house, he needed to agree with whatever Tedros said. Maybe it was all Tedros’ plot to take revenge on the man who had made him so possessive, and we had seen to what extent he could go if he felt threatened by someone else’s presence. That picture will definitely be used in the future to tarnish the actor’s reputation. For the first time since he had moved into Jocelyn’s house, Tedros felt helpless. For the first time, Jocelyn had done something against his wishes. Jocelyn had told Tedros through her actions that it was she who was in charge and not him. Tedros knew he could not do anything to Jocelyn, but he could surely hurt Rob for taking his girl. In the upcoming episodes, we will see if Tedros is able to reclaim his position in Jocelyn’s life and what Destiny and Chaim do to bring Jocelyn out of the mess that she has created.

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