‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Saves Tae-Oh?


I may be the one person who is most delighted to realize that The Impossible Heir ends next week. Thus far, the show has simply been terrible, but now it’s also sort of problematic. The show began with the promise of a trio of friends trying to climb the social ladder in the Korean hierarchical society. No, I do like the idea of it. The concept isn’t fresh, but it’s got some spark in it; however, the way the show progresses—the emphasis on the details that are completely unnecessary, the many time jumps, and the random team-ups—it just gets worse with the week, and now I’m certain there’s nothing to salvage it. Episode 8 ended on a high with a cliffhanger and a lot of confusion regarding what In-Ha is really up to. Now, I’m certain that he was never up to any good, and this whole thing was a waste of time and energy, but here we are. 

Spoiler Alert

Where is Tae-Oh now? 

The Impossible Heir episode 9 begins with In-Ha meeting Tae-Oh’s right-hand man, the North Korean spy, Wan. He threatens to kill him and uses the Italian guy who hangs with Wan and Tae-Oh as his gunman. Apparently Wan taught the Italian guy well—follow the money, not the person—which is why he’s threatening one of his own now. In-Ha tells Wan that Tae-Oh is dead, but in fact, Mi-Jun’s plan failed, and Tae-Oh escapes prison instead. Things are messier than ever because now Wan is tasked with finding Tae-Oh, and the Italian guy is meant to report to In-Ha. However, Wan also tells the Italian guy to give him half the money once he finds Tae-Oh for In-Ha (ugh). It seems all the Kang women are interested in looking for Tae-Oh. I’m exaggerating, of course, but Hee-Joo and Hye-Won start to look for him. Hye-Won reaches out to her lowlife mother and pays her to hire somebody to do so. Being the backstabber that she is, Hye-Won’s mother immediately asks In-Ha who Hye-Won might be looking for. 

On the other hand, Tae-Oh wakes up from a strange dream where he sees In-Ha’s smirking face in the room where In-Ju died. When his eyes open, he’s shocked to see that he’s not in prison, but in Jeong-Mo’s room at Kangoh (no, the way the camera pans from the room to the office is so hilarious). Elsewhere, when Hye-Won tries to find out information about Tae-Oh, she instead gets kidnapped. When she wakes up, she’s restrained in a mental hospital (wait, what goes on?!). In-Ha threatens her with death if she doesn’t choose to side with him. He calls her brazen for speaking about looking for Tae-Oh in front of him, and she reveals that she knew that he knew about her relationship with Tae-Oh. She claims she felt guilty about it until In-Ha choked her. 

What is Joong-Mo’s plan? 

Now, In-Ha is still continuing Tae-Oh’s plan. As he’s reiterated a hundred times, his goal still remains the same: taking over the Kangoh Group. However, unfortunately for him, Joong-Mo now knows what he’s trying to do, i.e., work with Park Sajin. Apparently, this guy and Joong-Mo’s fathers were the owners of Kangoh, and Sajin wants back what was his. So, In-Ha’s plan (more like what was spoon-fed to him by Tae-Oh) is to split up the company, give half to Sajin, and use his power to take over the other half. So simple. Tae-Oh reveals the plan to Joong-Mo, and Joong-Mo entrusts the responsibility of removing In-Ha from the group to him. Though he was the one who brought him in himself, Tae-Oh is offered his old job back if he’s able to get rid of this leech. 

Tae-Oh is somewhat devastated by the outcome of this situation. Did In-Ha ever really care for him? They should’ve been enemies right from the start (tsk tsk), but it’s too late, buddy. As Sajin and In-Ha’s plan materializes, In-Ha returns to the hospital to see his wife and tell her to become her slave like Tae-Oh was. If she doesn’t agree, she might leave the hospital in a bag (wow, what a loving husband!). Hye-Won simply nods and immediately meets the chairman when she’s out, telling him not to stop her, whatever she’s going to do. It seems like she’s now on his side, too, but nobody knows what’s happening in this show. Though as of now, it appears as if Hye-Won is against her embarrassing husband. 

In the meantime, Wan figures out how Tae-Oh escaped from the hospital and realizes it’s Joong-Mo’s doing. At the same time, Tae-Oh’s plan is to use Sajin himself to push In-Ha out of the group. So, he advises Joong-Mo to offer Sajin the same half In-Ha was offering, which would include Kangoh Energy, with a promise that he will get it all back for him in one fell sweep. Joong-Mo plays the devil card, telling Sajin that In-Ha could be removed from employment within the next day, so instead of holding hands with his illegitimate son, Sajin should simply stick with his own generation and make the deal with Joong-Mo. 

At the end of The Impossible Heir episode 9, Hye-Won gives Tae-Oh the keycard to the VIP room in which he was found guilty of murder. Sifting through his memories, he’s certain that it was In-Ha who was in the room with them and also that the woman was recording every moment of their outing, which means her phone has a complete record of what happened that night. If he finds the phone, the truth will easily be revealed. On the other hand, Hee-Joo finds out that Tae-Oh is with the chairman and goes to visit her father. The episode ends with a shocking reveal: her father’s fallen unconscious in the bathtub. There’s also a broken wineglass on the floor. As if things weren’t already a kaleidoscope of problems for Tae-Oh, things just got much worse. 

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