‘The Impossible Heir’ Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending Explained: Who killed Kang Inju?


I’m not sure how The Impossible Heir manages to get more convoluted and uninteresting as each episode passes, but here we are. Despite the series moving into a more dramatic setting, for the most part, it feels like the episodes are going in circles and revealing the same thing a 100 times. Even Lee Jae-Wook’s acting skills can’t save this complicated script that leaves you so confused that you wish you’d never started watching it. Episode 6 ended with Tae-Oh waking up with blood on his hands and a shocked expression on his face. In front of him lay Inju and a random woman, dead, presumably by his own hand. Obviously, we know Tae-Oh is innocent; however, it seems like his friend In-Ha doesn’t quite believe the same, and maybe he was never really friends with him at all. To understand this strange friendship, let’s dive into episodes 7 and 8 of The Impossible Heir.

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How Does Tae-Oh End Up With Blood On His Hands? 

After the wedding, Inju takes Hye-Won into his car to discuss the pictures he has of her and Tae-Oh. He’s finally found a way to get rid of his father’s right-hand man through blackmail. Inju gives Tae-Oh a call from Hye-Won’s phone and asks to meet him at his club. Though Tae-Oh has enough to prove that Inju owns a club and is embezzling money, Inju has the upper hand because he claims he’s going to kill Hye-Won. I’m not quite sure how these threats are working, but ultimately, Tae-Oh bends the knee to Inju (quite literally). Inju tells Tae-Oh that in order to keep his girl’s dream alive, he must do everything Inju demands of him. Tae-Oh obliges, and at the club, Inju pours cocaine into his drink, forcing Tae-Oh to do drugs. Somehow, the guy does it without protest. Ultimately, they return to the fancy suite in the hotel, one that only the Kangoh family can go to. The next day, Tae-Oh finds himself in a bloody situation and gets caught for murder. This is basically a trap, and there’s no way for Tae-Oh to escape, especially since he was drugged and can’t remember anything at all. Ultimately, Tae-Oh gets imprisoned for the murder of Inju and his mistress. 

Apparently, it’s all tied to one person, Mo Gi-Jun, the guy Inju used to beat up every time something went wrong. Gi-Jun is old friends with In-Ha, and Joong-Mon finds out about this and is suspicious of the man who is somehow involved in two cases involving Tae-Oh. Under the pressure of his father, it seems In-Ha is having some trouble staying sane. He pretends in front of Hye-Won that he’s going to take care of it and keep Tae-Oh safe, but in truth, he’s only looking out for Kangoh. During the trial, Gi-Jun is the only witness who allegedly drove the trio of Inju, the mistress, and Tae-Oh back to their suite. Now, Tae-Oh gets put on death row for murder. Somehow, everyone in the prison is willing to help Tae-Oh, and after he faints in the center, the doctor helps him call Hye-Won to help him. He sends Hye-Won to meet with the North Korean spy and threatens him to help Tae-Oh. In the meantime, the guy’s got a fake passport and is possibly planning to escape. 

What Does Tae-Oh Want The Spy To Find Out? 

Tae-Oh’s been starving himself accidentally, which is why he faints at the detention center, but in the process, he remembers that there was one more person in the room with them that night. The spy disguises himself as a South Korean lawyer and shows up in prison to talk to Tae-Oh. He warns Tae-Oh never to send Hye-Won to see him again because she’s a part of the Kangoh family now. Gi-Jun tells Tae-Oh that In-Ha might not really be his friend and that whatever trust he has in him should now simply disappear. He finds out that Gi-Jun and In-Ha are in contact even now after Gi-Jun moved into Inha’s villa and stayed for 7 years. It seems Gi-Jun’s mother was murdered in a hit-and-run case, and we can only imagine the Kangoh group was somehow involved. 

What is In-Ha’s intention? 

It seems In-Ha’s never truly been Tae-Oh’s friend. Since their relationship started, In-Ha’s considered him a dog. On the other hand, Joong-Mo has now found out that Tae-Oh was set up. I’m not sure what the plan was exactly, but In-Ha is obviously in the bad books of his dad now, and surely he knew that would happen, no? Anyway, in the meantime, Tae-Oh gets acquainted with his prison mates. One of the inmates is the guy who tried to threaten Hye-Won regarding the money her mother had borrowed from him. In-Ha wants Tae-Oh to get the death sentence, and he tells the lawyer to make sure he does, supposedly for Kangoh’s sake. This is all seemingly because In-Ha knows about Tae-Oh and Hye-Won; I mean… death’s a bit much, no? Especially for the guy who literally helped you get your own father’s acknowledgment? 

At home, In-Ha is disgusted by the thought of Hye-Won and Tae-Oh together, so he tries to kiss her, but when she says no, he pushes her into a pool of water and chokes her. He claims he only chose her because Tae-Oh wanted her, and “dogs” are meant to be shown their position when they want something. I mean, if the dude married a nobody because he was threatened by another nobody, I can only imagine he’s the problem. So, Hye-Won now doesn’t care about what In-Ha thinks of her and visits Tae-Oh regularly. She says she wants Kangoh all to herself, and now that Tae-Oh is not in the race because he has to figure out how to stay alive, he tells her to first go and tell the chairman that she needs a seat at the table of the foundation. 

What Does Tae-Oh Get the North Korean to Do? 

Tae-Oh gets a hold of a phone in prison and hides it for later use. He’s almost caught in the process because his mother comes to visit. Tae-Oh is completely shocked by the visit and refuses to see her, but at the last moment, he decides to run back and try to get a glimpse, only to discover she’s already left. Tae-Oh’s father was a criminal and has been in prison, so maybe seeing her son in prison is a truly traumatizing experience for her, which is why he doesn’t want her to see him like that. On the other hand, Tae-Oh tells the spy to find out who might’ve been with the three of them on the night of the murder. The spy learns that there’s a man named Roy who is very loyal to Gi-Jun. He gets some friends (all white for some reason) and goes to find this guy. They find him eventually, but he’s quick to escape and looks to Gi-Jun for safety. Gi-Jun is actually a club owner. Before Roy can even get a word in, Gi-Jun slits his neck and leaves him to die on the floor. When In-Ha visits, he’s not shocked by the body, though it seems he doesn’t like the smell of blood. But In-Ha tells Gi-Jun that he wants to kill Tae-Oh (yikes, dude, what did he do to you?). 

Back at Bisunjae, Joong-Mo invites In-Ha and Hye-Won to dinner, where he announces that she’s going to be a director at the foundation. This shocks everybody, especially In-Ju’s grieving wife. Ironically, Hye-Won didn’t let a peep out to In-Ha before this day, so he’s surprised by the turn of events, too. It’s almost as if he thought he could control her by physically assaulting her, but boohoo. 

At the end of The Impossible Heir episode 8, Inha learns about the spy (a shame, really) and goes to find him, whereas Tae-Oh is visited by somebody in the middle of the night. Gi-Jun has already given the message to kill Tae-Oh in prison, and it’s possible the guy who threatened Hye-Won is the one to do it. I’m not sure if the visit is real or if it’s to get Tae-Oh in an easy position to kill, though it’s possible he’s also getting a visit from Joong-Mo.? Though this show is completely messing with my brain, I do want to know how this plan is going to work out at the end of the day. 

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