‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – How Is OriGen Connected to Newton?


In “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” Episode 3, Faraday reveals to Justin something that can save the Earth from extinction. On the other hand, Spencer Clay finds proof of a major conspiracy leading back to the 1970s.

Origin of OriGen

“The Man Who Fell to Earth” Episode 3 begins in the past, i.e., London, 2017. We see a lady pitching a project in front of an audience. In the audience, we have Hatch Flood, who is called upon in the middle of the presentation by his sister, Edie Flood. This is where it is revealed that Edie is the head of OriGen, the very company that, according to Faraday, has the design for the machine that can save Anthea. Apparently, Hatch removed Thomas Newton’s 10th patent from OriGen’s database and had it on his computer, something that violates his agreement with the company. So he is told to sign his termination letter. This is when Hatch tells Edie, for the first time, that the patent was classified top secret by the US Department of Energy. We also get the information that their dad, Edward Flood, OriGen’s previous head, committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, according to Hatch.

The mention of Newton makes it clear that the Flood siblings know about him and his patents, which were crucial to OriGen’s current renowned status. Also, Hatch’s words prove that he knows a lot about Newton’s 10th patent and might as well know more about Newton himself. However, he ends up signing his termination letter.

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To Seattle and Beyond

The scene then shifts to the present, i.e., the ending of “The Man Who Fell to Earth” Episode 2. It’s nighttime. Faraday cures Justin’s father, Josiah, of his palsy and cripples himself in the process, falling to the ground. Now we have Faraday wanting water, something that his body has clearly run out of. Justin and Josiah turn on the taps from which Josiah drinks. The very next moment, Faraday starts emitting a black substance (almost like a symbiote) from his body that leaves the ground and evaporates in the environment. Once the process is over, we see a healthy Faraday, all set for their journey to Seattle. From the looks of it, the black substance was the palsy that Faraday sucked in, only for his replenished body to throw it away. This proves that Faraday is a potential cure for many diseases, not just palsy.

The next day, Josiah makes his overwhelmed daughter Justin understand that she has to take the “next step” because she deserves it. She had to help the man “who fell to earth” and of all the people in the world, came to her for help. So, with her father’s words in mind, she and Faraday set off for Seattle in her car, but not before Josiah gives Faraday a much-needed makeover. On the way, Justin asks Faraday about his plan. This is when he reveals that he and Justin will build Newton’s 10th design (the same one Hatch mentioned to his sister) using Justin’s theoretical analysis and explanation. However, according to Justin, there are many loopholes in her theory. This is when Faraday tells her to stop in front of a dead drilling rig that he brings to life using his prototype quantum fusion artifact (designed by Thomas Newton), one that powered his journey to Earth. However, the 10th design has a regenerating cell, i.e., it is self-sustaining and will restore Anthea’s core temperature. With Anthea’s seas boiling, the only way to keep the fusion cold is with the Earth’s water. Justin is taken aback as she holds the artifact in her hand. She dedicated her whole life to looking for a self-sustaining energy source but couldn’t. And now, after all these years, she was holding it in her hand that was brought to her by an alien.

They halt at a hotel for the night, where Faraday tells Justin that Earth is also on its way to extinction, and the process has already started. This is when Justin and Faraday make a deal. Faraday will take the new artifact and leave the design on Earth, but only if Justin agrees to resume her work as a scientist. Perhaps with Faraday’s new artifact, Justin will be able to give Earth its chance to survive. And this is very crucial since only she can do it. This also makes her a target in many ways, including for the CIA. When asked about how to get inside OriGen by Justin, Faraday says that they have to find “the Wizard of Risk.”

Spencer and the Spaceman

Back in Alaska, Papel has shot himself and lies dead on the ground. Spencer starts searching for the film that Papel mentioned and ultimately finds it. He played the film on a projector that was also in the room. The film shows an experiment being carried out on Thomas Newton by the CIA as a part of its ICARUS Program, dated September 14, 1984. The doctors are trying to extract information from Newton about his now-too-familiar 10th design, but to no avail. Spencer takes the film and the projector with him and burns Papel’s house to the ground.

Spencer then meets up with his pal, Drew, and tells her about what he saw. He talks about Newton’s arrival on Earth in 1975 and how he started World Enterprises using nine patents, all to his name. The company was then annexed and shipped off to the United Kingdom to avoid congressional oversight. Then it was given the shape of a British industrial supplier called OriGen, with Edward Flood as its head. Meanwhile, Newton disappeared. Where was he? He was at a secret CIA base where he was interrogated. This is when Newton revealed his 10th patent but denied giving it up to humans. Even cryptographers couldn’t decipher the code, which was written in Base 60, an arithmetic system used by Mesopotamians in the 36th century BC. One particular motif repeated itself that resembled the sun, showing that Newton’s design was some kind of an energy source. And according to Papel’s words, another is that being like Newton is present on Earth, the one who replied to the signal in the tornado. The conversation that follows seems to say that Spencer was looking for this patent for eight years before Drew brought an end to his search because it was driving him insane without any result. However, now that it seems that he was right all along, he needs Drew to trust him and help him find the new “spaceman.” From the looks of it, both Drew and Spencer are ready to believe that Newton’s 10th design is a weapon, and they want it at any cost. Drew finally lets Spencer go ahead with his plan to capture the new guy and bring him in. Spencer also asks for the female analyst who was the first to detect the frequency in New Mexico as his assistant. From the way he talks about her and the way Drew looks at him when he mentions her, Spencer has some kind of unhinged notion about young women. Or so it seems. His words, “I’ll be nice,” make the whole thing all the more sinister.

Later on, we see Spencer meet the analyst at the CIA headquarters, Langley. Lisa Elizabeth Dominguez and Spencer begin their partnership on the wrong foot. While Spencer continues to try and dominate Lisa, a glimpse of which we got earlier when Spencer was talking to the woman  at the restaurant where Drew told him about the whole thing, Lisa’s words prove that she isn’t there to stoop at all. To Spencer’s surprise, Lisa is as well-versed about him as he is about her. Spencer tells her that their mission is to find any living connection to Thomas Newton. 

Flood and Fusion

After Justin and Faraday arrive in Seattle, we find out that Hatch Flood is the Wizard of Risk. He has probably returned to Seattle after being thrown out of OriGen London. They find him in front of a donut shop during the daytime, where Faraday tells Hatch that Thomas Newton sent him to find him. Justin even shows him the Base 60 note that Faraday wrote down (at the bar in Episode 2). Bizarrely scared, Hatch tells them to stay away from him and leaves in his car, but not before Justin gives him their address in case he changes his mind.

Sure enough, he arrives at their hotel that night after going through his own notes and documents that contain more Base 60 data. Here, Justin tells him about the quantum fusion that Faraday has on him, and it freaks Hatch out, only for Faraday to calm him down. The next day, while having breakfast, Hatch reveals that OriGen proper is in London and not Seattle, which is just an office. With the prototype almost ready, it is decided that Faraday will demonstrate it at the yearly start-up fest that OriGen holds, called Book Club.

London and the Lights

Justin, Faraday, and Hatch arrive in London and reach OriGen. While Hatch gets busy looking for his sister Edie, Justin is having a tough time trying to control Faraday, who is behaving like a kid in a water park. Touching and feeling everything he is able to, Faraday creates a scene by repeating abuses after a White Cockatoo. And just when Justin and Hatch are about to pull him away, Edie notices this, and she gets fed up. Hatch then tries everything to convince Edie to meet his “new client,” but to no avail, as she will only meet him if Hatch accepts his fault openly. This is something Hatch won’t do. So she goes ahead towards the presentation hall right away, showing her disagreement.

‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Is Faraday in Danger? What’s Next for Quantum Fusion?

Everyone grabs their seats, and the start-up presentations begin. Noticing that the presenter has an incorrect structure in his presentation, Faraday casually walks up to the stage, interrupting the presentation, and, thanks to his special abilities, is able to rub the wrong formula over a digital board and write the right one, all with his bare hand. The officials are not happy about this and ask him if he is a presenter as well. He says yes and reveals that he has come up with a prototype for a quantum fusion process. The whole room goes silent, including Edie, who was about to leave the room irritated at what seemed to be another of his brother’s stunts. Faraday turns to Justin for her consent, and Justin gives it. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” Episode 3 ends with Faraday taking the quantum fusion out of his pocket and lighting up the entire London, with the audience looking out of the windows, all rapt in awe.

Now that quantum fusion is in the open, OriGen will clearly leave no stone unturned to get its hand on the artifact. On the other hand, we have Spencer, who is going to go all-in on Faraday once word reaches him about quantum fusion. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” Episode 4 will probably explore quantum fusion. Also, Newton might show up after he realizes that Faraday has reached OriGen if he is on Earth at all, which he probably is.

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