‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Faraday Bring Anthea To Earth?


In the previous episode of “The Man Who Fell To Earth,” we discovered that Thomas Newton was Pressman Thorn. Spencer Clay is dead too. In Episode 10, the Season 1 finale, we see Faraday take the place of Thorn and introduce quantum fusion to the world. But with the CIA on their way to get him, will he be able to serve the greater purpose for which he arrived on Earth?

A New Algorithm

A kid drone Faraday bids young adept Newton goodbye as the latter leaves Anthea for Earth. The scene then shifts to Cambodia, where Justin and Faraday have been brought to Newton’s cave. What seemed to be a monologue from Newton turned into a debate between him and Faraday, one which, although proving Newton as logic-driven, reveals Faraday’s evolution from drone to an adept, one that is more human than Anthean. Newton shows them the spaceship, which won’t fit all the Antheans, but a few hundred of them. This enrages Faraday, who was already lied to by Newton about saving Anthea with Earth’s water. Newton intends to bring the Antheans to Earth and that too, only the Adepts. The only way for Earth and Anthea to survive is to bring together Anthea’s adepts, and the people of Earth shall be the drones. Justin is shocked by Newton’s words and more so by Faraday’s silence, which proves that he is willing to lose his family for Newton’s plan. To rebuild the machine, Faraday needs to activate the core whose algorithm was changed by Justin before she fled the OriGen warehouse before the CIA arrived. So Faraday needs Justin’s new algorithm for the core. Then her part will be done. She can spend the rest of her life with her loved ones. She listens to Newton in silence with tears in her eyes and then walks away silently. A pained Faraday’s eyes follow her.

The Adept and the Drone

At the CIA headquarters in Langley, Drew Finch and Lisa Dominguez are questioned about the mysterious death of Spencer Clay. According to the reports, he committed suicide, an alteration that, for Lisa, Finch made to protect her. However, after the officials leave, Finch gives Lisa “a chance” to help her get Faraday or “hang for treason.” She is told to keep tabs on Justin Falls, who will eventually lead them to Newton and Faraday.

Newton gives Faraday the ownership of his company, Thorn Oil. This gives Faraday a controlling interest in OriGen as well. Newton tells Faraday that he chose him for the journey because he believed that Faraday could be the “best of both.” Faraday then approaches Justin outside, who is distraught with all that is going on with her. She feels like she has been used by Faraday to achieve his purpose. But for Faraday, there’s more to his time on Earth than meets the eye. The way he speaks of love to Justin gives her a renewed hope that Faraday might just be able to “protect” Earth from Anthea’s adepts. Justin finally gives the algorithm. Newton and Faraday “get to work.” Justin arrives at her home with Molly and Josiah. She goes in and lies down beside her ailing father, crying and telling him about how afraid she is of Faraday. However, Josiah tells her that he still believes in him in the way he believes in God and gravity, both of which he is afraid of too.

The Truth Comes Out

We fast-forward three months. Edie Flood is being interviewed by Hatch’s friend and reporter, Penny Morgan, from the Washington Post. With the launch of Origen’s next big development entering its countdown phase, Edie wants Penny to publish a series of articles on Faraday, OriGen, and “the machine.” Penny raises questions about her and Faraday and also mentions Hatch, but in return, she is bombarded with Edie’s pride, which makes her tell Penny to not mention Hatch Flood even once in her articles. Edie is her only direct line to Faraday, which means Penny has nothing if not her.

Lisa arrives at Justin’s home, and Justin is clearly not in the mood to listen to her and tells her to leave immediately. But Lisa is visibly lost and has come to her for confession. She has come to believe that it is God who sent Faraday to Earth, but she sold him out for money to an oil company. She reveals that the CIA will kill her (once they find out that she killed Clay), but before that, they will take Faraday and thus Justin too. Saying this, Lisa takes off her mother’s necklace with its cross and gives it to Justin. As she turns around and starts to leave, Justin tells her the truth about the oil company she was working for: that “Newton is Thorn.” Lisa leaves without saying anything.

While house-cleaning, a familiar beeping sound comes to Justin’s ears. After looking frantically for its source, she finds it. It is the device that Faraday built to locate the sandstorms that carried Newton’s messages. It seems that now, someone has a message for her. She follows in the direction that the device is directing her towards, in her car, and finally finds the sandstorm. As she goes inside the storm, Faraday’s voice can be heard. “Justin, my mission is your mission.”

A Gift for the World

The night has come. OriGen will reveal its mystery man to the world at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Edie Flood of OriGen (she doesn’t know that Faraday is the new head of OriGen) introduces the audience and the world to Mr. K. Faraday. Faraday takes center stage, seemingly baffled by the huge crowd and the cameras and the lights. As he begins talking, we are transported to Episode 1, which began and ended with this very moment. Meanwhile, Finch and Lisa, accompanied by a squad of armed policemen, arrive at the Royal Albert Hall to take Faraday in as soon as he reveals the quantum fusion technology. Back at Justin’s house, police cars also arrive. Finally, Faraday drops the “R” of the word “revolution” and reveals quantum fusion to the world. The whole Royal Albert Hall lights up, along with all the buildings within a certain vicinity. Faraday is arrested by the CIA.

Faraday is brought for interrogation. Finch is on the other side of the table. Lisa is also inside the room, standing in a corner and listening. The other CIA agents are watching and listening from beyond the glass. When Faraday reveals that he will bring his species to Earth, Finch puts forth her disagreement, saying that he will need her permission to do so as she has her hands on the only path to the mass production of the cube, OriGen Global. Hatch and Justin are brought in. Faraday now has Justin and Hatch on either side. He then goes on to say that since Thorn Oil owns the majority stake in OriGen, the CIA “can’t touch it anymore.” He then gives control of both the companies to Justin and Hatch. Finch is still adamant and states that “we do what we want.” So if Faraday brings his “friends” over, they will be kept in “foster care.” This is when Faraday brings out his biggest weapon. He reveals that in 12 hours, the specs and algorithm for quantum fusion will be released on the internet, something only he can stop. If that happens, America will lose all its strength in every way possible. Thus, with the CIA so desperate to get its hands on quantum fusion exclusively, it cannot risk this at all. And the only way to not risk it is to give Faraday what he wants. Furthermore, Justin states that their point of contact will not be Drew Finch, but Lisa Dominguez. As angry as Finch is after hearing this, she is immediately replaced with Lisa by her seniors. But now it is clear who the CIA will ask Faraday for.

Newton is in his cave when Faraday arrives. Newton realized that Faraday had brought the CIA along. He reveals how much he loved Faraday and that he still does, which is, for Faraday, the reason why Newton couldn’t see him coming. He escorts Newton outside.

Edie, who has by now found out that she holds her position at OriGen no more, is standing by the cliff from where she pushed her father. Hatch approaches her and tells her that if she had shared her secret with him, he would certainly have kept it that way forever. Seeing that Edie isn’t saying anything and realizing that she won’t either, he leaves quietly. It is this opaque nature of their relationship that has brought them where they are at present.

‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Season 1: Ending Explained- Does Faraday Leave Earth?

Yes. Faraday bids his goodbyes to Josiah and Molly, who doesn’t want him to go. He gives her some Anthean seeds while she gives him one of her Lego pieces. Finally, she comes to Justin. The sun is setting, and the sky has turned golden with reddish hues. Faraday tells Justin that even though he will bring his family to Earth, they won’t recognize him. But Justin tells him that his family will never forget him, and neither will they. After all, they are his family too. Justin and Faraday kiss. Faraday leaves Earth in Newton’s ship.

So finally, “The Man Who Fell to Earth” Season 1 ends with him leaving Earth. The ending is beautiful, but as for the show, this doesn’t seem to be the end. We know that Faraday will, in all probability, bring the Antheans, or at least his family, to Earth. He will introduce them to Justin’s family. However, we do not know what happened to Newton. Did the CIA take him again? Even if they did, he would be alive as Faraday wouldn’t let him die. Also, we do not know what happens to Edie or if she is taken in by her brother, Hatch. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” Season 2, if it happens, will shed light on these as well as bring in more new faces that won’t be familiar but still be family.

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