‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained


In the second episode of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Miriam had finally begun her new job as a writer for Gordon Ford’s Show. Joel had woken battered and bruised after confronting Mei’s relatives downstairs of his club, while Shirley and Moishe seemed hellbent on separating. Abe gets harassed by one of his clients, while Rose witnesses her dreams being burned down as the matchmakers commit arson by targeting her favorite tea parlor.

What Was Abe Absolutely Disappointed Of?

Episode 3 of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” begins with Miriam’s time at her job, as she ends her day with a jumpscare after finding out that Ethan, her six-year-old son, had snuck into her bed. This brings on a scene change showing us the future where an adult, Ethan, introduces his wife-to-be to his mother, Miriam. While Miriam in the future contemplated her son’s career choices because he had taken to the fields and was preparing to become the next Rabbi, she made him promise never to leave his wife. This brought us viewers back to the next morning in the past, which brought on a lot of duct tape as Ethan was being gradually and gently eased back into his room after Miriam and Joel had a talk with his psychiatrist. Abe walked in on them as they were marking progressive sleeping spots for Ethan with duct tape and questioned their very sanity. However, he could not stand around to hear their response because a small mistake of his had taken up the entirety of his morning.

Abe Weissman had mistakenly typed a name missing a letter in his article and thus had to be subjected to a correction segment in the paper the very next day. However, that little mistake had almost cost him his sanity because he could not fathom how he could have committed such a typo. As it weighed down his conscience, Abe spent the entire morning calling up and apologizing to the subscribers of the Village Voice paper while also calling up his boss Gabe to ask him about the number of words he’d need to write for an apology article. Gabe tells him to keep it to fifteen words instead of fifteen hundred and handles Abe quite well, knowing how this must have affected him before Susie cuts in and demands that he hand over the phone to Miriam. Abe deals with this issue of his and, clearly, is not at peace with it yet, because he later uses this as a lesson to teach Ethan to be brave. Although he meant well, he scared Ethan into forgetting everything about his progress and returning to Miriam’s bed.

Did Rose Get Even With The Matchmakers?

Rose became very jumpy and paranoid after her tea parlor, where she held her matchmaking meetings, was burned down by the matchmakers, Benedetta, Gitta, Molly, and Miss Em. They were all very connected, which is why Rose could not figure out how to deal with the situation. Therefore, she made up her mind and paid a visit to Susie’s office. She discussed her problem with her, and she mentioned that they’d burned down the tea parlor. Susie was utterly upset because that was the only place where they served good whipped cream. Susie asked Rose to have her meetings in the next room while she took up booking her clients for some other gigs. Nicky and Frank, the two thugs Susie had befriended, hung around listening to Susie and Rose chat.

After Rose was assigned to the next room, Dinah and Susie mumbled about what they could do for Rose, and while Dinah suggested Susie ask for help from Frank and Nicky, Susie kept rejecting it. Eventually, Nicky and Frank might have taken pity on Susie and Rose because Rose was related to Miriam, but they took matters into their own hands. Benedetta and the rest of the matchmakers acquainted with the arson were arrested. Benedetta had even sent Susie to offer a deal to Rose because Molly had dropped dead due to the shock of seeing the police at her doorstep, and her territory was open for the taking. Susie had no idea about it; however, she maneuvered the conversation to give Rose the upper hand as they solved Rose’s situation for good because it didn’t seem like Benedetta would get out of jail any sooner.

Did Miriam Get Fired From Her Job?

Miriam had a relatively good start that day; her joke got accepted and put in the script, and she now had a point on the scoreboard, and her colleagues were finally taking her seriously. What she does not account for is what happened afterward during Gordon’s monologue, as he fumbled on her joke and had to cover it with another one. Miriam’s groan at that fumble was decidedly a very audible one, which could cost her the job. As they hit the bars later that evening, Miriam went up to Gordon with the intent of groveling as Mike had suggested she do; however, Gordon’s not admitting it and undermining her got the best of her temper as she went off at him. Miriam argued with him and did not back down even for a second. She tried to get him to admit he was wrong, but Gordon’s ego would not let him. This argument happened in front of all of the show members and some famous people as well. Thus, the newspapers the next day had some choice words thrown at her while she contemplated whether she would have the job after all.

Miriam carried a small showcase to store her things at the office just in case they kicked her out, only to be swept up in a flurry of activities. Gordon had been saving a talk for her; however, it was momentarily forgotten after the talk show did wonders, and everyone involved in the show went out drinking and skating. Gordon had spotted Miriam in skates talking to Susie on the side and had insisted she joins in on the fun. Therefore, it was safe to say that Miriam kept the job because as she went to Gordon to rectify the situation, he just about kissed her and flirted with her. Miriam rejected all his advances and ended the episode and her night by falling asleep with Esther in her arms after tucking Ethan into her bed.

Final Thoughts

The whole jump to and back happening in the series feels a little rushed on the creator’s part. The narrative where they involve Gordon as one of Miriam’s admirers just goes to show how charming she is, but it really was not necessary. Although the chemistry between the two characters and Gordon’s smooth flirting skills were deflected by Miriam’s witty quips, they left a lot to the imagination. They would have made a good couple had she decided to get involved with him some other time and had he not been married to his wife. Miriam really seems to hit it off with the Diva-like characters, first Shy Baldwin, now Gordon Ford. Well, she does understand them, and thus, it is easier for her to relax and converse with them, for she tends to portray similar characteristics.

Meanwhile, Abe’s obsessing and stressing about his mistake is really a sign of overthinking. Where we would simply want the earth to open up and swallow us, Abe had the courage to set about making it right. It did not ease up his anxiety and guilt; however, the fact that he took charge of the situation and tried to correct it or make it up was a really gutsy move. Abe really is one of the best characters in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

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